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Section28- BE 21st Aug 2008 03:22

$785.30 Total inclusive of GST

$71.39 is the GST component with the individual line items above- didn't massage the formatting on the GST bit.

flyer_18-737 21st Aug 2008 05:34

so about $4 per seat.....not that much?

Section28- BE 21st Aug 2008 06:20

SACL- Mr Mac Bank

So once the Feds have had a go at you to get there (probably with the assistance of their gun Air Traffic Controller- one Mr TIBA :cool::cool: - the Stig ex Top Gear of ATC)- the YSSY Airport Corp or Mr Mac Bank starts, here are two links to their starting bid ex the SACL Website:

Table of Charges All Airlines- 1July2008.pdf (application/pdf Object)

Notice re Aeronauticle Charges- 1Jul08.pdf (application/pdf Object)

This is of course their opening bid pending what and how much of it you are doing- you do see some Airline Operators sometimes having very public negotiations from time to time.

Section28- BE

flyer_18-737 22nd Aug 2008 13:02

CBR and ASP first two destinations for ADL base... (from their website)

Then probaly:

and Bingo!:)

Skystar320 22nd Aug 2008 14:29

idiot, its not CBR-ASP its


apacau 22nd Aug 2008 15:10

I must be blind, but where is it on their website?

flyer_18-737 22nd Aug 2008 22:53

Very Interesting.

It was on the main banner, slide #2. But, now its gone!

It just said: "And the winners are, Canberra and Alice Springs" with a map of these destinations branching off the map...

Mabye someone's getting ahead of themselves???

John Citizen 23rd Aug 2008 01:31

idiots ?
I did not see any such idiot post ADL - CBR - ASP apart from you Skystar

alangirvan 24th Aug 2008 02:31

One thing that Tiger has not started doing yet on Australian domestic services is Flight Combos. Maybe they will time flights through ADL to allow combos like Canberra to Perth. This would help them if they find that ADL-CBR traffic is not as strong as they hoped.

If Tiger allowed people to do Web check in and if they allowed people to have 10kg carry on bag limit so that there are not bags to re check Flight Combos would be easier to do on the Australian network than on Asian flights where people have to go through Immigration services.

flyer_18-737 24th Aug 2008 04:04

VH-VNE is a new A320 coming in Mid-December, and Currently, only 1 sector is utilizing this New A320, which is a 4th Daily MEL-ADL sector..

Otherwise, this A320 has got plently of room left.

I suspect YSSY is coming.......

Using the new A320 they could do...
MEL-SYD 6.30 7.50
SYD-MEL 8.20 9.40
MEL-ADL 1010 1315(already announced)

and so on.... then some afternoon runs and nightly runs..

Tester Call 121.5 24th Aug 2008 05:42

Will crewing be done out of Melb. for the Adelaide base 319s?

I ask because you can base aircraft anywhere but it's the people who really count to call it base.
J* have made some noise about 7 A320s in Darwin but all o/nights for the crews from what is being said.

flyer_18-737 24th Aug 2008 08:56

No, A319's will be using ADL based crew....

Who the hell would work for JQ doing just overnighters, or the majority.?? Talk about Lifestyle....

Lookleft 25th Aug 2008 05:55

So flyer- why are you on another forum telling everyone that you want to be an FO with Jetstar if you think the lifestyle is no good?

flyer_18-737 25th Aug 2008 09:42

Darwin is not a city to have a lifestyle, Visited Friends once, and will never return to that place.....

I wouldn't ever want to be based out of Darwin...

sthaussiepilot 25th Aug 2008 09:54

I agree with the first part of that post you put up flyer, regarding Darwin...

It is not a dream base at all.....

Kev9 25th Aug 2008 14:03

Flyer 18-737
Stop posting rubbish.
Concentrate on getting your GFPT and getting a better job than AeroCare.
No need to Bump posts.

flyer_18-737 28th Aug 2008 06:29

New routes ex ADL launched. No special launch fares though..

ADL-ASP (3w)
ADL-HBA (4w)
ADL-OOL (Daily)
ADL-PER (o/n Daily)

Combined with A319's operating 3 Daily ADL-MEL sectors and back..

From the Tiger Website, the A319's appear to begin service in early Feb..
Mabye more Destinations to come (Sydney!!)

tasdevil.f27 28th Aug 2008 08:22

Be interesting to see how long the ADL - HBA lasts, been tried before & failed.

Thylacine 28th Aug 2008 09:03

VB have managed to operate daily for quite some time and I don't suppose they would be keen to operate at a loss in current circumstances.

apacau 28th Aug 2008 10:26

Have had a look at the schedules and there are still enough gaps for probably another 2 daily services somewhere in the afternoons. Canberra? Sunshine Coast?

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