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Merged: Tiger Tales

Tiger Airways announces 120 new jobs | Herald Sun
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New destinations coming online?

TR sending some planes down under mabye
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Maybe new base being added to network also.
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I dont know about the 2nd Hub going ahead, but 120 people is good for industry. Thats 60 for John Holland, at least 15 or so Pilots and around 45 cabin crew. Thats about 2 A320's worth
Tiger Airways signed a contract with Melbourne based John Holland Aviation Services to expand its current engineering support arrangements to also include major heavy maintenance ‘C’ Checks of Tiger Airways’ Australian based Airbus aircraft.

Shelley Roberts, Managing Director of Tiger Airways Australia, said “Tiger Airways could be doing
this major maintenance anywhere in the world, but John Holland Aviation Services has both the
facilities and top notch people here in Victoria to ensure a first class job, at a competitive price. This
means that Tiger Airways can continue to provide our passengers not only the lowest fares in the
country but also ensure that Tiger Airways maintains its position as Australia’s most reliable airline.”

Tiger Airways is leading the pack in Australian aviation for consistent reliability with not a single
cancellation and excellent punctuality in both April and May. In June bad weather caused the
cancellation of just 2 Tiger Airways flights, whilst our competitors cancelled thousands of flights in
the same three month period.

Shelley Roberts added “John Holland Aviation Services has already demonstrated its reliability and excellence in engineering services through the routine daily maintenance of our Melbourne based aircraft and they have shown that they have what it takes to work successfully with Australia’s only true low fare

In addition, Tiger Airways is pleased to announce that it is commencing recruitment of over 60 additional pilot and cabin crew positions to operate additional brand new aircraft arriving later this summer. These additional jobs at Tiger Airways come at a time when other airlines are slashing jobs and when Melbourne Airport has achieved record increases in passenger numbers driven largely by the entry of Tiger Airways into the Australian market.

Shelley Roberts said, “The Victorian Government has shown tremendous vision in attracting Australia’s only true low fare airline to Melbourne. Not only does the community reap the benefits of more highly skilled aviation jobs but also these passenger numbers released by Melbourne airport show that the government’s strategy for tourism is also working. Other governments across Australia and the world could learn a lot from the Victorian government.”
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Tiger Airways Australia can maintain its planes efficiently in Australia. After all, it's a waste to fly an A320 MEL-DRW-SIN, have it serviced in SIN, then send it back to MEL via DRW.

Which begs the question - Why is QF unable to maintain its aircraft efficiently in Australia?

If SQ has a problem with any of its aircraft, they just send it back to SIAEC down the taxiway who would have records of the aircraft from day 1. Now when TT has a problem with any of its aircraft, they just send it down the taxiway to John Holland.

How QF uses a myriad of suppliers from Singapore to KL to Manila, Avalon and Hong Kong is just mind boggling? A checks in LAX, C checks in Avalon and D checks in SIN.

I'm not an aircraft engineer, but how does QF maintain quality control over its maintenance when they're done by so many different suppliers all over the place? It's just like sending a sick patient to many doctors who have no records of his medical history - No matter how good the specialist is, isn't it a recipe for disaster? Or is aircraft maintenance simply such a striaghtfoward thing that you just follow the cards, get the LAME to sign off on it and send the aircraft out?
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"Our competitors cancelled thousands" So the bullshit war starts. Thousands???? Not hard to stay on time when you anly have 3 or 4 a/c and only serve one of the major ports in the country huh. Come and tell us how you go when you serve all ports, including the congested ones and you have 50 or 100 a/c in the fleet. Talk about spin......
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No not that hard, anyone can use a giant staple gun and a roll of duct tape

I guess its cheaper for uncle Geoff to do repairs o/s on his aircraft and the money saved goes into his pay rises.
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Was it ever proved, beyond all reasonable doubt, that SIAEC was responsible for the 'stapling' saga?
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An additional 60 people at JHAS to support 2 extra planes? (I take it they are talking about 2 x 319's coming online at the end of the year)

The boys at JHAS wouldn't have a problem with their current levels of staff to handle the extra work at this stage surely....
2 more daily/weekly checks a day, and 2 extra 'A' checks a fortnight isn't all that much, and I'm sure they can rope in the contractors come 'C' check time if needed.

Are they adding a few more than 2 A/C to the fleet?

Good to see JHAS/Tiger doing well though.
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Hearing strong rumours about some Singapore A320's coming down. TR are losing too much over there with all those 4/5/6 hour sectors which mainly are every route it flies.

Im confused about the Deliveries from Toulouse though, but around 2010/11/12 is when there will be a huge influx of deliveries. Australia will become Tiger's main location for its business.

60 orders. If fuel remained at current levels, you would think majority would come to Australia(shorter runs), and be turned into A319 aircraft..
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Heard tonight (off another board) that all Tiger DRW flying ends in October. That's MEL-DRW and SIN-DRW...
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From ninemsn

Tiger axes flights to Darwin22:50 AEST Thu Jul 31

Tiger Airways has axed its services to Darwin from Melbourne and Singapore, blaming high fuel and operating costs in Darwin for the decision.

Services to Darwin will be suspended from October 26, Tiger chief operating officer Steve Burns says.

The costs of flying to Darwin were the highest of all the airports the airline served, he said in a statement.

"This is an important point to stress: combined airport and fuel costs in Darwin cost more than any of the 27 airports that the airline serves across Australia and Asia. It is just incompatible for a true low-fare airline to operate to such a high cost destination," he said.

The airline might re-establish services to Darwin "if costs become more reasonable", he said.

Flights booked prior to October 26 will go ahead.

No Australian domestic flights have been booked to Darwin beyond that date.

Tiger will offer a full refund to international passengers booked after October 26, he said.
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Always a boom before the bust.....

bbbbbbbbbbbbzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzbbbbbbbbbbbbzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzz
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Seeing as its a O/N service, I doubt we will see any replacement. These days it would be cheaper for them to just leave the A/C there O/N
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Stay at home folks,the p!ss is cold and the weather warm...

Well timed announcement with NT election in full non-swing, not that it will make any difference

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I don't think DN will be the last Tiger port to get the a#se. One would suggest that all the positive spin Tiger have been putting out lately about how their weathering the high fuel costs is just that.

Interesting that J* announces today it is expanding its DN operations. One wonders what the cost differential is for Tiger vs J* at DN airport?

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Well if the spin that the gov is putting in 3m over a few years into marketing, does it mean Jet* has the Tiger by the tail? Are they just far more savvy? Or do they line the right pockets?
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Tiger certainly needs some $$$ for advertising. The last time I saw Tiger advertise was 6months ago in Page6(expensive or what!) of the Herald Sun

Lets hope the new MD changes a few things......
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I understand that one of the more recognisable faces at Tiger was seen doing interviews elsewhere recently..........
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Tiger drops Darwin, Jetstar boosts Darwin. Jetstar closes Adelaide base, Tiger... (is soon to announce its 2nd base)
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