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captainng 27th Oct 2011 10:34

skippers pay
so how much does a conquest skipper make and what sort of roster patterns are they on?

thanks for the info!

aussie027 9th Nov 2011 04:45

Does anyone know if Skippers are presently hiring for the Braz or Dash 8 fleet???
Been quiet on hear for nearly a month.
Only vacancy advertised recently was for the C441 in Broome.
Are they managing to train new people in reasonable time after losing 3 Braz Training Captains as mentioned above in a recent post??
Someone mentioned guys were waiting 9mo to do line training???
Seriously??? Anyone who maybe works there have any info to share??

metrodashbrazconkie 9th Nov 2011 09:41

Almost guarantee it champ. If you want to work for us, apply. Simple

NTChicky 16th Nov 2011 09:30

I have been told they are paying $85k inc. an $8k living allowance for 441 Cap.


Flying Meat Cleaver 23rd Nov 2011 23:34

There ya go Aussie,

"Due to our rapidly expanding route network and client base, Skippers is currently seeking suitably qualified aircrew to fulfill direct entry command positions on our Dash 8 fleet.
This position is based in Perth."

Anyone out there with a pulse and able to readily accept a pineapple!?!


aussie027 24th Jan 2012 04:20

Been quiet here for 2 mo. Another advert for crew.
Anyone working there have any info re there ability to train people they may hire in a timely manner after losing so many of their C & T Captains late last year??
Current work atmosphere/ moral in the company??

havick 24th Jan 2012 05:42

aussie027.. You seem to know what's going on there already given your references to C/T staff, so why bother trolling on here?

aussie027 24th Jan 2012 05:49

Im not trolling, I am looking for genuine info from someone who works there. Only mentioning what was said months ago in a previous post on here.
If I personally knew someone who worked there I would just ring and speak to them directly.

Livinthedream320 24th Jan 2012 09:11

Confirm first that the positions actually exist. then Get your offer for employment in writing first. That HR girl (A) tells porkies, you have a job then you don't, never returns calls, emails etc.

Tread Carefully


bigbrother 29th Jan 2012 09:23

Attitude plus .......well Attitude is the answer here, and with REX and QLINK, well, no need to go on. When the arrogance of the Management toward Professional flight crew is that they travel all the way across the country and provide no incentive, accomodation, or transport, the make you sit a bunch of B.S interviews (more HR Crap) and sim (cough) checks, then advise you there is no relocation assistance should you be selected, oh and don't mention the 'Training Salary', no wonder they can't get crew short of recruiting from O/S. and I for one will be contacting my Union to ensure I have my say heard in this regard. I urge you all to do the same as we are now on the verge of the slippery slide of wages and conditions. I can assure you there are pilots from all over the world out of work at present, and they are turning toward our little neck of the woods. We have enough pilots making thier way through this discracefull industry trying to ech out a living without being flooded by o/s crew driving down W&C. You boys and girls need to start screaming very loudly at your local MP and Union to ensure a future. When a truck driver, bus driver is making $55K anywhere in Oz, let a lone the $130K+ in the mines, and pilot wages continue to languish with cries from some quaters how we are over paid, you better start getting political and militant or get out now. In the current world climate we do have to be careful to not price ourselves out of work, but we can protect ourselves and the investment we have made over many years in our trade, to ensure we have a local industry which can at least support and reward us for what we have put into it. These companies will shortly lobby Ministers of Govt. to say ," we can't get pilots and need to import". Bullshit. They are there, but you gutter rat employers tender low, cut wages, and then complain you can't get crew. Makes me sick.

Soar2384 30th Jan 2012 05:45

Aussie027: Skippers do still have some training Captains on the Bras and Dash that for one reason or another will probably never leave. Training is slow as it always has been and therefore even though they need more pilots, recruitment is slow too.

Livinthedream320: Well said. I've seen it happen to someone myself. Quite ridiculous I agree.

bigbrother: I didn't think Skippers had recently recruited any overseas pilots (at least over the last few years) that weren't already working in Australia. Is that what you're saying or are you meaning airlines in general?

Fonz121 31st Jan 2012 00:23

So how many have thrown their hat in the ring for Qlink with the DEC Dash positions in Perth being advertised?

myshoutcaptain 31st Jan 2012 01:07

bb , what's Rex advertising in USA got to do with Skippers... While we're at it, I'm sure any academic isn't flown , put up and paid for unless you're on headhunters hit lists.... shake a tree ... :ok:

You get out what you put in ... it's not a flying school , it's not a airline nor perfect ... but where and what is? VA,JQ,QF. :mad:

Networks always down the road.:ugh:

The Green Goblin 31st Jan 2012 01:24

So is Skywest and Alliance.

That's where I'd be knocking on doors and rather quick!

G Limit 31st Jan 2012 01:30

So how many have thrown their hat in the ring for Qlink with the DEC Dash positions in Perth being advertised?
Probably quite a few, but QLink are adhering strictly to the advertised minimums which rules out most of the Skippers applicants. Alliance are still the biggest threat to the exodus.

make you sit a bunch of B.S interviews (more HR Crap) and sim (cough) checks

I for one will be contacting my Union to ensure I have my say
And say what? Simply because you have a logbook you should be flown over, housed and offered a job? :ugh:

knee-deep 31st Jan 2012 04:39

Myshoutcaptain, please tell me your not trying to defend the joke factory! Skippers will probably always exist but as the FIFO game becomes more and more competitive the pressure will continue to mount on the clowns in the ivory tower to eventually put there ego's to one side and evolve that way it may then have a chance in becoming WA's truly regional airline:eek:

metrodashbrazconkie 15th Mar 2012 02:33

Ranks about to thin? Watch this space.........you ain't seen nothin yet. :mad:

aussie027 15th Mar 2012 05:56

MetroDash etc,
what is that supposed to mean???

Is something going on there about to cause another big departure??
Where is everyone going to???
Hasn't been much advertising for Perth based jobs recently apart from Network looking for F100 jet rated drivers.

Auxilio ab alto 18th Mar 2012 05:00

Word on the street is:

Metro fleet losing two captains,
Brasilia fleet losing three captains,
Dash fleet losing anywhere between 4 - 6 captains.

metrodashbrazconkie 19th Mar 2012 00:37

Those numbers are probably right according to the breezeway skuttlebut. They are being enticed away by the promise of a less toxic environment in which to practice their profession.

And who said those leaving are confined to Perth? There is life outside WA you know.

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