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FRQ Charlie Bravo 6th Apr 2011 21:48


I travelled there for a job interview once. Did well on the interview but I was a very green IF pilot and it showed on the sim.

I thought I'd get in anyway given that I had some twin time and they were rumoured to be in dire need of pilots. I got a call a few weeks later asking if I was interested in paying for my own endorsement. I said not really. Got a call a few days later saying I was unsuccessful. I do know that shortly after that they took a few guys on who were "already endorsed" but had 0 time on type.

Not sour grapes, just a bit of info.

Jump onto Microsoft Flight Sim and do a few NDBs on the King Air (I know there are no King Airs in the fleet but that's the "sim" they used to test candidates on three years ago).



Avturbound 30th Apr 2011 00:19

Skippers problems?
Gday all,

I have been reading over these posts on Skippers, I don't want some bitter person replying to this message but it is a forum after all I won't hold me breath...

I just had a question as to what is so bad about Skippers, is it a bad company to work for?? Currently in GA but looking into the regionals, know about all the east coast operators but haven't looked to much in west coast..

Could someone please give me some informative information on Skippers if you have or currently work there?

Cheeers AV:cool:

metrodashbrazconkie 4th Aug 2011 00:55

Sheesh! 3 months and not a peep! Is evrything ok? :suspect:

bigbrother 8th Sep 2011 08:29

curiouser and curiouser
I woud be interested to hear something also. test one two

Tiger 77 8th Sep 2011 09:42

As far as I can tell everyone seems pretty happy.

Towering Q 8th Sep 2011 12:18

And then there was peace in the Middle East!

metrodashbrazconkie 8th Sep 2011 22:59

Happy? Sure about that? Watch this space.....

Rate1 9th Sep 2011 03:33

Direct Entry Braz Captains
Any takers for these positions as yet.

aussie027 9th Sep 2011 05:18

Direct Entry Braz Captains needed......

Hmmm so what's going on, they dont have any FOs in the Company at all on any aircraft they can upgrade to a Braz Captain???

AussieAviator 9th Sep 2011 05:34

Apparently, Skippers have just lost a bunch of Captains to Alliance Airlines for F100 Perth and Adelaide slots. I didn't think Adelaide had a jet?:confused:

The Green Goblin 9th Sep 2011 05:46

You only get an upgrade if they like you and you're prepared to play their games.

They are scared most of the time to give you a command. It means you'll be gone to the majors after a short time. They also have to hire another FO to replace you which costs them two training slots.

Better to bring someone in over the top who only costs them one training slot.

Plenty of upgradable guys on the bras. Most Are ex charter types. The Metro and Dash seems to be the pay your way cadet fleets with the aces moving from Metro commands to Dash commands :p

Most guys seem happy that I know there however. Play it their way and don't ask too many questions and you'll be fine.

Go to work, do your thing, don't get involved in politics, accept your roster change the night before, accept a flying duty the night before and you'll be fine.

Auxilio ab alto 9th Sep 2011 07:43

Of 10 captains checked to line, 4 are to leave in the next month, three of those are the current training captains.

Currently one upgraded captain in training, with only two other F/O's upgradable.

aussie027 9th Sep 2011 11:13

GG & AAA, thanks for comments.
That explains a few things.
3 training Captains leaving doesnt sound good and only 2 upgradeable FOs. sounds like some difficult times ahead.

mince 12th Sep 2011 12:23

How much are braz captains getting paid at skippers?

Arnold E 12th Sep 2011 13:09

I didn't think Adelaide had a jet?http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/sr...s/confused.gif
F100 sitting in Alliance hanger in Adelaide as we speak (write)

bigbrother 12th Sep 2011 21:31

you will be pleased to know that "there is movement at the station, for the word had passed around, that the pilot of some regret had got away, he was worth a thousand pounds" "and all the noted pilots had gathered from near and far to try thier hand at a job that pays" Appologies to Banjo

exmexican 14th Sep 2011 10:42

The next line from the poem could be more appropriate, "and all the hacks had gathered for the fray" Hee hee.

bigbrother 14th Sep 2011 10:50

ahhh humour amongst the ashes, love it

aussie027 26th Oct 2011 14:31

Does anyone know if Skippers are presently hiring for the Braz or Dash 8 fleet???
Been quiet on hear for over a month.
Only vacancy advertised recently was for the C441 in Broome.
Are they managing to train new people in reasonable time after losing 3 Training Captains as mentioned above in a recent post??

MACH082 27th Oct 2011 02:42


Due to our rapidly expanding route network and client base, Skippers is currently seeking suitably qualified aircrew to fulfill direct entry command positions on our Conquest fleet.
This position will be based in Perth.

A Conquest type endorsement is preferred although is not desirable.
Please forward all Resumes along with a cover letter to [email protected]
Make your mind up!

I hope the quality of Pilots is better than the quality of HR officers :}

Perhaps they got mixed up between required and desirable :=

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