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aussie027 10th Apr 2012 04:21

Does anyone have any more info on the current situation and if the numbers leaving are correct??

metrodashbrazconkie 3rd May 2012 11:25

4 or 5 in a week give you a clue? More to come.....

rockapetransport 3rd May 2012 12:15

How many moving over to network on the F100?

metrodashbrazconkie 3rd May 2012 12:17

One or two so far, according to the breezeway scuttlebutt.

aussie027 10th May 2012 05:32

Yet another advert today for pilots.

With all the big losses in Captains reported in this thread are any FOs being upgraded or are they just trying to hire DEC over everyone already there???
50K per year as an FO on a 30-50 seat turboprop??
A pretty quick upgrade would be very desirable no doubt to those who have the required experience on type and/or good previous command experience when they are hired.

If anyone working there has info to share I would appreciate a PM chat instead of the usual bashing/ snide comments posted online. Thanks.

volare_737 11th May 2012 04:54

Hi . Can anybody indicate pay for a CPT and roster ? I am currently flying in Asia and would love to come home. Thanks Guys !!!

White and Fluffy 11th May 2012 06:09


Lowest paid Dash pilots in OZ. Don't count on the productivity payments, they use it as a stick to make you tow the company line (say no to something or refuse to come in on an RDO and no productivity for you).

Roster changes everyday, not set set until 5pm the night before due to constant changes!

volare_737 11th May 2012 07:44

Doesn't sound to good. Any other jobs going in Perth ?

G Limit 11th May 2012 09:31

Don't believe everything you hear on Prune Volare. Do your research because whilst it's FAR from perfect, it's not as bad as some make out.

metrodashbrazconkie 12th May 2012 12:51

How so G limit?

Shed Dog Tosser 12th May 2012 21:51

G Limit,

Do you see posts like this one about other comparable size operators ?.

Why, well if you don't know why, you will soon enough.

Never have I worked for such a mean spirited organisation. I would happily deliver for pizza hut for the rest of my working life than ever work for Skippers again.

When I joined the organisation, all, and I mean all of my pilot buddies sat me down and strongly suggested not accepting the job, I wish I had taken their advice, to save myself a few years of misery.

Hopefully things ( i.e. management ) has changed since then.

G Limit 13th May 2012 01:36


I thought my emphasis on "FAR" from perfect may have given away the fact that I agree with some of the negative comments made here but the post about taking away productivity payments for not working RDO's was simply untrue (these days at least).

If Volare sees it as an opportunity to get back to Australia then I think Skips could be an option. I mean lets all be honest, the large amount of guys and girls who do like working there, (at least for the time being) don't waist their time with this thread so it'll be difficult to find a balanced view.

I hope that clarifies where I was coming from.

volare_737 13th May 2012 04:20

I hear all the sides. Must say I have worked in many countries and its Far from perfect wherever you go. Eventually lifestyle becomes the important thing and sometimes we just have to take the bad with the good.

metrodashbrazconkie 13th May 2012 22:12

You don't "have to" do anything. You can choose to take the good with the bad just like you can choose to take the good with the good.

WA's truly regional airline, by the way, will remove any enjoyment of your great lifestyle in Perth, (refer roster comments etc).

metrodashbrazconkie 13th May 2012 22:14

......unlike some other airlines around.

Shed Dog Tosser 13th May 2012 22:36

G Limit,

If you would like a little prospective, have a look at metrodashbrazconkies early posts, say 4 years ago, if they've not been deleted ), you will see someone with an open and positive mind on the subject, not so now, why is that ?.

I'm glad you are happy enough, believe us when we say that will change.

Volare, my advice is give them a very wide berth, IMHO every and any other operator at Perth Airport is a better option.

G Limit 14th May 2012 01:26

SDT, I remember MDBC's posts when he/she first joined the debate and I too sighed at the naivety.

Anyway guys, I'd better run. I've got to eat my mystery wrap while on min rest and ponder a place on the next EBA committee which, in reality, is the best forum for making change when you think about it. **Throws cat amongst pigeons** :E

metrodashbrazconkie 14th May 2012 01:41

Haha, naive maybe. There seemed endless possibilities then, and there still could be at Skips, but that would mean change and that , as we know, is scary stuff.

Shed Dog Tosser 14th May 2012 03:38

Most would agree, Skippers could be the best job in aviation, I believe there needs to be a major clean out of management, an entirely different approach to the way they value their employees.

Unless there is a change of ownership, IMHO, there will never be a suitable cultural change within the management.

Wide berth.

baron_beeza 14th May 2012 09:13

Is it the same for the engineering staff ?

Do they have much of a turnover ?

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