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Glen Buckley and Australian small business -V- CASA

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Glen Buckley and Australian small business -V- CASA

Old 22nd Nov 2019, 22:34
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There is no real threat from Glen or APTA in my view, sure it's uncomfortable for a CMT and a Regional Manager to admit they got something wrong but I doubt that's central to the issues. CASA has fundamentally failed to understand outcome based legislation, look at the prescription that doesn't exist in the first CASR's published, and look at the prescription that is in the more modern CASR's, Parts 141 and 142 are more prescriptive than the regulations they replaced. Assessments under the new regulations are achieved by inspectors reviewing documents against checklists with obscure and often irrelevant criteria, in the name of compliance, oh wait, did they mean safety?

There is no threat to CASA, not individuals, not organisations, not other government agencies or departments.

If you want change you need essentially two things, it will come down to someone/ an entity with the will to make the changes who has the authority to see it through. You don't have a wholesale change in aviation legislation and oversight if government thinks your ICAO ranking in the top 10 is real.
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Old 25th Nov 2019, 11:26
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ANAO Audit for CASA (2019-2020) ?

Just browsing ANAO Audit Reports for unrelated matters and discover the following potential audit in the ANAO's program of work for 2019-2020:

Administration of regulation by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority

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Old 25th Nov 2019, 19:52
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Thankyou, and I just registered. That will be an interesting one!
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Old 25th Nov 2019, 20:23
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So they complete their investigation and publish their report, then what?
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Old 25th Nov 2019, 20:49
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Originally Posted by muddergoose View Post
So they complete their investigation and publish their report, then what?
gathers dust just like every other report.
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Old 26th Nov 2019, 01:27
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You could use CASA as a demonstration project of “worlds best practice” in regulation. It’s small enough to be doable.

.....That is of course only if the audit found any “gaps” between actual and desired performance levels, which may not be the case..
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Old 26th Nov 2019, 01:37
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THE ROAD TO [email protected]

The ANAO is just another Government Department. Government auditing Government. Gee, what a surprise! The ANAO carefully scopes its audits so as to avoid sensitive, bad publicity causing areas of the government organisation it is auditing. It already knows what areas to steer clear of and which areas to look at that wonít be too bad. Itís yet another game of snakes and ladders, smoke and mirrors and a tool in the federal governments magic bag of deception and distraction. The CASA board will have some lengthy documents sitting there ready to go that will show the auditors how the Regulator is meeting their legislative requirements, meeting key targets, addressing previous findings, spending monies from the public purse compliantly and within the public service guidelines, and so the wheel spins. The previous ICAO audit gave CASA a clean bill of health (what a surprise) and the previous ANAO audit report also found CASA to be mostly a good corporate citizen, spending taxpayer monies wisely, etc etc.

So donít get to excited peeps.The end result will be a wet lettuce leaf audit report containing a couple of minor findings, but more importantly there will be lots of mealy mouth words, charts and percentages, colourful pages and praise for our Regulator. Both auditor and Regulator will end up backslapping one another with a possible reacharound or two while they sip their herbal tea and munch on dry cruskets with avocado and alfalfa sprouts, sitting at a mahogany table with leather chairs while lauding their robust rice bowls.
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Old 29th Nov 2019, 00:21
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I seem to recall an ANAO audit of Airservices' Civil/Military Air Traffic System, other wise known in the industry as the One-Sky/Half-Sky/No-Sky Project, which came to light at Senate Estimates and where Airservices were critisised for paying a consultant ridiculous amounts of money in contempt of their own internal contracting procedures.
The Airservices' CEO apologised and said it would not happen again. Since then nothing and the CEO is still in the chair.
By the way he works for the Minister through the DIRD so clearly the Minister and the Department were quite happy with Airservices' performance!
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Old 3rd Dec 2019, 04:14
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Senate has announced a review of CASA. I hope Glen makes a submission.
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Old 3rd Dec 2019, 06:25
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Good to see the announcement from the Senate.

Before we dance and rejoice; Caution the small print Ö It's called "Terms of Reference" anything to do with Glen will be supressed due to on-going pending Court issues.
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Old 3rd Dec 2019, 07:57
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Originally Posted by Office Update View Post
Good to see the announcement from the Senate.

Before we dance and rejoice; Caution the small print … It's called "Terms of Reference" anything to do with Glen will be supressed due to on-going pending Court issues.
Anyone is able to make a submission that addresses the terms of reference. This is not the relevant avenue to make a specific complaint about the regulator. In my experience inside the public sector, any submissions addressing issues outside of the terms of reference of the inquiry will not be (and should not be) taken into account.

With Glen’s vast experience of the GA training sector, I would absolutely encourage him (and others) to make a submission that relate to the terms of reference.

I will be making a submission to the inquiry, that is my right. There are far more qualified people out there than me, but ourr concerns cannot be heard if we keep quiet.

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Old 4th Dec 2019, 03:25
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A leeter from my daughter to Mr Craig Martin

For those of you that have not had the pleasure of dealing with Mr Craig Martin from CASA,

You may recall Bruce Rhoades, a pilot who died recently of cancer while trying to clear his name. He raised substantial allegations against Mr Craig Martin. Tragically he went to his grave unable to clear his name. He made a short video that is publicly available via the following link, it makes harrowing viewing. I am dealing with the same individual and make the same claims.

As the stress of this unlawful conduct by CASA personnel mounts, I had a bad night the other night. Its never vented towards my family because they are also victims. I returned home to my wife and daughter in tears. My daughter left the house and penned this email to Craig Martin unbeknown to me.

My wife urged me not to get a copy of it, but I am with my daughter Emmy now, and she has provided me a copy of that correspondence, which I have attached. It is very personal, but clearly demonstrates the results when CASA personnel choose to act unlawfully, and in a bullying and intimidating manner. This correspondence only furthers my resolve to hold the perpetrators to account

Dear Craig Martin,

I have been given your email from my mother, so thought I would write to you.

I am Emmy Buckley, daughter of Glen. Please take the time to read this. I am currently sitting in my car, away from the house as my dad has had a breakdown, and have come to the realisation of how sickening this whole situation is.

The pain and permanent damage you have caused to my family is completely unacceptable. I’ve seen my dad suffer mental breakdowns almost every night, to a point where we can’t even ask him what’s going on and how he is, because it’ll cause him too much anxiety and stress to a point where he has to leave the house, or go to bed.

As the daughter of Glen, this causes me so much pain to see him this upset and stressed about something which YOU have caused. I wish I could translate the amount of pain you have caused us, but words can’t begin to describe the level of hurt. You’ve pushed us into selling our house, now in a position where the only way we can get by with a roof over our heads is to rent.

Our source of income is now coming from my mother who works 60 hour weeks to keep us alive, and my 19 year old brother who helps pay the rent. I’ve considered dropping out of university myself to work full time and help keep my family in a more comfortable position. Sometimes I’m scared to come home, not knowing what to expect, whether it’ll be a stressful environment, or whether we can get a few laughs in together as a family. Coming up to Christmas, seeing everyone around me talk about what they’re going to ask for, for Christmas makes me feel slightly envious, as I don’t have the balls to ask my parents for a single thing this year, as it would be far too selfish.

Although we won’t let you ruin our time together at Christmas, as a 21 year old girl, I can’t help but to think about some of the things which I would have liked to have received over this holiday. I feel physically sick at the thought of you getting to enjoy your time with your family this Christmas, all whilst probably getting to travel and live life as if nothings going on here.

The reality is that you have caused irreversible damage in the form of financial problems, mental health stresses, and not being able to live life with our dad with him being completely present in our lives. Whilst he lives with us, sometimes he looks so drained and empty that it feels like we’ve lost a part of him. I’m honestly surprised he is still with us today, as the average person would have probably killed them selves by now, due to the stress and pressure.

I am writing this because I’ve come to a point where I’m so over crying about this, I’m over seeing my family suffer, and I’m over thinking about how selfish and sick you are for not being able to think about the pain you cause to others. I hope this email acts as a reminder that your actions affect other people’s lives, and that it’s damaging.

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Old 4th Dec 2019, 06:36
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I wouldnít have aired that email publicly and I wouldnít have encouraged it to be sent to CASA. Why? Well CASA donít care. Well they do, but they care about CASA. An organisation that has within its management ranks psychopaths, sociopaths and psychophants. They enjoy what they do. They enjoy inflicting pain. They have no moral compass. They get off on crushing the resistance. For example, take Ivan Milat; He went to the grave keeping secrets about others he has killed. Why? I mean he could have fessed up, brought some closure to innocent families who have been tortured emotionally and mentally for decades. But he didnít care because itís all about him. He needed and craved control, and he had it right up until his last vile breath. It made him happy. Same methodology as to what Glen is being put through. These people genuinely have no moral conscience, empathy, sense of fairness, justice or kindness. Selfish, self loving, self absorbed heartless souls. Every time Glen or his family squirms in pain, they jack themselves out of excitement. For right or wrong, Glen poked the bear and the bear has launched an attack. Glen switched on the spotlight and they donít like it. Never have, never will. They have the money, the time and highest levels of support to deliver payback to Glen forever more.
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Old 4th Dec 2019, 12:04
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Well Glen, while CASA has undoubtedly caused you stress and suffering, you have one very special, eloquent and brave daughter there. What a lovely young lady and a credit to your family.
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Old 4th Dec 2019, 17:03
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Very good. I for one think that this very well written letter goes in the right direction.
In fact, I would send copies of it by post to all their offices.
Freedom of speech is a good thing and should be used by all, young and old.

I wish you and your family well, Glen.
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Old 4th Dec 2019, 18:12
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The CASA Board

Last night I sent correspondence to each CASA Board Member and alerted them to this thread.

Each Member of the Board has an obligation to ensure good governance, within CASA.

I have advised them that in order to arrive at the most correct decision, they should avail themselves of the opportunity to review this thread, and my expectation is that they will visit it over coming days.

This will provide each Board Member with the opportunity to fill in any "gaps" in their knowledge, and ensure that they have all the required information, to arrive at the correct decisions.

Each Board Member is fully aware that I have extended an offer to travel anywhere in Australia to meet with any member.

Board Governance is an increasingly important matter in Australia. My expectations are fair and reasonable.
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Old 4th Dec 2019, 18:32
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Originally Posted by glenb View Post
Each Member of the Board has an obligation to ensure good governance, within CASA.
Your definition of "good governance" probably differs markedly from CASA's definition
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Old 4th Dec 2019, 21:01
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My suggestion to all is to copy this thread in its entirety and send it as a submission to the Senate review together with a short covering letter voicing your concerns over CASA’s demonstrable effect on jobs, growth and investment in the aviation sector.

Copy and save it now because I suspect that CASA might try legal operations to suppress it.
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Old 4th Dec 2019, 23:46
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Senate Submission Review

Sunfish, you make a valid point, and it does fit in with the terms of reference.

For clarity. APTA was established as a "cooperative" if you like. Its Mission Statement was very clearly to increase safety, increase regulatory compliance, increase jobs with an emphasis on rural areas, and to provide subsidised support to regional based aero clubs that were operating primarily for altruistic reasons, rather than the commercial return. It was a very significant investment to get the suitable systems, procedures, and personnel in place, and was designed with CASA, formally approved by CASA, audited by CASA, and even recommended by CASA.

The Terms of Reference mention;
"whether the current legislation is fit for purpose"
"the safety and economic impacts"
"long term social and economic impacts of CASA decisions on small business, agricultural operations, and individuals.....'
"CASAs maintenance of an efficient and sustainable Australian aviation industry ...including training..."
"the efficacy of its engagement with the aviation sector" etc etc

Whoever wrote those terms of reference has certainly come off of a good base line. They "get it"

This thread most certainly will be my submission. I will submit it at the appropriate time.

Considered, well intentioned comments by PPRuNe contributors are always highly valued, but perhaps more so now.

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Old 5th Dec 2019, 00:05
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If i were on the CASA Board......

In light of this thread being the basis of my submission to the Senate. I do not feel that CASA would take steps to shut this thread down. That would be somewhat unreasonable and especially in the light of the fact that these matters primarily relate to aviation safety.

This thread was started in order to protect my reputation, enhance aviation safety, ensure good governance, and to hold CASA to account against their own Regulatory Philosophy.

This thread only commenced 6 months after I had been dealing with CASA privately.

Anyway, if I were on the CASA Board (for clarity that will never happen), I would...Ö..

The very first thing that I would do is have a "corporate psychological assessment" done. Im not sure if these things exist, but I seriously would. Its a well intentioned suggestion but I can see the shackles going up already within CASA.

Have an external Subject Matter Expert (SME) on Corporate cultures conduct an assessment of the organisation and design strategies to ensure the appropriate culture flows throughout that Organisation. There can be no doubt, that there are many good officers and troops in that organisation. It can never operate as it should without the appropriate values flowing through every vein of that organisation.

The CASA Regulatory Philosophy borne of the Review obviously didn't work, so its time for a fresh start that is well intentioned. That alone will improve aviation safety more than Part 61/141/142 did at a cost of $100 to every Australian family.

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