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Problems at Brindabella?

Old 15th Dec 2013, 22:50
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QF discounted fares ?

these would have to be higher than Brindabella were selling or why bother.

QF are in enough trouble without wasting more funds.

Small operators with much lower costs would probably be the only ones who could do some of the very thin Brindabella routes or could Rex do some at a profit ?

With mining contracts disappearing could Corporate Air (Saab 340's etc.) or even Alliance with some of their F50 be interested ?
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Old 15th Dec 2013, 23:53
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I've had little to do with Brindabella, so have nothing to add, but Im curious about the Aeropelican side of things.

Why did Aeropelican give up Belmont and change types, before going to Brindy? I know there was a change of ownership, but I was lead to believe that the operations were profitable in the Twotter/Bandit/Belmont days.
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Old 16th Dec 2013, 00:21
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Concerning Ducks old home.

Runway Length, sailing masts at the end of the runway in the channel,

New aircraft types and runway length

New regulations for Security of airfields,

Money, Money and more money.

Unfortunately any potential buyer of Aeropelican had more interest in the land value of the airport and redevelopment potential

It was a great operation and the Airport certainly reminded you of the 'good old days', some would say the 'classic' days of aviation.
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Small operators with much lower costs would probably be the only ones who could do some of the very thin Brindabella routes or could Rex do some at a profit ?
What makes you think that the seat/mile costs are lower with a small airline operator? They generally pay top dollar for fuel/landing/parking fees/bank interest rates/insurances etc etc without any real economy of scale. Rex has done well because it was purchased at the right time and money, has a strong capital base and has one type of aircraft [the good old Saab] and is larger enough to have economies of scale.

It will be a big ask for someone to pick up the crumbs and make a profitable business out of this in my opinion. The pax numbers on most of the Brindabella routes are indeed very low which means high fares which means fewer pax!!!!
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Old 16th Dec 2013, 01:01
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One can only feel for the staff, and at Xmas time. Here in Newcastle, its a popular little airline, with great people working for it, and will be sadly missed at Willy. Hopefully for not long.
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MMSM: Rex Chief comment on demise of Brindabella

SC from the Australian:
Rex chief Lim Kim Hai warns more regional airlines at risk

AUSTRALIA's biggest independent regional carrier has warned of more regional airline failures in an industry in dire straits after six years of "neglect and oppressive policies'' under Labor.

Regional Express executive chairman Lim Kim Hai said the failure of Canberra-based Brindabella Airlines demonstrated the toxicity of an aviation climate that had put regional aviation in danger of irreversible terminal decline.

He called on Deputy Prime Minister Warren Truss to deliver the election promises in his aviation action plan, including the reversal of "disastrous policies'' such as carbon tax, reducing compliance costs and reintroduction of the en-route rebate scheme.

"If nothing significant is achieved within the next three months, Brindabella's collapse could well be a precursor of more to come in the regional sector,'' he said. "It would be ironic if the decimation and collapse of regional aviation in Australia took place under the Nationals' watch.''

Travel plans for Brindabella Airlines customers across regional NSW have been thrown into chaos after the airline was placed into receivership and its flights suspended indefinitely yesterday.

The fate of 140 workers at the Canberra-based regional carrier is also uncertain as administrators KordaMentha seek expressions of interest for the troubled airline over the holidays.

The move comes after the aviation safety regulator grounded another six of the airline's turboprop fleet last week for failing to carry out required safety inspections on engines.

The airline operated up to 250 flights using 10 planes to destinations that included Brisbane, Canberra, Cobar, Coffs Harbour, Moree, Mudgee, Newcastle and Sydney.

Brindabella's bad performance in recent months raised the ire of the communities it served and prompted Qantas to suspend its codeshare arrangement last month after four aircraft were grounded because of engine inspection overruns.

Two of those planes were allowed back in the air but last week's decision to ground a further six meant eight of the airline's planes were out of action.

Receiver David Winterbottom said the airline would no longer be accepting bookings and all further flights were cancelled indefinitely while the receivers sought expressions of interest from potential buyers.

Qantas and Virgin Australia have both introduced special relief fares for Brindabella customers and Mr Winterbottom said Qantas had started providing additional services on some Brindabella routes.

Mr Lim said Rex was drawing up plans to provide emergency services to some communities no longer serviced by Brindabella " if and when" Transport NSW removed licensing restrictions. It was also providing its cheapest fares to Brindabella customers.

"Rex will also do its best to alleviate the difficulties and uncertainties of Brindabella staff affected during this festive period,'' he said. "Already we are being inundated by job applications and we will be doing our utmost to confirm job opportunities for interested applicants before Christmas."

So maybe follow the Lib/Nat government's lead and blame it all on the former Labor government..??

The National Library of Australia pays tribute to Brindabella:

Farewell Brindabella Air, "a successful regional airline" as reported in Australian Aviation 2005.

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One of my best mates was working for them. Very sad.
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Ops Normal

The Metro SOPs (I never flew the J41) were stringent and a little complex when I started with them, but were soon whittled down to where they needed to be.
I have it on good authority that the Engine Failure after T/O on the J41 had TWENTY-SEVEN MEMORY ITEMS.

That is simply outrageous and the morons in CASA who approved it are as bad as the people who put it in the manuals. about sending multi-crew pilots out in a C152 to regain night currency?

Both these companies were doing OK (not magically... but OK) before the foreign agents were inserted
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Old 16th Dec 2013, 14:07
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short flights long nights
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You can't remember 27 memory items, well I assume you can't. List them here.
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Brindabelle woes

Befor Aeropeelican took Brindaberlla I percieved Aeropelican as a regional airline offering a very professional, and on time regional airline. I was making money and they enolyed esxpeinced skiled pilots, Then I hear the horror of the two companies merging such that the Aeropelican name would be dropped and the Brindabella name be retained. Aeropelican had a reliable service for many year using twin otters from Blemont and then some greed buyer thought he would move Aeropelican out of Belmont to Wllimamtown airport. The culture at the duck was professional and happy whereas Brindabella never seemed upfront with the staff. I also think the new management were optimising on the LOWER load fractor required to make operations into a country port viable. Another cost was having to send crew to the US to train on the j41 (LARGE OVERHEAD).
Another cost was cadet pilots whose promosition was severely resgtrictec by their lack of flying experience. As for the maintenance well I don't know what happened there. In hindsight it is a pity the much more experienced
Aeropelican had been left alone and maintain its operating standarda and kept well away from Brinbdabella. I think if this had been the case then Aeropelican would still be operation. Maybe they could have snagged thel lucerative Canberra to Newscaste run (always furl and always paid for by government money. I fell really sorry for the ex Aeropelican staff as they had a sober culture before the merger. Wheras Brindabella assays seemed to run on few.
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27 Memory Items....

I took that to mean the there were 27 Stored Faults ?

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It is true Skytrans are heading to northern or central NSW in the coming days to announce they'll be taking over some ex-BNE routes?
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Might just pull them out of the
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And would Skytrans be willing to agree to an OTP KPI penalty system with the NSW government to ensure some OTP consistency rather than the current shambles?
Right now the NSW gubbermint has no bargaining chips in the deal. I am not a Skytrans fan at all, but if I were them or anyone else, I would go hard at it and negotiate hard. Actually no…..negotiate is not a word I would be entertaining.

Too much government dis n dat.

Possibly another small part of the problem. I have no idea if that is the case but it would not surprise me.
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Rumour has it at least half a dozen Brindies guys have interviews with Rex today.

Wonder how the new Swedes at Rex are going with this warm weather...
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One door closes, another opens. Hang in there Boys and Girls.
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When I was working for the other CBR operation that specialises in charter and ground services, they were making noise about limited RPT ambitions.
Would be a good fit given the location of Brindabella and that they already have a well established maintenance base not too far away, plus some decent under utilised aircraft to throw at it.
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Any chance REX need more than 6 at this stage?
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Fingers crossed this issue gets resolved for the boys!

Brindabella pilots ask receivers for help on job-related loans

Pilots employed by the collapsed Brindabella Airlines have called on the company's receivers to take on liability for personal loans entered into as a condition of employment.
A day after Brindabella temporarily stood down 140 employees, including 70 in Canberra, it has emerged that pilots were required to take out personal loans of as much as $30,000 as return for a service bond for training and expenses.
The loans, issued for flight training in the United States and other expenses, were serviced by the company during their employment as is common in the industry.
Brindabella suspended all flights this week as it struggled with millions of dollars of debt. Receivers KordaMentha were appointed for the company and are seeking a buyer for the airline, founded in Canberra in 1994.
Advertisement <iframe id="dcAd-1-4" src=";cat=actnews;ctype=article;pos=3;sz=300x250;tile=4;ord=9 .2637392E7?" width='300' height='250' scrolling="no" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0" allowtransparency="true" frameborder="0"> </iframe>
The executive director of the Australian Federation of Air Pilots, Simon Lutton, said he had written to the receivers on Monday asking for the loans to be included as debts of the airline, not individual pilots.
''We're very aware of the issue and are taking it up urgently with the receiver,'' Mr Lutton said.
''We are seeking an undertaking that upon examination of the loan arrangements they will be categorised as a debt of the company and not a personal debt. We haven't yet achieved that but we're looking to have urgent discussions on that basis. They've advised us that they know how important it is and they are looking into it right now and will get back to us shortly.''
Mr Lutton said he hoped the matter could be finalised in coming days but that it was too early to say what outcome would be reached.
Pilots employed by Brindabella Airlines declined to speak publicly as their employment has not been terminated.
A spokesman for KordaMentha said the receivers learned about the concerns on Tuesday and would consider the matter.

Read more: Brindabella pilots ask receivers for help on job-related loans
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AFAP assistance?

I wish the AFAP luck with that, but if unsuccessful, would the union consider looking after the affected pilots by, say, covering interest only on the training loans for AFAP members? A debt like that could be debilitating when you've just lost what wasn't a high-paying job, and a Jetstream rating isn't worth a lot in Australia right now.
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