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Virgin Australia Cadetship 2012 & 2013

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Virgin Australia Cadetship 2012 & 2013

Old 10th Oct 2011, 23:12
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The problem is the different type of cadet systems.

QF cadet system- good C&T system, time spent in the third seat, many sims before moving to a window seat. This gets the tick of approval but those who come from GA will always talk about the family links.

Virgin system - Ok to go onto the ATR before the jet but you would like to think they would use an "advanced cadet" system, but hang on isn't that just someone out of GA anyway. There is no place for a 250hr pilot in the ATR.
(I have flown this type of operation as a captain and somehow managed to survive but I would no wish this onto the traveling public.)

J*- What a joke. This is where a lot of us have problems with the cadet program
- If you have the money, you have the the job.
- under resourced company at ALL levels.
- overloaded C&T system, perhaps relatively inexperienced.
- a cadet program that wont be allowed to fail, due senate enquiry statements, which leads to a so called JUST culture, where the captain will be hung out to dry.

So if we are going to keep going around in circles on this please explain which type of "cadet system" you think is so brilliant.

Note the reference to the system not the individual.

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Old 11th Oct 2011, 00:20
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Note the reference to the system not the individual.
Completely agree.
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Old 11th Oct 2011, 09:50
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I don't have a problem with cadets, they are fine. In fact I have flown with many cadets (even as captains), and generally they have been very good. They usually do 5-6 years in the right seat before upgrading anyway, which gives plenty of experience. I'd be more worried about instructors who flogged a 152 in the circuit for 1500 hours then joins a regional and is a captain after 12 months. This IS happening

I also don't have a problem with cadet programs in general, however I DO have a problem with airlines hiring cadets over qualified regional and GA pilots especially when there are a crapload of them sitting around who would kill to fly a jet. I'm looking at you, Jetstar
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Old 12th Oct 2011, 12:00
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Jumping the gun?

As was mentioned in a earlier post, haven't Virgin simply sent out a letter to training providers asking them to do a proposal and costing for this Cadet Scheme? I remeber Tiger Australia sent one of those out recently as well.

I know Virgin and Tiger are a world apart but things happen and plans can get scrapped quicker than they are thought up. I would like to say at the earliest this scheme would be 12 to 18 months away at best. Why don't we all sit back and see what the fine print is (if it ever gets off the ground) and then we can all sling mud at each other armed with facts as opposed to speculation.

Lastly, while FNQ, NT and Northern WA continue to have people living there we will continue to have GA. I back this up by the fact that I had a tough time finding a park on the GA apron at Cairns 2 weeks ago.
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Old 13th Oct 2011, 12:02
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Interesting to see if it eventuates to be exclusively ab-initio program or is open to those with ATPL's & a few hours
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Old 2nd Dec 2011, 00:59
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Interesting discussion going on over the last few pages. It seems that once again there are those out to bag the cadets at every opportunity they get. I agree with the comments that you get equally bad pilots from GA/Mil/cadets, and from all three you also get excellent pilots.

Now for a very big generalisation, and it doesn't apply in all cases. My experience in training candidates is that mostly the guys from a cadet background are willing to admit their lack of experience, and want to make up for it by absorbing information like sponges, trying to improve their knowledge and understanding of aviation. They are for the most part very hard working. The average GA (and even ex-regional airline) pilot that comes through the training programme has a bit of a chip on their shoulder. Some have 2-, 3-, 4000, sometimes 5000 hours and lacks basic knowledge in aviation. It makes teaching of more advanced theory concepts fairly difficult, which most ex-cadets seem to not struggle with too much.
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Old 2nd Dec 2011, 01:16
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Advanced concepts?

Yep, press this button and it does this, press this button and it does that. Don't push that button though. Why? Just don't push it

The hardest endorsements I ever completed were turboprop stuff. Jets and their endorsements are designed for the lowest common denominator who fly them.

Yep pretty advanced stuff.

The hardest flying is single pilot IFR in remote locations. This is what the cadets lack.

I'd consider the right decision making ability an advanced concept This requires experience.

I fly with cadets. Some have great SOPs, some have great knowledge, some have great flying ability, but none have all 3. Generally though they are all keen, just like any other Pilot I have flown with.
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Old 4th Dec 2011, 09:21
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Regardless of whether an experienced GA guy is better than a cadet or vice versa, the people making the decisions couldn't care less. Flight crews are a figure in the expense column, the name of the game is to lower that figure.
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Old 4th Dec 2011, 09:26
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And what better way to achieve that than with a Cadetship.
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Old 4th Dec 2011, 21:01
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Some have 2-, 3-, 4000, sometimes 5000 hours and lacks basic knowledge in aviation.
I would suggest that rather than not knowing it they have simply forgotten it over the last 10 or so years since they did their last CPL/ ATPL exams. Where as a cadet is straight out of flying school with all that info still fresh in their heads. You would probably also find that a 5000hr regional or GA pilot hasn't had to sit down and do any serious study for several years and so they take a bit longer to get into study mode than say a Cadet who has just done 18months or so of intense study and training.
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Old 13th Dec 2011, 10:15
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Howcome all jobs have been removed or closed on the Virgin Recruitment bfound website?
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Old 13th Dec 2011, 22:17
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DeltaT, Virgin have changed their recruitment website. It is no longer "bfound".

It is now on their main site.
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Old 23rd Dec 2011, 07:35
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cadetship is in very early stages still over a year away

edit: heard from a c&t captain

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Old 27th Dec 2011, 12:20
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Going through G.A. allows you to pick up a lot of sources in the industry that give you quite a bit of information about different 'goings-on'.

You should try it!
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Old 27th Dec 2011, 12:39
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Serious question

When is a cadet no longer a cadet?

When is a GA driver no longer a GA driver?

When is a RAAFie no longer one?
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Old 30th Jan 2012, 22:21
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Virgin Recruitment for 2012

Virgin Australia Pilot Cadet Program - News - Flightdeck Consulting Airline Interview Specialists

Just found this on the web. Def looks like they are trying to follow Qantas cadet programs wonder how much cash newbies will have to cough up?? At least there not straight onto the E-Jet or 737. But still not a fan!!

Anyone got any inside info on possible plans this year for VA. Have heard many mixed reviews. i.e. most recruiting will be onto E-Jet as lots transferring onto 737.. Have heard opposite of that that there plenty of room for 737 slots in Syd/Mel. Also hear the number of QF resumes hitting the pile is quite large. This would surely make the odds a bit tougher.
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Old 31st Jan 2012, 01:43
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Guess that will depend upon additional aircraft joining the fleet. I think there is only 2 or 3 A330's slated to join the fleet this year.
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Old 31st Jan 2012, 01:43
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With the cadets who complete the course being offered a position with Skywest, this would mean the cadet needs to live in WA. Does anyone know if Virgin will offer allowances for accomodation for people who don't reside there, or would they just have to tough it out for 2 years?
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Old 31st Jan 2012, 01:54
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Do some research. The Skywest ATR's operated for Virgin are all based on the East Coast (BN and CB) so your base would be one of them.

There is no way Virgin will pay an allowance or accomodation for you, that don't do it for the 20% of pilots of the current pilots who commute, so there is no chance cadets will get it.
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Old 31st Jan 2012, 02:59
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...a LOT of research. Unfortunately you're sorely mistaken if you think an airline (at least in this country) is going to pay you extra or your relocation costs for not being in a base that you want. Allowances are paid for overnighting away from home base . If you were to be based in Perth, then that's your base = no allowances.

It doesn't matter anyway because the ATRs operated by Skywest for Virgin are all based on the east coast as GAFA said. At this stage...

You should try for the Cathay cadetship though, apparently the pay and conditions are phenomenal.
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