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short flights long nights
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Well everything is going perfectly isnt it?
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if aa go tits up,
delta with v
cont and us air with star (singa and anz will most likely block)

not many choices of new partners.
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Add one more to the list of poor management decisions made.
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AJ's .....To Do List

TO DO List-nothing

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Andrew Sisson, whose Balanced Equity Management owns just under 10 percent of Qantas, said yesterday
The ongoing dispute would need to be resolved for the share price to recover.
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Thank you andrew "sherlock holmes" sisson. Andrew, as 10% owner perhaps a word in AJs ear that the tactics are flawed.
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i just don't agree on DFW

loads are awesome, yield is better than awesome, and high value customers are liking all the choice that DFW allows when compared to LAX. AMR, with or without bankruptcy will come out smellin' like a rose. too much of a cultural tie in post 9/11.

i could be wrong, god knows my other half would say so, but i think we're still looking the wrong direction for what's coming.

have any of you guys been keeping up with the CDG based airline that BA owns? curious to hear your thoughts on that one.
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loads are awesome, yield is better than awesome, and high value customers are liking all the choice that DFW allows
Now imagine if we were burning 60 tonne less using a 777 on the route with the same number of passengers!

Bad Adventures, it's a marathon, not a sprint. Lay the ground work, then put in the hard yards. We're not even close to having finished laying the ground work yet.
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Qantas sticks to Asia plan amid global chaos

Qantas sticks to Asia plan amid global chaos

QANTAS is holding firm on its plans to expand aggressively into Asia despite the precarious state of the global economy, emphasising it has the flexibility to withstand the turbulence.
The airline is just weeks away from deciding whether to base its new premium airline - likely to be named RedQ or OneAsia - in Singapore or Kuala Lumpur. Jetstar is also ramping up its expansion into Asia, which will include the launch of a new domestic airline in Japan in partnership with Japan Airlines.
Despite the economic upheaval in Europe and deep concerns about the global economy, Qantas's chief executive, Alan Joyce, made clear yesterday the company was pushing ahead with its plans for Asia, although he said it did have room to ''cope with a range of different scenarios''.

The airline had been ''very conscious of managing our risks'' when planning the expansion into Asia.
''There is flexibility to be faster in our growth or to scale back our growth,'' he said. ''It is a very sensible and measured approach to growth in the Asian markets.''
The International Air Transport Association this week warned the pace of growth in passengers worldwide had dipped and the freight business was shrinking at a faster pace.
Qantas's latest traffic figures also showed a fall in yields in August, compared with July, in domestic and international markets.

Shares in Qantas have slumped 46 per cent since the start of the year amid a deteriorating economic climate and a damaging stand-off with unions. The stock closed unchanged at an all-time low of $1.375 yesterday.
But Mr Joyce cautioned: ''I don't think there are enough signs for us today to say the market has actually gone into a recession or a decline.''

As part of its Asian expansion, the group has ordered 110 new A320 narrow-body aircraft from Airbus, the first of which will be delivered in 2015. Jetstar will take 99 of the new aircraft, which are 8 per cent cheaper to run than the older A320 versions, while the rest are destined for Qantas's premium Asian airline.
Qantas will also boost the frequency of flights on one of its newest routes between Sydney and Dallas, Texas. It plans to increase services from four a week to six by January and seven by July.
In May, Qantas dropped flights to San Francisco in favour of Dallas, which is the major hub for its alliance partner American Airlines. However, the Dallas route has proved to be a challenge for Qantas's Boeing 747-400 jumbos because it is at the limit of their flying range.
Qantas also expects to return to service in February the A380 superjumbo severely damaged by an engine explosion in November. It is having major repairs in Singapore.
Releasing third-quarter results yesterday, Etihad's chief executive, James Hogan, said passenger loads on flights from Europe remained strong, despite the economic turmoil. ''I am seeing the pressure on yields, but at the end of the day, we are still more aggressive [than competitors],'' he said.
Etihad would be ''more aggressive on our costs'' over the next year but Mr Hogan was confident the airline would break even by the end of 2011.
He said Etihad's alliance with Virgin Australia had led to a boost in first-class passengers from Australia

my bold
Again reading between the lines, it feels like the risk behind AJs big announcement in August has increased significantly as all economic pointers are against the plan..... it doesn't look good for AJ as I'm sure the share price is a worrying concern for the major institutional investors at Qantas.

I believe it is fair to say, the market has not reacted well to AJs big Asian plans, the Q shares have continued to fall since the hurried announcement on the 17th Aug, the board must be feeling the heat about the companies leadership and its direction... already we have seen yesterdays "death threat" thing look very shaky with this..
No respite in Qantas war of words

The police said the author of a threatening letter sent to a senior Qantas executive in May had been identified.

back in May
video posted for the record of this thread....
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Who is the author of the abusive email sent to the TWU? Management?
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Funny thing happened today. I received a dividend from NRMA, I only hold 264 shares, but guess what? I received about $40. You know what their profit was $250 million after tax! Nice blokes aren't they.
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In yesterday' s AFR there was a full page QF ad showing two pax sitting on red vinyl-looking armchairs in the jungle. Two pages later, a VA ad showing elegant hostie serving pax in the new sleeper seats on the A330 service to Perth. So vote for which scenario conveys luxury and which you'd rather be the customer in...
By the way, all this "spirit" stuff that Qantas are bleating on about...does anyone get it? My online dictionary gives one definition of "spirit" as "what remains after the body has died", so maybe that's it! Seriously though, with all that's going on at present, isn't QF advertising along these lines just money wasted? Does anyone really believe that there is a "new spirit" at Qantas when the editorial content alongside these expensive ads is full of stories of industrial strife and strikes, alleged falling safety standards, vastly inflated CEO salary increases,route cuts, death threats to management and all time low share price? C'mon!
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Not money wasted if it comes out of the International budget. We can say they are losing even more money then.
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Yes I cannot believe this bull****e that keeps flowing while Rome burns.

I commented on another thread the ad looked like OW (with her hair done) but the critical thing was they looked like they were marooned in some godforsaken place with nothing around them, which seemed rather appropriate.

Full page ad in Smh may dent the bonus...oh sorry... there is no provision for it to actually go down, silly me.
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Finally, some common sense for a change.

One down, three to go for Qantas

QANTAS has gained a much-needed fillip in its damaging stand-off with unions after reaching an in-principle agreement for a new pay deal covering more than 2100 domestic flight attendants.

As baggage handlers and other ground crew called off - at the 11th hour - a nationwide strike planned for today, Qantas has agreed to a 3 per cent annual wage rise over the three-year life of the new contract for members of the Flight Attendants Association of Australia's domestic division.
The deal for short-haul cabin crew also includes a $500 lump sum each year.

The flight attendants will still need to vote on the new contract late this month but the in-principle deal will be a relief for Qantas executives who are facing an increasingly acrimonious battle with three unions representing licensed aircraft engineers, long-haul pilots and ground crew.

CBA Equities has cited the cost of the industrial dispute as one of the reasons why it no longer believes Qantas's premium international operations will break even this financial year. The broker has slashed its expectations of cost savings from the international business this year from $85 million to $25 million.
The industrial unrest comes as Qantas and Virgin Australia vied for bragging rights yesterday over winning travel business from Rio Tinto.

Qantas trumpeted it had been re-signed as a ''major air service provider'' by the mining giant for the next three years, while its rival said it had won part of the miner's travel contract. However, it is a bigger victory for Virgin because it is one of its largest corporate wins since it began a revamp last year aimed at winning a bigger slice of Australia's $5 billion business travel market.

After hitting an all-time low early this week, shares in Qantas rallied 5 per cent to $1.445 yesterday, boosted by a rebound in the sharemarket. Virgin closed up 1 at 31.5.

The in-principle agreement with the FAAA's domestic arm ends six months of negotiations over a new three-year contract. In contrast, Qantas has been bogged down in talks with the long-haul pilots union for more than a year over a new enterprise agreement.
Although they will resume negotiations early next week, the sides remain deadlocked over the pilots' demands for job-security clauses to be inserted in contracts.

Last night, the Transport Workers Union, which represents baggage handlers and other ground crew, called off a two-hour stoppage planned for today. But Qantas said it was too late to reinstate 17 flights cancelled earlier in preparation for the strike. It accused the union of waiting until shortly before the planned strike action to call it off in order to disrupt passengers.
The TWU said its members would resume strike action next Thursday unless

Qantas management put a ''firm offer'' on the table.
Qantas passengers also face disruptions on Monday when the airline's licensed aircraft engineers plan to stop work for four hours in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.
Well something positive for a change..
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Talking about the Fall of Rome

You know that crap background music in the QF advertisements. I wonder if they realize that is the music in the movie Gladiator as Russell Crowe dies at the end?

Talk about vision in the marketing department. I guess the jungle scene(AFR) represents check-in at T3!
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Bandit2, pleased for you that you got a dividend however I'm not really sure your point. Qantas has billions of dollars of invested capital and a 4% return is not adequate to pay out anything. Unlike the NRMA, airlines are hugely capital intensive - ie if you don't make lots of money, you can't replace the things that helped you make that money in the first place.

Anyone who thinks that the level of profit generated this year is sufficient is dellusional - if that is all we made year in year out for the next ten years we would go bust as the next years capital requirements would have to be funded out of debt.

On a similar note, whether or not you believe that international incurred a $200m loss to the business is irrelevant. For all I care, say it broke even. No one is disputing that it has $5b invested in it so therefore as a shareholder you would expect it to make 10% or $500m. Obviously it didn't do that and doesn't ever look like doing that. Somehow one of you clever cookies need to find a way to get it to come up with a $700m (or $500m) turnaround so that it can pull its weight.
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You don't think Management got themselves into this situation in the first place with a series of poor decisions?

I love the modern day logic: Management screwed it up. Now the employees must wear the pain of fixing it. This of course extends even to businesses going bankrupt. Management run the business bankrupt, take off with all their bonuses and entitlements, and the employees fight for years over getting what's left of the scraps. All sound Aussie airline business practice.

On an all together separate note, does anyone actually find it quite obscene from a business perspective that during the baggage-handlers/TWU stop-work, there were actually enough Managers available to keep quite a lot of the show on the road, despite none of the workers actually working?

Am I the only person in the room who sees something fundamentally wrong with this in a business sense?
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Dutch Roll: This tired cookie comes out from someone every time. If a worker in your office had an accident, and you had to spend all morning taking them to hospital, would you by your argument expect shareholders to suggest that if you had time to help then you clearly weren't busy enough?
I sympathise with your cause but abusing colleagues isn't going to help. As a current QF shareholder my anger is with those at the top of the tree, not with workers doing their best to keep the show on the road so that there are a few customers left when this is all over.

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Max Tow, 35,000 employees love Qantas. It breaks their heart to see what Management are doing to the place. In the next 12 months passengers will move away from Qantas in droves. It will lead to the downfall of the Board.

A new management team will eventually be appointed and lets hope they come from a different tribe. 35,000 people will then be fully supportive and passengers will come back. It's the staff who will rebuild the airline.
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