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Merged: Senate Inquiry

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Farcical reappointment

There is no doubt Mike Mrdak has earned reappointment; the work he gets through in estimates, shepherding the mumbling and stumbling is enough justification. He is a doughty defender, a tough adversary and has a mind like a steel trap. Just wish we could recruit him to the IOS.
Aye well – Un-begrudged congratulations are in order
Kharon, you've lost the plot. Pumpkin Head is part of the problem. He has refused to 'act' on CAsA, the CAsA Board, ATSBeaker, or any of the issues in play. MM is what I refer to as an enabler. His reappoimmet is a disgrace, and no doubt serves as an indicator at the highest level that very little will change at CAsA or ATSBeaker except maybe a face or two at the top. Let's see how he performs within the next 3 years when a giant smoking hole occurs.
This is pony pooh at its worst

Tick Tock and oink oink
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Kharon, you've lost the plot.
Who?- me. Nah mate; the thick plottens. It's a strange situation all things considered and remarkable given the upcoming barney over airport leases and the like. There is still the ICAC angle to add to the equation, the AFP look-see at the TSI breaches and a couple of other minor issues which, all together make a fairly thick stew. There is also the Barnaby dynamic, should the DPM go tech and need to spend time in the workshop, then events may take an interesting turn. See, I like MM right where he is, had he been shuffled off to another sheltered workshop it would mean having to sort out a different hand of cards, on the run, at short notice. We can recognise his pugmarks and mark his predictable track; so no, it's not too bad a thing at all.

Yup. Marbles all present and correct. Although UITA seems to have lost some: facts grasshopper; facts.....
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You can't get change coming from the top if the top doesn't change! Following the logic that its better to keep incompetence in place because his incompetence is a known quantity, then Dolan should stay and so should McCormick.
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Mildly disagree LL; the MM is first and foremost a political animal; if the changes are enforced 'from above', where the really, truly horsepower resides; then they will travel down to IOS level. If the MM application of change is as 'good' as his resistance to it, then all will be well; lest his masters thump him for buggering up their good work.
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You can't get change coming from the top if the top doesn't change! Following the logic that its better to keep incompetence in place because his incompetence is a known quantity, then Dolan should stay and so should McCormick.
Based on the evidence and the understanding I have at hand, I have to agree with Lookleft on this point. Change must start at the top, if it doesn't then it won't filter down the line.
However, I may not have all the necessary info to make the statement I did about Pumpkin Head, if this is so then I humbly apologise. Maybe MM has had some robust KPI's built into his new 3 year contract which includes overseeing the dismantling and restructure of FF and ATSB?
I guess time will tell, but I cannot hide my concerns about his reappointment.
Either way I am a little edgy today. Frank borrowed the Houseboat and got the motor snagged on some FOD in the Styx River. Apparently he hit the safe that all the IOS Forsythe submissions are locked in. Someone naughty tried to dispose of it. Either way I am stressing that the Houseboat won't be serviceable until Monday, and with 2 Engineers off with the flu I am going to have to pull an all nighter, and I know that you have a lot of pax booked in for Monday morning 'K'.

Toot toot
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Devil 38 recommendations?


2014 [June] 38 serious reccomendations
Bugga! I just replied to 37 ASRR recommendations and now you tell me I missed one!

Where it and what does it say?
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CVD and matters medical.

In case you missed it or have not been following, the whole sad tale is – HERE - . Get behind it if you feel you can; all in, a good cause.

The CVDPA folk have launched a petition calling for Minister Truss to intervene in the current dispute:

Petition to the Hon Warren Truss MP (Deputy Prime Minister & Minister for Infrastructure & Regional Development): To Intervene in the battle between colour defective pilots and CASA which threatens to destroy hundreds of careers
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Worlds worst rumour.

As is my wont, I had a quiet one with P7 a.k.a. TOM last evening; it's the only time in a long time I didn't enjoy my ale. He was generous enough to buy the first and allow me the pleasure of it, all was well until round two turned up.

TOM: " Sorry mate, but I'm going to ruin your day".

K: "Oh aye". (anticipating for some pawky, humorous gambit).

TOM " Yup, DOLAN is to be reappointed to ATSB, seems they are going to pass it off as an 'interim' measure, until the stench dissipates; then, make it for the full five years". "It's whispered that if the TSBC report is just 'not too bad', he's in."

Happily, TOM had the grace not to speak until my ale was on the bar top; so no spillage or choking, I just stood there, like one o'clock half struck staring at it. Eventually -

K: " Nah, your pulling my leg", says I more in hope than belief, "Shirley not".

TOM: "'tis but a rumour at this stage" says he, quietly and kindly "but it's on the cards, why don't we wait and see, finish that and I'll get us another, there's a good lad".

Well, it spoiled my evening, even got beaten at darts (Blind Freddy); it seemed to be a long walk home, the battered Nav bag heavier than usual as I contemplated another five years of ATSB reports from the parsimonious, incredibly flawed source. IMO Dolan should have resigned after Pel Air: any honourable man would have done so, from shame. The only bright spot is that I no longer have to read the published drivel; nope I can just ignore it.

If this very ugly rumour is proven true, we are in a hole, a very deep one. What is this minuscule saying to us? Gee whiz, I hope it's just a rumour; but expect the worst and hope for the best won't work if this is aberration is foisted on industry. It was bad enough before, but now with reappointment tacitly approving past behaviour, in the words of the bard – "we're Farked". Well and truly, for all money.

A prayer to a pagan god – please don't let happen, please don't let it be true. etc. etc.....

Sotto voce - Toot.
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Tell me its not so!!!

Hell's Bell's Kharon, I heard a rumour that the miniscule was suffering from dementia, maybe its true!!! Maybe when he has those little turns where he doesn't know who or where he is, his minder puts a pen in his hand and says " Just sign at the bottom , there's a good boy". Or is the idiot determined to make Australia an even bigger world laughing stock?

A chill wind just blew across my thoughts, what if they reappoint the Skull??

Armageddon for the industry.

After all those negative submissions to the Wusses inquiry, the CAsA enforcers will be busy, we all know the ones, heavy set, shaven heads, no necks, wearing dark suits and ray bans, you see them sitting at the back of the AAT and protest meetings taking notes and photo's or lurking behind hangers at air shows.

The Skull will have his revenge!!

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So what happens now we have a new Senate?

Please tell me the fate of the Aviation sector isn't left to Ricky Muir?

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nah... Jacqui Lambie
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Don't care.

The embarrassing antics of Beaker and his motley crew don't concern me; SMS is a better system, tailor made solutions to 'local' problems are much more direct, accurate, effective, less time consuming and importantly are provided within a very short space of time, to those that need them and are drafted by professionals. ATSB is essentially putting it's self out of work, if that's what you call it; for the majority of incidents and accidents. I can see a day when all we need is one man, sat in an office, rubber stamping industry reports, to make them official, then turn the whole thing over to the lawyers and let them wrangle over who did what, to whom, and when. That's where we are now; so why not just cut out the middle man.

No doubt they'll ponce about on the 'high profile' jobs, getting under everyone's feet and carrying heavy things for CASA, trying to be the significant other. I wish them all well. I'll wave as the ghosts of Alan Stray, Mac Job and the other legends fade into the mists; replaced by the mediocrity of Beaker speak, the dust of administration and the happy clappy world of Bureau babble.

In the natural world – toothless tiger die of starvation and in my jungle, leopards do not change their spots.

Nope, not a rats arse worth.

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Once a muppet always a muppet.

While we continue to wait for the miniscule to blink on the Forsyth report it should not be forgotten that Fort Fumble’s now feeble (and much poorer) sister is in much need of reform and (much like FF) a re-establishment of IOS trust...

If the rumour be true on bean counter Beaker??

If the miniscule is not prepared to extract his hand out of the Beaker muppet, I’m with “K” let’s save the dosh and completely disband the ATsB (at least for the aviation section of their remit).

Even as a media spokesman Beaker cannot hide his true colours (BASR philosophy) and it appears that the international community is catching on. Quote from a recent article published by the Malaysia Chronicle titled - MH370: Why have searchers refused to check out UNIDENTIFIED WRECK spotted in Bay of Bengal?:

“…The main reason for ignoring the location is the Australian Transport and Safety Bureau (ATSB) Chairman Martin Dolan making a statement that GeoResonance methodology cannot do what we claim. This is without ever having anyone contacting GeoResonance for a technical presentation. This slanderous and ignorant statement by a senior public servant is unfathomable when GeoResonance regularly produces accurate results for commercial clients around the globe…”
If the ATsB is to regain a fraction of its once enviable reputation the muppet simply has to go. Perhaps, as “K” says, this will inevitably be left to the Senate to hammer home, because I have no doubt that Senator X & Fawcett will not entertain the idea of Beaker remaining in the position.

From Nick’s adjournment speech 04 March ’14…

“…The committee was so concerned with Mr Dolan's comments on this front that it stated in its report:

Mr Dolan's evidence in this regard is questionable and has seriously eroded his standing as a witness before the committee.

This is an incredibly strong statement in regard to a senior public servant. I do not understand how Mr Dolan's position in the ATSB is tenable. And yet, neither the previous government nor the current government has formally responded to the committee's report—but I understand it is coming shortly

Nick then goes on to mention the TSBC peer review, the report of which is now long overdue :
“…However, it emerged in Senate estimates just last week that the Canadian TSB have only reviewed the investigation on the documents. They have not interviewed the individuals involved in the incident and those individuals who provided extensive evidence, such as Mr Quinn and Mr Aherne, even though those individuals are very critical of the ATSB's processes. As I understand it, they have not spoken to members of the Senate committee or even to CASA.
Given the many issues regarding oversight and transparency that were raised in the committee report, this is incredibly concerning. It is hard to understand how the Canadian TSB can produce a useful or meaningful view without digging further than the surface documents. This should not be a tick and flick exercise…”

IMO even if the TSBC report (when it finally arrives) is slightly favourable to the ATsBeaker regime, the muppet is still a muppet and should be returned to the toy box from which he came.

The miniscule needs to realise that there is much more than the reputation of the ATsB riding on this; & if mishandled by playing petty politics, the whole reputation of Australia as an original signatory to ICAO could be put at jeopardy, not to mention it could see his Dept Head Red with his head on a stick.

From Red’s blurb (foreword) in the State Safety Program (Annex 19): Foreword
“…Australia supports the efforts of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) to establish Safety Programs for member States to better ensure effective integration of aviation safety standards and practices. This builds on the approach endorsed by ICAO to have air transport operators, airports, air navigation and maintenance service providers and other critical aviation operations establish comprehensive safety management systems to guide the management of the range of activities involved in ensuring safety…”
Besides a ‘Just Culture’ philosophy (which requires industry trust with CAsA & the ATsB), what is integral to a successful SSP (Annex 19) is for the State to have a fully independent Aviation Accident Investigation organisation. Under the annex the State (miniscule and his Dept i.e. ‘Red’) must insure that the ATsB is sufficiently funded to meet its obligations under Annex 13 and (Annex 19 Attachment A para 1.3)…

“…In the operation of the SSP, the State maintains the independence of the accident and incident investigation organization from other State aviation organizations…”

I would argue that until such time as the recommendations of the AAI inquiry report are adequately addressed and Beaker is replaced, that Red & the miniscule are putting at severe risk our compliance with ICAO and Annex 19.

TICK…TOCK miniscule and FFS get on with it mate!


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A matter of privilege.

Senator Xenophon has found one of three who have felt the hot breath of 'revenge' for being a witness or participating in the Truss WLR.

This is serious stuff; anyone who has been 'touched inappropriately' after daring to criticise or bear witness should contact the 'good' Senators a.s.a.p. They are interested.

A matter of privilege.

Don't be shy...
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PelAir Inquiry & Senator X notice of motion 10/07/14

PelAir Inquiry & Senator X notice of motion 10/07/14

Interesting development, first cab off the rank in the Senate this morning was a NX NoM for the following to be referred to the Senate Committee of Privileges for investigation & report:

Poohtube link…

Any bets anyone??


Ben Sandilands – Quick off the mark – as usual.

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Intimidating any witness is a criminal matter is it not?

This will sort out the "privilege" aspect we were all so worried about. Perhaps we can also get to see who had access to the "confidential" submissions. Time lines and applications for extensions suddenly seem important.

If criminality be so, I have a notion that at least one Lawyer is going to have a field day with what he has. I'm guessing any correspondence would be signed so the "buck" can be apportioned to where it stops. I hope NX gets to the nub of this.

These people have no moral compass.

A pox in the lot of them!
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CAsA treating the Senate with contempt???

Yes of course they have.

Will anything be done about it???

No of course not.

Why not??

See John Quadrio, Polair, Hardies, Airtex, Barrier, etc, etc, etc, etc.

So ??

When they can pervert the course of justice, manufacture evidence, thumb their nose a court orders, commit perjury..etc,etc,etc,etc...without sanction. Why would they be concerned with the Senate?

Surely not!! Has anything ever been done about it??


Anybody Interested??

One or two but the majority seem too apathetic.

Unfortunately that would seem so.

Supposedly 34,000 pilots in Australia.

A paltry 1400 have signed the petition in support of their fellow pilots. Just shows the me! me! me! its all about me, I'm all right Jake attitude amongst the aviation industry in Australia is alive and well supported by our regulator.

If these things were happening in the US there would be riots in the streets.

Aviation is no different to any other small fragmented industry in Australia, bureaucrats do what bureaucrats do..REGULATE!! err and BREED!!

Which is why so many of our smaller industries, you know the ones that used to employ most people, are collapsing under the burden of over regulation and what is becoming rampant corruption, and its happening because of apathy. Australia is one of the most expensive country in the world to live in. The aviation industry is at the tipping point of sustainability, the whole country is rapidly approaching that point.

When our most educated and wealthy people are talking about emigrating from Australia we have some serious problems.

Frank, the Pox can successfully be treated by antibiotics, lead poisoning is a far better sorter outer!!

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Breach of Parliamentary Privilege is a very serious issue, as i'm sure you're aware. I wonder who provoked the good senator into action? The Screamer has to be odds on favourite, although Beaker is dumb enough to step over the line.
With the rumoured ATSB staff cuts, I wouldn't be surprised if someone within dumped! Should be interesting to watch..........
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Indeed an interesting development, but I wouldn't get too excited yet, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely so I doubt if any agency executive leaning upon someone else will result in anything significant happening. Don't forget these people are above the law and aren't held accountable for anything....Eddy Obeid, Craig Thomson, Peter Slipper, we all know what they are really about, but nothing gets done.
It wouldn't surprise me though if the Skull is having a hissy and making somebody's life hell in his last two months in the job, then again that fool Beaker is a complete wombat and is stupid enough to also lean on an employee, perhaps over an expenditure issue of $3.00?? And don't forget lads, the GWM are renown for their harassment and bullying exploits. But then again, so is Flyingfiend!

I dunno, so many bullies and hen packed managers with nil spine and small penises to choose from, who could it be???? At least it is fun to watch the Miniscules life being made robustly lame Aagh well Warren, you know how to make all this annoyance go away You can't say you haven't been warned, tosser.

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Pick a winner.

In the Sandilands - Plane Talking – article – Ben cites "examples of such offences include":

1) Refusing without reasonable excuse to answer a question;

2) Giving false or misleading evidence;

3) Failing to attend or to produce documents when required to do so;

4) Intimidation of a witness;

5) Adverse treatment of a witness;

6) Wilfully disturbing a committee while it is meeting.

I know of three industry guys under the CASA spotlight, but I'm not betting the house boat that Xenophon is even aware of their existence – as yet. Based on the scant information and looking at the list above, if I were to have a flutter I'd take a trifecta on items 2 and 3, the hard choice would be the stable, both ATSB and CASA publicly indulged their arrogance and contempt for the Senate proceedings, although the ATSB chose to wriggle and slither around the 'law', CASA simply believed themselves – above it.

The pick of the outside chances is from the Quadrio stable – perhaps the intimidation by CASA of their own witness has come to the attention of the Senate; another dark horse is the threat made to some mutt who wanted to meet with the Bored, the response to that also qualifies; also in the running is the Repcon leak and subsequent intimidation of the submitter. Plenty of choices.

So, money where mouth is – Items 2 & 3 – CASA in the box. An off tote (SP) bet on Whistle blower to cover the outlay.

Toot toot ._.
ProAviation has been told that the Dr Hawke wrote to one industry association refuting its submission to the ASRR, and that the organisation rejected what it believed to be “bullying” on his part and brought the matter to Minister Truss’s attention.

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