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Mac7643193 10th Sep 2010 05:50

study material
Does anybody have an old copy of the maerial you use prior to starting training that they would be willing to pas on or copy. It goes so far as to saying I want to be prepared for what I am getting into without to many surprises.

rr007 12th Sep 2010 01:19

The pre-course study material will not assist you in any way for the recruitment testing, but it's basically the BAK line of books from the Aviation Theory Centre, more towards pilot training then air-traffic control.

As for the time frame of course training, it can be anywhere from 12 months up to 18 months (and in some cases more) all depending on the number instructors available and sim place. All initial training is conducted at the Melbourne College, with final field training taking place at your "final" location.

Good luck with your testing

Warren... 13th Sep 2010 10:25

Just got my pre-course info today :) :) :)

Very glad the pre-study is guided otherwise just the met module (298 pages) would be daunting enough to try and find the 'gems' best reviewed.

Geting closer ... getting closer ... Nov 1 only seven weeks away today!

Skiddy au 14th Sep 2010 10:58

I am wading through the pre material myself, at least a lot of it is reasonably interesting

ricciuto2 22nd Sep 2010 00:52

Hello everyone http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/sr...lies/smile.gif

Myself and roommate are currently looking for a third person to share our place/rent with. We live in Taylors Hill and are on course 37 at the academy.

If you're single, on the November course and want an easy move interstate, (avoiding buying appliances or anything really), please email me!

[email protected]

First in best dressed! Living with 2 people already on course would also significantly benefit your chances of passing.

Simon http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/sr...ies/thumbs.gif

NMorgan 22nd Sep 2010 08:11

Gday Captn Caveman

Thats correct from what I know too. First 8-10 weeks are spent together. I am currently moving in with someone on Enroute course 35 however that is due to finish in April (there abouts) and it would be good living with a person/people that are at the same stage as myself when the more difficult testing comes around.

When are you getting into Melbourne and are you taking the offer up of the week at the Quest Hotel?? Im moving down from Canberra on the 27th Oct.

See you down there.


cptn caveman 24th Sep 2010 10:35

Hi NMorgan

I'm moving down from Sydney on the 5th October. Giving myself heaps of time cos we've got a 19 month old daughter to settle in as well. We've got the 7 days in the quest and then relying on friends until we can find a place.

Warren... 25th Sep 2010 08:22

Flying down on the 17th Oct initially doing it solo then the rest of the family (wife and two small dogs) coming down end of March - hopefully find the place for us in that week but if not then will arrange something else and look to expand later on...

ATC_applicant_2010 28th Sep 2010 05:05

Heya Barefoota,

Yeah I really have no idea how I went with the SHL testing. I was hoping for some results by the end of it like the practice ones gave you, but at the same time I can see why they don't tell you your results.

SUCH a painful wait, sitting here wondering about what sorts of questions they may ask over the phone interview (if they call at all).

Would anyone know WHO calls? Is it that Gemma Kayser lady who posted us the emails?

I called her a few times to clarify a few questions I had, but she never picked it up, always on answering machine.

Would anyone know how many participants they will be recruiting this year, the time frames of the classes like when the first class commences next year, and whether it's ALL over if we don't receive a call by Friday?

Another question I had was: the NEW info pack emailed to us, I can't see any info about panel interviews whereas the original PDF file on the ASA website does. Does that mean their new way of recruiting no longer requires panel interviews?

Against the odds 28th Sep 2010 13:14

Online test
I for one found the recognition test REALLY tough. just not enough time, and really no indication in the prep material as to what we'd be up against. The other stuff not so bad. Be nice to get a bit of feedback on how we went, but I guess it will be either a phone call or a don't call us email.......
How did others find the tests?

ATC_applicant_2010 28th Sep 2010 14:24

Anyone received any phone calls today???

str8shooter 29th Sep 2010 07:52

SHL testing
I found them pretty hard going speed wise. I didn't finish all the numerical reasoning questions, the "checking" ones were really quick (although I don't think I went too bad there?), and I made some rushed mistakes with the "calc" tests. So..., all up, I'm not holding my breath for that "phone interview" call..... :confused:

stupidthursday 29th Sep 2010 10:13

Hi all. I'm glad I found this forum. I'm going to the ATC Test Day on the 13th October in Tullamarine. Anyone else going?

lamancha73 29th Sep 2010 11:25

I've booked myself for the 12th. Very different from last time around, so I'm looking forward to what's going to happen at the assessments.

ATC_applicant_2010 29th Sep 2010 20:01

lamancha73 and stupidthursday~ congrats~

just outta curiosity, would you be willing to give away the first letters of your names/surnames? haha, just wondering if they are calling in alphabetical order or something :ugh:

I haven't received my phone call yet and wondering if it'll ever come :confused:

Any tips for the phone interviews?????

stupidthursday 29th Sep 2010 21:20

ATC Applicant 2010, I think the order would be from the date when you took the test. That's just me thinking. But if it helps, my first name starts with A.

I've read in their email that they are not calling everyone that passed for a phone interview. So check your email guys because they might try reaching you through there.

Good luck!

lamancha73 29th Sep 2010 22:01

Thanks ATC_Applicant.
I don't think they're doing it alphabetically. I completed the SHL tests on thursday night, so maybe they're processing it in order of when completed?
Also the phone call is booked in advance, so no need to worry about them calling you out of the blue.

stupidthursday 29th Sep 2010 22:28

Hi lamancha73! Congratulations. Just wondering, what do you mean by "last time"? Have you applied before? I did in 09 but I wasn't successful. Maybe things with the recruitment did change. I found the recent online test very different from the one in 09. The recent one is more on the atc side specially the checking test.

I hope we get through this time! :ok:

stupidthursday 29th Sep 2010 22:33

ATC Applicant 2010,

Thanks. If it helps, I took the online test last 22nd wednesday so it could be in that order. Not all successful applicants will be phoned immediately, remember that.

j_850 30th Sep 2010 02:11

I'm booked in for ATC testing in Brisbane Oct 22.
I got a call the next day (23rd or so), but that may have been because I sent them an email asking to know results ASAP - I have some committments early November.
I thought the tests were pretty hard! Especially the recognition one (matching the random sequence of letters and numbers to the options provided).

I'm glad I found this thread, it has really helped in finding out more about the job and application process. Best of luck everyone!:ok:

ATC_applicant_2010 30th Sep 2010 02:53

Hey guys~

Thanks so much for that information, I feel a lot more relieved knowing that they won't be calling out of nowhere and get a call dropping out or something and get failed for that.

I presume you guys put first preference for melbourne?
I put mine for brisbane.

I also noticed that melbourne and brisbane have different anticipated assessment day dates, brisbane being the later one. I wonder if that has anything to do with it as well.

lamancha73 30th Sep 2010 03:53

Hey thursday, hopefully we do make it this time:ok: How far did you get last year? I applied end of 08, made it to the panel interview May last year. Online test was "harder" this time from memory. Also it seems there won't be a one-on-one interview like last time, but more group assessments.

ATC App, you could well be right about why you haven't heard anything yet - they're processing the Melbourne people first.

str8shooter 30th Sep 2010 04:43

Hi all

Does anyone know whether they will let us know either way...., even if NOT successful with the online test? I did my online test on Sat morning the 25th, and I still haven't heard dicky-bo? The waiting is painfull...... :ugh:

Made82 30th Sep 2010 05:53

I completed the test on monday night and got my phone call today for brisbane acessement centre so i dont think that there is any particular order they are phoning!!!

TUF250 1st Oct 2010 07:40

Hi all,

Have also completed the online testing.

Can we confirm that they are not doing panel interviews this round? Has anyone found any information as to what we can expect at the assesment day? Seems the whole process so far has been different to those who have been through it before?


str8shooter 1st Oct 2010 07:59

Hey TUF250...., can I assume then that you have had your phone interview? If so, can you tell me when you finished the online test, and when they next contacted you?

stupidthursday 1st Oct 2010 10:03

hey str8shooter, i am pretty sure they will let you know if you will continue or not on the application. they sent me an email last time i wasn't successful.

str8shooter 2nd Oct 2010 07:41

Thanks for the reply stupidthursday, I guess I'll just treat it at this stage as "no news is good news". If there's anybody else out there in a similar situation, keep us posted.........

TranceX2 3rd Oct 2010 01:28

Application & SHL Testing
Hi everyone.

I applied online back in April for a spot on the Melbourne course.

Completed the SHL online testing last Saturday. Thought I went pretty well, but not knowing my results is gnawing at the back of my mind a little.

Haven't received a call as yet. Fingers crossed it's not all over before it's begun. Anyone else still waiting for telephone screening?

I'm going to check out the Melbourne centre in a week or so - can't wait!

Something ATC 3rd Oct 2010 07:36

Hi all,

I finished online testing 26th sep and recieved phone interview 28th sep.

Booked in for Brisbane 22 oct.

Good times.

Glad there is a forum like this, up till now i havent recieved too much information.

j_850 4th Oct 2010 07:16

Hey guys,

I finished testing on the evening of when it opened and did a phone interview the next day.

I am booked into assessment day on Oct 22. See you there 'Something ATC'!

Anyone know what to expect on the day? They seem to have changed it up to previous years.

Glad to have stumbled in here.

P.S. I just noticed the reply I posted a few days ago is now active. I didn't mean to repeat myself!

Against the odds 4th Oct 2010 08:28

Any news?
Hi Guys,
I havn't had news either - anyone know if any rejections sent out? I reckon I bombed on the pattern recognition test, but i would be nice to get some feedback. Anyone have any clues?

ricciuto2 4th Oct 2010 08:42

Hello everyone http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/sr...lies/smile.gif

I am currently looking for a second person to share our place/rent with. I live in Taylors Hill and are on course 37 at the academy.

If you're on the November course and want an easy move interstate, (avoiding buying appliances or anything really), please email me!

I can send photos and discuss rent etc.

[email protected]

First in best dressed! Living with someone already on course would also significantly benefit your chances of passing.

Simon http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/sr...ies/thumbs.gif

ATC_applicant_2010 4th Oct 2010 14:05

Hi Guys,
I havn't had news either - anyone know if any rejections sent out? I reckon I bombed on the pattern recognition test, but i would be nice to get some feedback. Anyone have any clues?
@ Against the odds...

What are you referring to as the 'pattern recognition test' just out of curiosity.
I remember no pattern tests as such from what I completed.

Against the odds 4th Oct 2010 14:30

I may have the name wrong - I'm referring to the test where we had to pick the string of numbers or letters that matched the example - I just found it a bit quick. Managed the others in time though.....

ATC_applicant_2010 4th Oct 2010 14:49

Ahh right right...

I thought I missed a section or something for a sec there~!

rossco47 5th Oct 2010 01:43

Testing Day
The official word on what happens on the test day is:

A group problem solving activity

An individual simulation exercise
A behavioural based interview
An individual presentation exercise
Spatial & diagrammatic reasoning as well as verification of your original online test results

There are only 12 candidates on each day - so if you haven't heard anything yet don't despair. It's only over once they have told you it is :bored:

Good luck to everyone on this round.

TranceX2 5th Oct 2010 10:51

Phone Interviews
Got an email today to say I was successful in the online testing and the next telephone interviews are scheduled for December 2010 / January 2011, followed by an Assessment Day in Melbourne at any of a number of dates in 2011.

Kieran17 5th Oct 2010 11:07

I got a similar email today! awesome! was kind of waiting by the phone for days not sure of what happens next... so far, good progress... Good luck to every one waiting
new to pp by the way, first post...

Cheers all

stupidthursday 5th Oct 2010 11:08

AsA confirmed that there will be a Jan, Feb & April for 2011 courses. Just wondering if anyone knows which one would be the Melbourne Enroute. Kinda confused as to why there are three different dates. Thanks!

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