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brian_dromey 22nd Jan 2018 17:04

Originally Posted by EI-EIDW (Post 10027944)
Rumours that EI will add a 3rd A330 next summer with a new x4 weekly service to Denver + others getting extra freq. Might apparently hear next week.

Denver? Potentially a brilliant choice, but very left field. BA apparently do well from DEN, so connections should be good.

Thinking of the destinations like Toronto, Hartford, Seattle Philadelphia Washington and even Miami, some of those destinations are quite ďout thereĒ for EI. Some of those destinations werenít even ďin the wildest dreamsĒ category for crew stopovers!

Dallas and Houston are still outstanding I wonder if these donít think these fit the current model. EI seems to be moving away from traditional diaspora markets to choose cities which are underserved to the EU, but have strong premium demand. Itís clever and avoids some of the competition from Norwegian.

I canít wait to see where the A321LRs go. Itís going to be fascinating! I still think thereís hope for a small number of Asian destinations with the new runway, if A350s ever turn up.

EI-A330-300 22nd Jan 2018 17:17

Interesting to see if anything comes of it. Denver has United and EI prefer to have feed at both ends where possible. Unless AA feed happens I bet they will eventually go for IAH over DFW.

Skipness One Echo 22nd Jan 2018 17:23

What's the current state of play with the A350 order?

EI-A330-300 22nd Jan 2018 17:27

Nobody knows, it does however appear to be off the table with extra A330 and A321LR. The original first few slots EI had have gone to other carriers (not IAG) and it was speculated IB may take lather ones. CEO didn't rule it out before Christmas or said they were expecting any.

owenc 22nd Jan 2018 18:06

Hopef The 3rd A330 provides the day JFK.

Una Due Tfc 22nd Jan 2018 18:18

DEN 4 x weekly, with ORD going to 17 x weekly apparently.

With QR looking to get rid of a lot of 330s over the coming years as 350s arrive, there could be massive EI expansion with 12 LRs arriving from next year.

brian_dromey 22nd Jan 2018 18:26

Originally Posted by owenc (Post 10028044)
Hopef The 3rd A330 provides the day JFK.

Its a 321LR route, I'd say - at least to begin with. The problem is that there are very few connections on either end. Its probably one of the weaker performers on the network - its not worth leasing in the Omni 767 to cover SNN, for example.

Originally Posted by aerlingus.com
The daily flight will depart New York JFK airport at 12:00 pm and arrive into Dublin airport at 11:40 pm local time. The return flight departs Dublin at 7:50 am arriving into New York JFK at 10:20 am, on the same day.

IAG have a lot of flexibility with their orders, so there is every possibility that EI could get the A350 for some Asia routes, if there is the market and business case there. Cabin furnishings are, apparently, standardised across the IAG new-orders, so can be assigned to any of the IAG group at short notice. Look at LEVEL getting 332s bound for Iberia, for example. I wish that would mean espresso machines on BA and EI A350/330s, like IB have. Funny how those seem to stay in Madrid...

owenc 22nd Jan 2018 19:02

As long as they keep the noon departure! The 9am departures to Heathrow don't allow a lie in.

ia350 22nd Jan 2018 21:17

Originally Posted by Una Due Tfc (Post 10028055)
DEN 4 x weekly, with ORD going to 17 x weekly apparently.

With QR looking to get rid of a lot of 330s over the coming years as 350s arrive, there could be massive EI expansion with 12 LRs arriving from next year.

Denver Colorado ? Really hope so !

Una Due Tfc 22nd Jan 2018 21:23

That’s the talk on other forums anyway. We’ll know for sure Thursday week apparently.

ia350 23rd Jan 2018 08:45

Back to LA with EI soon and their prices are still very reasonable hopefully it continues.

EI-EIDW 31st Jan 2018 11:13

Croatia Airlines to start twice weekly Zagreb service between May an October.


NorthernCounties 31st Jan 2018 17:35

I heard from a member of Aer Lingus Cabin Crew that the Miami route was very quiet, is this what the actual passenger numbers are showing?

Jamie2k9 31st Jan 2018 18:19

It's improving but needs to be better.

Sober Lark 1st Feb 2018 19:41

Fares need to be cheaper. Still to your financial advantage to go East to go West especially if you are paying for more than 1 person, even if journey time and break of journey is slightly more inconvenient.

Blakedean 2nd Feb 2018 12:52

Looks like Hainan have finally announced PEK at 2 weekly inbound via EDI & 2 weekly direct (via EDI on the outbound I presume ) from June. Iíve read differing comments on a few sites so donít take my word for the start date & frequencies.

Brakefan2 2nd Feb 2018 17:27

Surplus EI airframes
Flying out of DUB this week with SAS on a CPH rotation I couldn't help but notice 4 x320s and a 330 (FNG I think) sitting on the northerly apron. One of the 320s had engine covers on and looked mothballed. Are these aircraft just laid up for the winter or on rotation for maintenance? With talk of ASL doing FAO/AGP out of BHD for the summer I'm curious!

Blakedean 3rd Feb 2018 01:13

Lack of demand in the winter season hence why EI will operate some BA LHR-DUB/HAM flights from later this month. Recently flew to ACE with a 1245 departure & that was the aircrafts first flight of the day.

EI-EIDW 6th Feb 2018 18:18

Almost 2m passengers in January up 6%

Europe 954,000 up 9%
UK 747,000 up 1%
Transatlantic 185,000 up 12%
Other Int 81,300 up 13%
Domestic 6,000 up 6%


Una Due Tfc 7th Feb 2018 08:30

Norwegian going double daily on SWF from April 26, extra flight departs at 08:30.


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