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CallBell 5th Nov 2017 18:03

To where? Any particular month?

alserire 5th Nov 2017 20:41

I got out to LA and back from SFO for €1,800 with EI in early July this year. It can help if you're flexible.

Early June next year out to BOS and back from JFK is currently €1850 return with EI.

owenc 5th Nov 2017 21:18

Originally Posted by CallBell (Post 9947498)
To where? Any particular month?

California in July.

brian_dromey 5th Nov 2017 22:52

Ethiopian to LA might be your best best for a bargain.

alserire 6th Nov 2017 16:41

Originally Posted by owenc (Post 9947661)
California in July.

I booked the DUB/LAX/SFO/DUB flight mentioned above in the week of Christmas last year so I don't know if that's when they start to load up promotional business fares. I noticed that an eight night stay made a huge difference in price compared to a seven night stay.

Hope you pick up something nice.

owenc 6th Nov 2017 20:05

Hello, i'd be going for a few weeks so I would be staying past the eight day threshold. With regards to the cheap flights, I follow a site on Flyertalk which is called 'Premium Fare Deals', I haven't seen any popping up for Dublin but it does seem to happen on a yearly basis so I'm waiting.

I just commented because I had seen other members discussing this on previous years, so I was curious to find out if there was a sort of pattern.

Ideally, I want to get on the American Airlines 787 and connect via ORD. At the moment, that's £1660, I'd want that to be no more than £1200.

ia350 6th Nov 2017 20:26

Passenger numbers at Dublin Airport reached almost 2.6 million in October, which was a 4% increase on the same month last year. The increase in passenger numbers made it the busiest October in Dublin Airport’s 77-year history.

So far this year, Dublin Airport has welcomed more than 25.3 million passengers, which is a 6% increase over the same period in 2016.

The number of passengers flying to and from continental Europe increased by 5%, as more than 1.3 million passengers travelled to and from continental European destinations in October.

Almost 841,000 passengers travelled to and from UK destinations last month, a 2% decrease when compared to October last year.

Transatlantic traffic to North America increased by 14%, with more than 333,000 passengers travelling on this route sector last month.

The number of passengers travelling to other international destinations in the Middle East and North Africa increased by 16%, with over 69,000 passengers flying to these routes in October.

Almost 8,000 passengers travelled on domestic routes last month, which was a 6% increase over the same month last year.

So far this year, the number of passengers using Dublin Airport as a hub to connect to other destinations has increased by 36%, with more than 1.3 million passengers connecting at the airport between January and October.

More than 1.4 million extra passengers have travelled through the airport between January and October.

Good growth again when coming back from L.A. I noticed a lot of Korean and Mexicans on board so it's certainly doing well as a hub.

Just a spotter 21st Nov 2017 17:27

The legal challanges to the works for the northern runway have been dismissed by the High Court.

From The Irish Times, 21st Nov 2017

The High Court has thrown out three legal challenges against plans for a new €320 million runway at Dublin Airport.

EI-EIDW 8th Dec 2017 12:56

Over 2.1 million passengers in November up 7%.

Europe 992k +8%
UK 833k -- (less than 0.5% change +/-)
Transatlantic 238k +23%
Other int 64k +17%
Domestic 7k +3%

Year to date 27.4 million (27.9 in 2016). 2017 will likely end with just between 29.5-6 million.


fjencl 15th Dec 2017 16:26

Carlisle to London for under £100, reveals city airport | News & Star

EI-EIDW 25th Dec 2017 16:25

Notice they plan to extend auto docking and slot countdown to pier 4 after launching it on 3 back in January when EY moved. Will they add it to 1 as well?

Annual thing for the last 7 years and still waiting....

Skipness One Echo 9th Jan 2018 16:25

Did Westjet move back to T1 last year? They had moved to T2 for 2015 I think?

Blakedean 9th Jan 2018 21:54

Westjet were always in Terminal 1

EI-A330-300 10th Jan 2018 23:59

Will they add it to 1 as well?
I think all will eventually get it, also final preparations to bring underground fuel system into operation at T2 and not sure but think eventually add them elsewhere.

Auto system at T2 will allow an extra wide body stand to be used which isn't allowed currently. New transfer facility has also started construction.

brian_dromey 11th Jan 2018 15:34

That’s good, capacity is sorely lacking at certain times.

Where is the new transfer facility? Is this an EI facility or similar to the Floght Connections Centre at the Heathrow Terminals and for all airlines?

EI-A330-300 12th Jan 2018 00:40

Not EI exclusive but it will be located on Pier 4 next to gate 409-411 area so all transfer passengers arriving on the pier and EIR will be rerouted and avoid the standard security screening which the current set up requires and allow quick connections.

EI_DVM 13th Jan 2018 23:21

Large crane being erected at Dublin airport as the construction of the new Air Traffic Control Tower enters the next phase, the majority of it is coming pre-cast so should have a good idea of the height of it within the next 6-8 weeks, from what I understand it'll be the tallest building in the country at 23 stories or 87m/285' tall.

EI-EIDW 14th Jan 2018 16:20

M East
Appears to be a lot of talk about how bad QR loads are from a lot of UK airports, here are the states available to date since they started:

June 55%
July 76%
August 77%
September 62%

Etihad restoring x2 daily also did pretty good (assumes larger A332 capacity):
May 66%
June 79%
July 88%
August 93%
September 78%

Emirates (assumes 1x364 and 1x428 B777)
May 62%
June 76%
July 90%
August 91%
September 78%

EK/EY appear to be 75+ year round (looking at last years data) apart from quieter period in ME. The QR fall off in September and if it continues could be a concern but they are mulling over extra capacity and with EK returning to 2x3 class it would probally be filled if EK don't add a seasonal 3rd daily as muted by them.

EI-EIDW 18th Jan 2018 23:39

Looks like 29,582,321 was the final 2017 figure up 6%. Takes it to 14 (+1) in Europe for anyone watching those stats.

EI-EIDW 22nd Jan 2018 16:47

Rumours that EI will add a 3rd A330 next summer with a new x4 weekly service to Denver + others getting extra freq. Might apparently hear next week.

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