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waterford87 7th Sep 2017 18:44

Expect multiple announcements regarding new routes and expanded frequencies for Dublin to Canada next week.

EI-A330-300 7th Sep 2017 19:45

August Traffic
Almost 3.1 million up 7%.

Europe 1.6 million up 7%
UK 922,000 flat (or down 0.3% to be exact)
Transatlantic 409,000 up 21%
Middle East and Africa 95,000 up 15%
Domestic 10,000 down 1%

Year to date just over 20 million up 6%


In other news Cobalt Aero have announced this week LCA will operate year round twice weekly.

waterford87 8th Sep 2017 21:05

Big announcements to come next week from for Dublin and Shannon multiple new routes and frequency increases.

EI-EIDW 10th Sep 2017 11:23

All sounds rather exciting, any idea which day?

EI-BUD 10th Sep 2017 20:26

Anything to do with the new low cost airline that I recall Westjet were launching? Or is Rouge going to displace the lost capacity that is transferring to Air Canada mainline? Air Transat may be one to watch...they have been in the market a long time...

AerRyan 10th Sep 2017 21:11

Will be Rouge announcing tomorrow if Shannon's anything to go by.

EI-A330-300 10th Sep 2017 21:48

Whoever it is, announcements to take place tomorrow.

EI-A330-300 12th Sep 2017 15:06

No AC news yet but United extrnd ORD season to run from April to October.

owenc 12th Sep 2017 20:19

Yeah no good, they need to upgrade the flight to a 767-300. A 757-200 is too small for a flight of that length.

ia350 12th Sep 2017 20:28

Stop complaining at least we have the service 😉

owenc 12th Sep 2017 21:13

It's fine, i'll use the American Boeing 788.

Jamie2k9 13th Sep 2017 11:25

New x4 weekly 737 MAX 8 route to YUL with AC while YVR increases from 3 to 5 weekly.


owenc 13th Sep 2017 11:59

So this will have AVOD since is is Air Canada Mainline?

Una Due Tfc 13th Sep 2017 14:03

So is that a reduction on YYZ? 11x weekly Rouge B763 to daily mainline A333?

EI-EIDW 13th Sep 2017 18:48

Part of YYZ capacity was to enable YVR operate. BAck to daily and TBH I think if they were to increase it they would need B787 or B767s free to do it. Overall 16 weekly flights (+2) and around 400 seats (subject to MAX final config).

EI-EIDW 23rd Sep 2017 11:04

Beijing is awaiting final Chinease Government approval according to chief executive of Avolon which Hainan Group purchased.

EI-EIDW 28th Sep 2017 13:50

Ryanair will cancel 22 flights per week everyweek over the winter schedule...

1sky 28th Sep 2017 14:13

Do we know which flights those are?

AerRyan 28th Sep 2017 15:16

Ryanair haven't announced any cancellations from Dublin, I'd be interested to know what they are.

Cian 28th Sep 2017 15:31


Some flights on BHX, BVA, "Barcelona" (probably BCN, but could be the others) OTP, MAD, MOD and KRK.

Warsaw and Modlin were listed as two seperate places, hence we can't be sure about Barcelona=BCN.

No routes cancelled in full. BHX is an interesting one as they hugely ramped up frequencies there in a push-back against EI and Stobart and may be suffering overcapacity.

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