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NorthCountryBoy76 27th Nov 2017 13:40

I think the post implied an increase in frequency on those flights

LAX_LHR 27th Nov 2017 13:58

With IAG winning the lions share of LGW slots, probably means Easyjet can be even more focused on increasing the MAN operation now.

Ex Cargo Clown 27th Nov 2017 15:02

Originally Posted by LAX_LHR (Post 9970219)
Staff. Would not be red ringed, only get TUPEd if there was a full takeover.

Stands, as said, no issue overnight, 9 aircraft void to fill.

I hate that "TUPE word" sends shivers down my spine.

Still surprised no mainline carriers haven't thrown their hat in the ring. I don't know where else EZY can fly to.

LAX_LHR 27th Nov 2017 15:05

Some mainline carriers have, it’s just the low cost based airlines seem to be able to offer more. Clearly BA will be Pre-occupied with LGW now.

Espada III 27th Nov 2017 18:24

Originally Posted by NorthCountryBoy76 (Post 9970681)
I think the post implied an increase in frequency on those flights

I hope so. Thanks for the clarification; you are right, think I read it too negatively.

LAX_LHR 27th Nov 2017 18:28

Yes sorry, I meant that ‘I doubt GIB will stay at 3 weekly and Tel Aviv at 2 weekly’.

Skipness One Echo 28th Nov 2017 11:17

Chaos at Manchester Airport as passengers are sent through the wrong door in 'massive security breach'

I had this once, although not as bad at LCY when the handling agents sent an IOM arrival into International Arrivals instead of CTA arrivals. Brazened it out by waving my boarding card at the Border agents, well that and a West of Scotland accent helped no doubt.

rampman 28th Nov 2017 15:06

this happens most weeks at Manchester its nothing new so why has it made the papers this time ... its due to dispatches having to meet and dispatch several flights at once. they are scared of saying no because they are scared of loosing there jobs .. but they could lose it due to security breach so loose loose on there part :(

FFMAN 28th Nov 2017 15:40

Sounds more like 'massive over-reaction aimed at playing on people's worst fears' garbage spouted by a newspaper on the journalistic race down to the bottom rather than 'massive security breach'.

Let's think about this rationally.
A plane full of security screened passengers arrive from an airport that has screening as good as if not better than the UK who then come into contact with a load of passengers who have already been security screened at Manchester.
It's a c*ck-up yes; embarrassing for the management yes; inconvenient for the passengers of course but 'massive security breach' ? ..do us all a favour and save the hyperbole for actual meaningful security breaches.

The trouble with society now is that we have lost the ability to think straight; the slightest mistake or malfunction is seen as a pre-cursor to the end of mankind as we know it. Journalists demand heads roll, politicians jump on the self-righteous bandwagon and solicitors lick their lips at the prospect that they might convince people to sue for 'hurt feelings' or some other made up form of alleged harm.

Lessons need to be learned, resources need to made available if that is seen as a contributory factor; better training too but panicking and over-reacting serves no purpose.
What ever happened to 'Keep Calm and Carry On' ?

Mr A Tis 28th Nov 2017 15:45

If this happens most weeks as ramp man suggests, then lessons have obviously not been learned.
Compliance with DfT rules is a condition of the airports licence.

Ex Cargo Clown 29th Nov 2017 05:24

There are far worse security breaches. Mixing screened PAX in a sterile area is not one.

paully 29th Nov 2017 09:52

Precisely put FFMAN there in a nutshell is a lot of what needs sorting in society..AS for this incident, well worse has happened at sea:{

Betablockeruk 1st Dec 2017 08:42


Speech by Chief executive Craig Kreeger in Manchester, so ideal opportunity to talk about expansion but alas not.

MAN-MCO is their 4th highest by capacity

Dobbo_Dobbo 1st Dec 2017 09:13

The talk was a few weeks ago. There were comments by the CEO of VS along the lines of "we look forward to continuing to grow in Manchester". The CEO of Virgin Holidays had a similar comment to make about future investments in the region.

I have uploaded a picture of the tweet on another site but cannot do so here.

LAX_LHR 1st Dec 2017 18:29

Eurowings will increase Düsseldorf from 26th March, from 3to 4 daily mon-Fri.

Flights depart 0755/1110/1555/2000 using A319/A320/CRJ900.

Confirmed and bookable

Betablockeruk 4th Dec 2017 12:51

Gone very quiet again. Announcements were lining up like a T3 security queue, but nothing making it to print.

LAX_LHR 4th Dec 2017 14:49

Things are taking time to filter through.

As for nothing making it to print, I’m assuming part of the Cityflyer expansion and the Eurowings news above doesn’t count then?

LOT polish have a partial visibility in the GDS system and both Ryanair and EasyJet aren’t announcing new routes until the new year.

TURIN 5th Dec 2017 00:02

I'm sorry but I have to say this..

LOOSE...Not fastened down or secured.

LOSE...Missing, not found (or beaten in a game)

Betablockeruk 5th Dec 2017 14:37

As for nothing making it to print, I’m assuming part of the Cityflyer expansion and the Eurowings news above doesn’t count then?
Yes but, thinking a bit grander really.

Maybe I read too much into peoples' cryptic clues after the A319/HL8080 visit a month ago.

LAX_LHR 5th Dec 2017 14:43

Things like the visit of HL8080 take years to cement, not weeks. Needless to say, the right people were wined and dined, it’s a start.

It will be new year before we hear some of the juicer bits of news, some airlines cant announce infilling the Monarch slots overnight like other airlines can.

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