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Dobbo_Dobbo 10th Dec 2017 15:48

Originally Posted by Skipness One Echo (Post 9985394)
Chaps you might be reading a tad too much into the Cathay flight numbers. It’s literally just gone daily after changing to a *smaller* aircraft. Great to see Cathay back but I’d want to see them defend what they’ve taken on, as a business, they see growth more in Dragon than mainline which continues to almost bleed brand new equipment to across KA.
They’ve really gone for it recently with a fifth LHR being joined by daily MAN and relaunching LGW. That’s a LOT of additional capacity.

Airlines don't do things for no reason. When MAN was renumbered, CX claimed it was to avoid confusion with another flight number. The reality was it was in order to free the old number for DUB and we wait to see what the other numbers between MANs are used for. I'd say it's more likely than not for a second evening rotation.

Espada III 10th Dec 2017 15:55

Originally Posted by easyflyer83 (Post 9984191)
.... and a large proportion of the Jewish community dislike El Al for a couple of specific reasons.

Two reasons why El Al aren't in Manchester - probably connected...

1. For only two flights a week they will need to bring in their dedicated security staff, rather than being based in Manchester. This will mean either bringing them up from London for each flight, or bringing them on the flight from Tel Aviv. If the former, the cost is high; if the latter two revenue seats are wasted, especially on a smaller capacity frame like a 737. This therefore increases costs....leading to: -

2. Whilst many people will pay a higher price for a non-stop, direct flight which includes kosher food, luggage and additional security, there is a limit to the premium that they will pay. They may price themselves out of the market.

By way of example, I fly to TLV several times a year. My choices are EZY or changing in LHR, CDG, FRA, ZRH, BRU or AMS, as well as with Turkish but for political reasons they are not my airline of choice... With several family members on one booking, a saving of £100 per person going via Europe pays for the car hire during the trip. Some journeys only add about 90 minutes to the flight time and flight every day (not just two days a week) and at more convenient times. So, I will fly EZY, but the increased cost (and it almost always more expensive to fly with EZY) has to reflect the benefit to me.

Further, EL AL used to fly a route which stopped in Europe, as at the time the load factor was too low for a direct, non-stop service TLV-MAN-TLV. It was a pain to be stuck on the 'plane for over an hour going nowhere.

So I think it unlikely that EL AL will come back to MAN unless it is their lo-cost brand and even then it will be very difficult to compete with the very efficient EZY.

roverman 10th Dec 2017 15:56

Originally Posted by LAX_LHR (Post 9985385)
Virgin Atlantic site now shows A330-200 on the bookings, and seat selection shows it will retain a full Air Berlin cabin during its initial March-May flights.

Has anyone worked out what this means for VS capacity overall at MAN in Summer 18? We only just had the 40000 extra seats press release based on an extra B744 and now it all seems up in the air again, so to speak. Is this ;atest a net gain or loss compared to 2017? The VS A333s have 266 seats, how many do the Air Berlin -200s have, perhaps about the same in higher density?

Dobbo_Dobbo 10th Dec 2017 16:35

Hi Roverman, I think it depends how many A332s are brought in, and whether you take a short or mid term view.

The current consensus is that 4x A332 are to replace 3x A333 (with VS retaining 2x B744). However, we don't know if VS are taking 4, although it is up to 4, and we don't know they are keeping 2x B744.

I assume they would need 4x A332 to add modest seat growth over 3x A333 when both are in VS configuration.

By the sounds of things all remain at MAN over the winter, so there will be serious capacity increases in W18.

MAN777 10th Dec 2017 19:50

No Div Notam
A) EGCC B) 1712101601 C) 1712110900
CREATED: 10 Dec 2017 16:02:00

BA aircraft are been sent all over the place tonight but sadly not MAN !

Expected I suppose as all our aircraft come home to roost !

LAX_LHR 10th Dec 2017 20:07

The issue is that a lot of the earlier diverts are still on the ground, including the EK39 (A380) which is nightstopping until 0900.

There’s also the fact EK37 A6-EOX is asking for MAN, there just isn’t lot of room left!

LAX_LHR 10th Dec 2017 20:43

Despite the no-div notam, managed to squeeze another A380 in for the night.

spannersatcx 10th Dec 2017 22:04

Originally Posted by Mr A Tis (Post 9985407)
CX. Not to mention a new DUB service. I am pretty sure I've read very recently that CX were going to 10 weekly from Dec 2018 with the 3 extra services arriving 1715 & departing 2015, however, I haven't seen that from a direct source (yet). I'll be in HKG later this week- so maybe I can find a source over there (?)

Just speculation about 10 a week, nothing in the pipeline to my knowledge.
DUB, CPH and BRU starting next year CHC just started, DUS finishing. Not enough aircraft and/or pilots to do them all!
350-1000 starts in Apr, with 6 in total for delivery in 2018. Approx 10 777's to go I'm told but not so sure when? So no spare capacity.

golf yankee one one 10th Dec 2017 22:47

You know who your friends are...
Would it be mischievous to suggest that EK are accepted as diverts because they have been so supportive to MAN over the years, whereas BA/IAG can scatter to the four winds because they are so unashamedly Londoncentric?

roverman 10th Dec 2017 23:14

Yes, it would be mischievous, and incorrect. No-one making the decisions expends such effort of thought at times like these. Also, A380s have few choices of Alternate.

When the airport is full or unable to handle more flights without serious disruption, the 'no vacancy' sign has to be lit up. Emergencies are the exception.

Sholto Douglas 11th Dec 2017 10:00

I believe the EK039 managed to get into Manchester after declaring a fuel emergency. According to another site he had enough fuel to hold over Birmingham until 2000hrs. Maybe he was a trifle naughty and extended his holding beyond that and so forced his way into Manchester?

ssflyer 11th Dec 2017 10:30

EK039 made no attempt to get into BHX, it was at 25k ft as it passed well to the East of Birmingham making for MAN.

MANFOD 11th Dec 2017 10:50

Confusion over flight numbers I think. It was the lunchtime flight that came straight to MAN and the evening flight that held at 17,000 feet over BHX for at least 45 minutes before diverting, apparently low on fuel.

Incidentally, well done to all concerned at MAN. It must be quite some time since we accepted more than 20 diversions in about 12 hours and most of those in 6 hours.

Sholto Douglas 11th Dec 2017 11:13

Apologies if I mixed up flights numbers. Yes, I was referring to the evening flight (my reference to 2000hrs refers).

MANFOD 11th Dec 2017 13:52

I believe seat guru shows the config. of the Air Berlin A332's as 19 Business and 271 economy, therefore 290 seats against 264 in the VS A333s.
I suspect though that space, seat comfort and the lack of Premium Economy will be more of an issue for potential pax, at least until hopefully the cabins are refitted to VS standards.

nigel osborne 11th Dec 2017 17:18

Originally Posted by LAX_LHR (Post 9985697)
Despite the no-div notam, managed to squeeze another A380 in for the night.

Declared a fuel emergency and had to go to the nearest airport that could handle it ,after holding over Birmingham.

Skipness One Echo 11th Dec 2017 21:39

I can't imagine the numbering sequence is an accident...
Oddly enough, Gatwick looks to be going six daily (!)
CX343 / 354 HKG-LGW-HKG
Joking aside, hope the expansion happens for MAN.

gojmc 12th Dec 2017 09:04

Just Genoa announced by easyjet today. I wonder what happened to nice and the rest of them?

Does Genoa fit into the current schedule or does it require another aircraft?

LAX_LHR 12th Dec 2017 09:08

The rest of the routes announced in January.

LAX_LHR 13th Dec 2017 13:07

Loganair will launch 4 new routes from Manchester next summer.

2 weekly Kirkwall, Mon and Fri with D328 from June 22nd until 3rd Sept.

1 weekly Stornoway,Saturday’s from June 23rd until Sept 1st with S340.

2 weekly Sumburgh from June 21st on S340

3 weekly MAN-INV-BGO through service from June also.

This brings Manchester to 18 domestic connections, and perhaps the best connected airport to Scotland from England.

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