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daz211 9th Dec 2018 10:55

Originally Posted by SWBKCB (Post 10331630)
Okay, I'll play my Top Trump - LTN is in a better location for customers (people who buy airline tickets) - just look at a map.

Well if that’s your best card, you must be one of those who think all passengers travel to one point in London, LTN is convenient for parts of London, Gatwick is convenient for parts of London, Stansted is convenient for parts of London, it all depends where your going but outside of London Stansted also has the Cambridge corridor.
People fly into London airports with onward travel to many place not just London.

Why can’t we all play nice and agree, Luton is Luton and Stansted is Stansted and each has its pro’s and cons. But we need to stop with the unrealistic ambitions that Luton is going to shoot up in the wrackings, it is what it is.

Im not LTN bashing I’m stating facts, let’s keep it real.

SWBKCB 9th Dec 2018 11:11

People fly into London airports with onward travel to many place not just London.
Who said anything about London? Luton is in a better place for the majority of the country than STN, and so will always have that advantage, no matter how many bells and whistles STN gets.

I was referring to the comment that LTN may become the "Le Bourget of London" (i.e. lose it's airline services) if STN got a second runway. If it is left to the market (i.e. no articifial intervention), it will never happen because of LTN's location

LTNman 9th Dec 2018 11:26

Originally Posted by daz211 (Post 10331623)

location location location to what?

if you want to play the game of LTN has this and Stansted hasn’t, I think you will loose.
let me give you a few to start- Train station in the terminal ��, Jet bridges��, one of the busiest uk coach stations�� A380 stands �� very long runway�� Brand new arrivals building under construction��. I think 10 new aircraft stands built this year with at least 2 more under construction��.

Your turn ��.

Well I can't argue against any of those valid points.

Okay, I'll play my Top Trump - LTN is in a better location for customers (people who buy airline tickets) - just look at a map

Can't argue that point either as it is valid. Luton is also on a main line and not a branch line, has a 24 hour service and has direct access from the Midlands to the South Coast and a hundred stations in between. The point regarding the DART is that capacity will be reached before the DART is complete so becomes irrelevant to the existing airport apart from adding convenience. The DART is all about long term expansion and a second terminal.

Regarding the DART....The provision was a condition for the granting of planning permission to the 18m pax pa was it not?.
No it wasn't. The airport was already expanding to 18 million under existing planning permission before the DART was even discussed. The DART was a remarkable piece of council planning. I would say within a year of it being proposed the consultation was completed, the planning application was submitted and approved. Compare that with most other major projects that rumble on for years.

The issue with the DART is that it was thought about too late after work had started on the 18 million expansion. Whole areas of newly completed work has and is being dug up to allow the DART to go in adding to the final bill.

southside bobby 9th Dec 2018 12:05

Thanks re the DART I should pay more attention.

compton3bravo 11th Dec 2018 17:14

November saw over 1.1 million passengers passing through the airport an 11.5 per cent rise on November 2017.

LTNman 11th Dec 2018 18:46

I wonder if there is going to be an official opening ceremony for the terminal? In the last couple of days teams of people have been scrubbing the tarmac at the front of the terminal trying to remove the bubble gum. Designer signage has gone up outside that can't be read unless you stand within 5 metres as the writing is so small and providing that no smoker is learning on it. Plants have also been planted in flower beds. No more floor tiles have been replaced in locations that a grand tour would not cover so the first 30 check-in desks have had the floors repaired while the last 30 haven't.

Christmas has arrived at Luton while in the background the hoardings have come down revealing the glass screens covering the passenger search area

I have come to the conclusion that apart from 3 small sections of ceiling in the new build the idea of fitting wooden slats has been abandoned. There is still general work taking place in pockets but the bulk of the terminal work seems to be complete but with a few hoardings still to be removed around arrivals.

I have to ask but is there a worse airport terminal ceiling anywhere in the UK or even Europe?

LGS6753 12th Dec 2018 10:26

An interesting analysis from Blue Swan Daily:


LTNman 12th Dec 2018 11:33

More than half of these (16) will be at London City airport, whose major constraining factor is stand availability rather than runway availability. London Gatwick and London Luton airports have no net increase in total capacity.
Would have thought Luton's issue is overnight stands. During the day Luton seems to have plenty of spare capacity.

LTNman 12th Dec 2018 13:27


Day three of removing the chewing gum outside the terminal with chemicals and pressure washers. Day one of cleaning the doors and windows. Wonder who is coming?

ericlday 12th Dec 2018 13:59

Father Christmas......

southside bobby 12th Dec 2018 14:32

Well the cleaners at LTN are to undertake a second week long strike between 21/12-28/12.

dvc 13th Dec 2018 13:59

Looks like terminal opening ceremony? https://cimg7.ibsrv.net/gimg/pprune....891750956.jpeg


LTNman 13th Dec 2018 14:53

They might have removed the bubble gum from the floor but they could not hide the ceiling. Maybe the guests were issued with blinkers so they couldn't look up.

southside bobby 13th Dec 2018 15:21

It does all appear slightly underwhelming as ceremonies go perhaps...

…& not all progress on the arrivals board as a BBC article to illustrate the history of LTN portrays a photo of an Avro York disembarking passengers at Luton Airport from HONG KONG in 1951 !...

toledoashley 13th Dec 2018 15:46

So it was Mr Grayling?

Spanish eyes 13th Dec 2018 15:58

Who is he?

They should not have bothered with any sort of event. Outside looks rough, downstairs looks half finished, upstairs looks better but then there are the boarding gates. Best not to say too much about the bulk of those.

As pointed out they replaced some broken tiles as clearly they were embarrassed but leave the ones that the guests won't see.

compton3bravo 13th Dec 2018 16:02

What is wrong with Hong Kong Southside. It was probably a government charter looking how the passengers are dressed.

dvc 13th Dec 2018 16:18

As when they were about to cut the ribbon the fire alarm went off. Some water leak triggered it.

southside bobby 13th Dec 2018 16:35

Nought wrong with Hong Kong it just illustrates the irony that it is not on the arrivals board nowadays...BUT it was just a light hearted observation nothing serious...

Falcon666 13th Dec 2018 17:50

Another Tender out today.

Another new apron with 8 , yes 8 stands and a GA area down by the run up bay.

I wonder if this is another Apron or was the previous Tender related to this and not the area on the current drop off area?

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