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inOban 4th Apr 2018 18:05

From my experience of Lidl and from what I read here about Luton airport, Lidl is more upmarket than Luton.

canberra97 4th Apr 2018 19:09

Originally Posted by inOban (Post 10107333)
From my experience of Lidl and from what I read here about Luton airport, Lidl is more upmarket than Luton.

I agree with you one hundred percent especially when you see the numerous photos posted in this thread of the terminal.

pabely 4th Apr 2018 19:13

Comparing Luton airport with Lidl, a company expanding at 17% pa in UK taking market share from others, sounds Ok to me!
With Lidl also opening a massive distribution centre up the road, I'm sure a few of their executives will use Easy routes back to HO in Germany. Their UK HO in Wimbledon has direct links via Thameslink :E

southside bobby 4th Apr 2018 19:55

Wasted on here pabely....Spin doctoring beckons!.

LTNman 4th Apr 2018 20:02

For those with long memories when the new terminal opened in 1999 the check-in area was so dark due to a lack of lighting that anyone with cataracts was ill-advised to use Luton unless they brought a torch with them. Maybe 10 years later the airport put in supplementary lighting.

I would like to think that Luton will finish off the ceiling to the original specification within the next 10 years as even when the retail units fully open the roof space looks like work in progress.

ericlday 4th Apr 2018 20:22

Reply from LLA to my question regarding the ceiling.......The CGI video is purely an artist’s impression so the final finish will vary. We are not aware of what plans have been decided on for the ceiling.

LTNman 4th Apr 2018 21:10

A bit like their walkway then. Artists impression showed a bespoke design but the reality came from a catalogue as used by Tesco’s for their trolly storage.

It’s a shame really but it won’t make a jot of difference to their passenger figures.

Buster the Bear 5th Apr 2018 03:51

It is a bus station for travellers by air. Low cost airlines, low cost facilities. Get over it!

Can we have some proper news about anything that is not related to the 'low cost' tinminal please!

Airlines, Airports & Routes, as per the title. Not the latest franchise, or the lack of ceiling!

Sorry, but once-upon-a-time, this forum was full of ROUMERS!

Never mind, I am sure Pret can justify a change of sarnies made especially for angry bears!

LTNman 5th Apr 2018 06:45

Got to be honest but I find the shenanigans surrounding the airport expansion far more interesting than news of a new Wizz route to a place I have never heard of.

I can invent a rumour if you like though :E

compton3bravo 5th Apr 2018 07:19

Take a geography lesson LTMan because there will be more on the way or better still take a trip to some far away place, they won't bite and are a lot more friendly than the heads down in the street I am not talking to you Brit.

LTNman 5th Apr 2018 08:28

2017 facts
15,799,219 passengers but only 2,354,589 items of luggage.

Busiest day was August 25th with 59,272 passengers

135,538 flights

14 airlines to 139 destinations in 38 countries.

29,119 tons of cargo.

Falcon666 5th Apr 2018 09:12

Just had a look at the progress photos on the Airport website
Top row , new duty free shop right and new arrivals passage left
Look at the finishes on the ceiling and how on earth the airports not embarrassed is beyond me.
Agree with all the other posters, it looks awful!!

planedrive 5th Apr 2018 09:45

The ceiling has started to go up on the exit from the arrivals route so no doubt it will be put up over the rest of the ceiling as and when other parts are finished.

southside bobby 5th Apr 2018 12:14

A good indication of where the Biz traffic to be squeezed out of LTN may well migrate to is portrayed with the plans released today of the Cranfield Air Park which has received a go ahead today.

Poetic license to a degree but count 40+ Biz of all sizes arranged on the ramps in the plans.

Keyvon 5th Apr 2018 16:11

Originally Posted by FRatSTN (Post 10097373)

New routes to Heraklion and Thessaloniki (Halkidiki)
Continuation of Hurghada (Egypt) into Summer
Additional flights to Dalaman
+25,000 additional seats

New for S19 is also Endifha (Tunisia) with TUI.

cj241101 5th Apr 2018 16:45

Originally Posted by Keyvon (Post 10108271)
New for S19 is also Endifha (Tunisia) with TUI.

Think you mean Enfidha....

PAXboy 5th Apr 2018 17:07


15,799,219 passengers but only 2,354,589 items of luggage.
Of course there was hardly any luggage - it was all in the blinkin cabins ...:mad: :ugh:

LTNman 5th Apr 2018 18:28

Yes I know, I even figured that one out for myself:= maybe the airport should have said checked in luggage.

LTNman 7th Apr 2018 16:13

Construction update
The first of the new entrances has opened. At the moment it is signposted as arrivals but will eventually be signposted as departures.


In the distance the ceiling can be seen being installed. Either side will be retail outlets.

Arriving passengers can pass either side of the coffee shop that is under construction to the left. To the right will be the relocated burger outlet.

So far one shop and one food outlet is open. All the old retail outlets in the existing check-in area are closed and the whole area is now boarded up.

The new travel centre has been opened but I am not sure if this is the final layout.

Work continues on the pedestrian subway. The road will be raised to pass over the passenger route from the second multistory to the terminal.

While at the same time work continues on the new drop off zone.

I have got to say the light is now at the end of the tunnel as far as the terminal is concerned. Also with the old temporary arrivals area now closed all arriving and departing passengers share the same concourse. This makes the airport look really busy with passengers and visitors everywhere which means taking photos involves a long wait.

There is no doubt that the airport is being transformed out of all recognition over the last 3 years.

Buster the Bear 8th Apr 2018 15:38

Blue Islands (SI, Jersey) has dropped plans to operate services out of Guernsey to each of London City, London Luton, and Dublin Int'l as the Committee for Economic Development of the States of Guernsey rejected the carrier's bid for a subsidy, the Guernsey Press has reported.

"Following Aurigny Air Services' cessation of the Guernsey to London City route late last year, Blue Islands engaged with the Committee for Economic Development when it was in discussion with other operators about reinstating a service to London City. Despite competitive pricing, the ever-present issue of operating to and from Guernsey’s sub-scale market meant there was no standalone commercial viability and all routes were forecast to be loss-making," the carrier has said.

The Jersey-based regional specialist planned to operate an 11x weekly service between Guernsey and London City, with double-daily services during working days. In addition, the carrier would also have operated 6x weekly to each of London Luton and Dublin. In order to launch these routes, Blue Islands planned to add a sixth aircraft to its fleet. Business cases included options of either an ATR42 or a larger ATR72.

Currently, the carrier operates an Avions de Transport Régional-only fleet of one ATR42-300, one ATR42-500, and three ATR72-500s.

Since the proposal did not receive a go-ahead from the regional government, Blue Islands will not be expanding its fleet in the near future.

According to the ch-aviation capacity module, Guernsey currently sees London traffic with 40 flights per week to London Gatwick and seven flights per week to London Southend operated by Aurigny Air Services. There are no direct flights to Ireland out of Guernsey at the present time.

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