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BasilFawlty 7th Nov 2012 14:29

Yes, and if you replace it by a 733QC it can earn even more profit. ;)

StopStart 17th Nov 2012 18:01

The 733F brings in enough revenue to justify it not flying during the day. Using a QC carries the risk of said QC going tech somewhere during the day and jeopardising the night mail. There's too much money involved to risk that.
The freighter also takes full height bins whereas a QC won't.

Penworth 17th Nov 2012 18:19

Using a QC carries the risk of said QC going tech somewhere during the day and jeopardising the night mail
Yet that's what they do at the other night mail bases such as Edinburgh, Newcastle, Belfast etc, so there must be more to their reluctance to operate pax flights out of Exeter than just the risk of delaying the mail.

take-off 17th Nov 2012 19:16

Having picked up a brochure at blk airport in last few days , asked sales rep behind counter about Turkey, she happened to mention Lanzarote starting, which I said yes I know , she also mention that Lanzarote was going twice weekly from Blk, or has she got it wrong, maybe I miss heard but she mentioned twice yearly, so maybe it's going to be a year round destination?

Will Blk be keeping the jet2 holidays liveried aircraft for the foreseeable future, makes a change to the battleship grey one that's been flying overhead past few months?

take-off 17th Nov 2012 19:24

Well answering my own question here, see that it shows Lanzarote Ending sept2013 ,having a break in October, to return for weekly Sunday flights fow winter 2013/14 :ok:

Ernest Lanc's 17th Nov 2012 21:00

I have booked Dalaman Summer 2013 from BLK. will I be on the grey or the Jet2 holiday plane?.

StopStart 17th Nov 2012 21:23

All the other bases have the redundancy of other QCs to cover the night mail if required. Pax ops out of Exeter would require two aircraft there for redundancy.
There's a lot of money tied up in the Royal Mail contract and it clearly pays to park up LW during the day.

pug 18th Nov 2012 02:02

so there must be more to their reluctance to operate pax flights out of Exeter than just the risk of delaying the mail.
Might have something to do with the fact that nobody knows who the :mad: they are..?

Type Rated B767 18th Nov 2012 09:47


They dont know what aircraft will be based at BLK next week, nevermind summer 2013.

At the moment it is G-GDFL (B733wl) in holiday colours, whether or not the usual G-CELJ/LK will be back in the near future is anyones guess...

ematom1 18th Nov 2012 12:20

On the Exeter royal mail flights a full 737F is needed as the larger cans that are loaded are filled almost full every night, and a lot of mail goes in the cargo holds in the bellys to. using QC aircraft has smaller cans which means less cargo which for the exeter route would be a problem, from what I'm told jet2 make a lot of money on this.

majorni 18th Nov 2012 15:48

I just reading in a newspaper that Jet2 will operate some routes to Fuerteventura, is that true?,

757 Speedbrakes 27th Nov 2012 19:20

It says on the website: Fuerteventua a great place to spend Christmas but goes on to say, fly with Jet2 to Lanzarote, the neighbouring island. Would be nice if Jet2 did operate to FTV though.

Ernest Lanc's 27th Nov 2012 20:03

I have flown to Fuerteventura with Easy going and Ryanair coming back.

I have flown to Lanzarote with Jet2, and the islands are very similar..A tad more to do in the daytime in Lanzarote.

You can have the best of both worlds with Jet2.

You can see Fuerteventura from Playa Blanca, and the reverse from Corralejo...being there is a regular ferry between the two islands, it's possible to spend a week on each island, by flying to Lazarote.

potash 28th Nov 2012 13:23

Ernest Lanc'sthe only differnce is that fue have some of the best beaches in europe and twice as large as Lanzer not many places left where you can sit on a beach and not see a another person.Jet2 will one day give it ago i am sure :cool:

COBHC 8th Dec 2012 15:20

Does anyone know why G-GDFL and G-GDFG swapped flights at Alicante on 08/12/12?

'FL arrived in Alicante as LS739 from Blackpool and 'FG arrived in Alicante as LS271 from Leeds.

On the return journeys, 'FL went off to Leeds as LS272 and 'FG came back to Blackpool.

Never seen that done before and I thought 'FL might be due for maintenance, but surely it wouldn't fly a couple of thousand or so miles there and back to go to Leeds for maintenance?

VC10man 8th Dec 2012 15:41

Yes it will be for maintenance. I have flown on a Thomson flight which was going to be swapped at Santorini. The crew said they hated the swap, it messes up the drinks, money and the duty frees.

757 Speedbrakes 8th Dec 2012 15:43

Aircraft (tail) swaps happen down route quite often...... trust me!

Doesn't usually affect departure times either.

COBHC 8th Dec 2012 15:45

thanks guys!

'FL has been here for ages, I hope 'FG stays for a while!

brian_dromey 8th Dec 2012 21:22

Aircraft swaps down route are the most effecient way to move aircraft around the system, without having to perform empty ferry flights, which obviously add cost as they earn no revenue. Usually the crew swap aircraft and take the other aircraft back to their original base. In this case BLK crew would take the 'new' aircraft back to BLK and the LBA crew took the aircraft for maintenance back to LBA. Ops usually select destinations with overlapping ground times to avoid disruption to the schedule.

adfly 8th Dec 2012 22:38

I believe Virgin do/did a similar thing with their 744's @ MCO so they could be rotated between MAN and LGW where the maintenance base is.

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