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jaytay13 25th Mar 2011 22:43


ematom1 26th Mar 2011 09:40

Air-Britain : Egnx v.

East midlands airport photos virgin Atlantic A330 plus Thomson brand new 737-800 :)

stuart-travel 28th Mar 2011 12:07

jet 2 summer 2011
I see the sat alc flight has been changed to allow the loss of egypt flight and the no take up of a flight to ibz times 07.50-14.20.

Monarch 2012 flights a decsion would need to be made in the next week by monarch to base a aircraft at ema as to meet the printing of cosmos 2012 summer details.


Skipness One Echo 28th Mar 2011 12:18

Why were the two new Thomson B737-800s delivered to EMA? I thought they would have gone to Luton?

ematom1 28th Mar 2011 17:41

Monarch at ema next year? Since when? :)

stuart-travel 29th Mar 2011 08:24

monarch 2012
Report in travel weekly the other week monarch plan to add new regional airports to the programme subject to o/k from management of the company, airports to be added in 2012 BRS/EMA/NCL.


NutLoose 29th Mar 2011 13:54

Latest quick update taken about 30 mins ago, gear off and resting on sleepers prior to being dropped on the floor.
As you can see the weather here is pants.....:p

Would appear by the cutting, the cockpit isn't being scrapped.




Sorry for the quality off some of these, not up to my normal standards

NutLoose 31st Mar 2011 12:34

As asked for again by Mart...... an update


Got to be seriously drafty for the SLF now. :E

HeliCraig 31st Mar 2011 12:37

Thanks for the pics NutLoose.

To save me trawling the thread... who actually owns the airframe (pre-destruction!)?


NutLoose 31st Mar 2011 12:53

Uk International Airlines, although probably East Mids Airport for unpaid parking after the airline went bust.

Skipness One Echo 31st Mar 2011 15:45

G-CECU, saw it parked up with the reg on the port side only. Good timing as I dind't realise it was for the axe so soon!

NutLoose 1st Apr 2011 12:14



wired2fly 2nd Apr 2011 09:58

shame they are cannilbalising the cockpit, it would have been a good aeropark exhibit. :(

Centre cities 2nd Apr 2011 16:12

Are you sure that they havn't cleaned it up.

Centre ciies

NutLoose 6th Apr 2011 13:00

She has gone.............


Sigh............ the noise was unbelievable

TSR2 6th Apr 2011 17:54

Thank you for the excellent series of photo's.

It's always a shame to see any aircraft destroyed but this has been the most pleasurable way.

PBO 6th Apr 2011 18:01

Sorry to go off-topic, but does EMA still have a bus link with East Midlands Parkway rail station? The EMA website only gives information for a shared taxi service, nothing whatsoever about a bus link

NutLoose 6th Apr 2011 20:23

Well, thank you for that, it is appreciated, I did wonder if anyone would be interested, but did feel it should be recorded, so took it on.

Ironically as it was being chopped, I saw one shot with the reg showing still......


the next grab took away most of it leaving only CU which I thought was apt


The one thing that amazed me out of it all though, was the component parts of a 767 when dumped in a pile are very little in quantity, admittedly a bit has been removed in this shot......... but not much, that pile IS a 767 or the sum of it's parts..


Boeing Junkie 6th Apr 2011 21:21

Thank you NutLoose for a great series of pics :ok:

NutLoose 7th Apr 2011 11:38

Sorry to go off-topic, but does EMA still have a bus link with East Midlands Parkway rail station? The EMA website only gives information for a shared taxi service, nothing whatsoever about a bus link
PBO welcome, had a look too, seems as if it has disappeared, instead you get a prebooked taxi service...

seems it has gone see

East Midlands Parkway and Airport link bus axed

Suzeman 7th Apr 2011 17:36

Not surprised

I was often on trains from Derby southwards at the time this was operating and the bus usually set off just as the train arrived in the station!

So much for integrated transport :(


ematom1 12th Apr 2011 19:39

No monarch announcement?? Good news about all the jobs at ema for 2011 plus what are Thomas cook and thomsons aircraft base at ema this summer? Thanks ematom1

SAM-EMA 13th Apr 2011 11:37

New WW Routes
New WW Routes for W11 / 12:


OltonPete 13th Apr 2011 12:48

Don't forget Cologne, Munich and Prague all back as well.


egnxema 13th Apr 2011 12:54

bmibaby have reported that MAN (2 based) and CWL (2 based) will be closed as they see more growth opportunities in the Midlands and Northern Ireland. The 4 affected aircraft to be re-deployed 2x BHD, 1 x EMA and 1 x BHX.

davidjohnson6 13th Apr 2011 14:33

PeteOlton - I though the German routes were essentially seasonal routes, countering the cyclicality of beach routes.

During the summer months, people want to fly from the Midlands to the beaches of the Med. Come winter, when selling seats to the beach is a harder task, the easy option is to try to flog city breaks, particularly centred on Germany so as to make use of LH's lower cost base there.

In August, EMA - Ibiza should be a winner, but likely to be terrible in February. EMA- Munich should be quite the opposite.

OltonPete 13th Apr 2011 14:45


Maybe but both were released by Baby for summer 2011 at the same or
similar frequency to winter 2010/11. They were then subsequently withdrawn from sale as they simply did not have the 8th aircraft for EMA.

There is a strong argument that they could or should be seasonal but that was
not the original intention.

Prague is popular most of the year although it has waned somewhat in recent times but again in respect of baby it is more to do with aircraft availability although I am somewhat surprised it is not operating from BHX this spring until at least late May as the third aircraft sits around most days doing very little.


fireflybob 13th Apr 2011 15:05

I was often on trains from Derby southwards at the time this was operating and the bus usually set off just as the train arrived in the station!

So much for integrated transport
Suzeman, how I agree - the crying shame is that the rail track wasn't taken through the airport and a station installed at ema - the bottleneck is still the M1 roundabout which is congested at the best of time. Also a station at the airport would encourage more passengers and staff to use public transport to get to and from the airport and maybe alleviate congestion on the A453 which is a notoriously bad road for accidents.

NutLoose 14th Apr 2011 08:45

1st of the raised chicken coops come standby towers come wind turbines going up yesterday....

East Midlands being supposedly "Green," but to be supposedly "Green" they have cut down the only real section of woodland on the airport....... that's "green" for you........:mad::mad::mad:


ematom1 18th Apr 2011 17:18

Viking airlines summer charters ema
Hi can anyone tell me if Viking airlines are flying out of ema this summer? Thanks ematom1

TSR2 18th Apr 2011 17:32

Viking Airlines no longer exist. They were declared bankrupt in February.

roverman 18th Apr 2011 17:32

Rail versus car at airports
Re: axing of EMA parkway bus service.

An ongoing dilemma for airport operators - onsite or nearby rail station potentially increases your passenger catchment, but car parking can produce lots of additional income. So the investment in, or subsidy of, rail is not a straightforward choice. MAG has same issue at its main site - MAN, but sees volume growth there for both the on-site rail station (+ tram) and its self-operated car parks business.

fireflybob 19th Apr 2011 20:57

Anyone know what the Emirates B777 was doing at ema today?

BHX5DME 19th Apr 2011 21:13

It was an Emirates B747 freighter bring backformula one cars there has also been Malaysian, cargolux and KLM 747

ematom1 23rd Apr 2011 09:56

Thomson airways
Hi does anybody know what thomson airways are baseing at ema this summer everytime i go to the airport there seems to be 2 or 3 737-800s but im sure it was meant to be 1 757 and 2 737-800s? :confused: and does anybody know what thomas cook are baseing? Thanks for the help :)

fireflybob 23rd Apr 2011 10:52

Interesting to note that since the wind turbines have been erected the winds have been virtually calm!

OliWW 23rd Apr 2011 13:00

TOM have 2x B73H and 1x B75W, of which the 75 doesn't arrive until May...

TCX have 2x A321, with a number of 752 W patterns each week...

Facelookbovvered 23rd Apr 2011 14:40

Wind turbines seem to have a calming influence!!

I don't think they are fully commissioned yet?

ematom1 26th Apr 2011 18:40

Hi ive just heard that a nimrod is going to be flow into ema in june and the aeropark fence taken down and it to be shown on the aeropark? is this true? :) thanks ematom1

Mr Angry from Purley 27th Apr 2011 18:46

Yep, and a kindly builder (Taylor Woodrow?) are going to build a "taxi way" to the aeropark. :\

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