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roverman 26th Jan 2011 20:08

Prague seems to be drying up all over the place. Perhaps the stag parties have drunk all the beer available and are looking elsewhere.

mikerawsonderby 26th Jan 2011 20:19

Baby and Walkway
Baby - I can hear all the 'I told you so' already.

Walkway - I've just had a look at the poor quality plans on the council website. From what I can see EMA got approval for a walkway a couple of years ago, but this strangly seemed to end just before domestic arrivals, and I can't tell what happened after that! The latest plans are to extend this to dump passengers at the international arrivals 'hall'.

There is still complete segregation of arriving passengers from those departing. There is a covered walkway by the east side of the satellite pier plus a single entrance from the west side. There are some alterations at the satellite entrance to make room for stairs and escalator to get passengers to first floor level. The existing elevated walkway is then partitioned with arriving passengers on the apron side, with the original extension then continuing at high level in front of the departure hall. This extension has two access towers. The new extension then continues, ending in a slow descent to the front of arrivals. There is also a further access pier just before the end of the walkway.

At least people will stay dry queuing at border control!


FR- 27th Jan 2011 10:41

Ryanair are to bring forward some summer routes:

BGY now 16th feb
TLL now 1st mar
MJV now 1st mar

Forward bookings must of been looking good, with any luck we may see a rise in march pax numbers :)


stuart-travel 28th Jan 2011 10:39

BA at ema summer 2011
British airways will operate some charter flights from EMA in summer2011 planned on emb 190 aircraft.


HeliCraig 28th Jan 2011 10:44

That will be British Airways City Flyer (not BA Mainline), and their shiny new EMBs which are normally based at LCY then. Nice kit.

Who are the charters for?

OliWW 28th Jan 2011 12:21


Any indications of routes or a source for that?

aidoair 28th Jan 2011 12:30

Any indications of routes or a source for that?
BA CityFlyer will be operating a small number of charters throughout the UK over the summer on behalf of Omega Holidays. Destiantions include Milan, Naples etc..

stuart-travel 28th Jan 2011 15:12

BA at ema summer 2011
Aidoair correct
may/jul 2011 ema-nap
omaga holidays other holidays with thomson flights and ryanair
from ema.


owenkirk2005 7th Feb 2011 10:27

Flybe Check-in facilities
Hi all, does anyone know what the setup is for check-in for the flybe BHD route? No online check-in is available, therefore airport check-in only, do they have self check-in facilities? Nice to see an increase to 3x daily, must be working out despite WW ops to BHD too



EGAC_Ramper 7th Feb 2011 13:57

Last time I used FlyBE no self check-inn unfortunately and their desks are just down from the BMI Baby desks.


NutLoose 8th Feb 2011 19:34

The axeman cometh!!


FlyboyUK 9th Feb 2011 12:59

I'm suprised it's taken them this long to start chopping it up

FR- 9th Feb 2011 13:31

Mind my car
Well that from picture the nose wheel is very close to my car. Where will the wash stand be moved to while the 767 is parked on it?


ematom1 11th Feb 2011 23:55

When does flybes Belfast city route go 3 times daily and is it true ba cityflyer are chartering from ema this summer?
Thanks ematom1

aidoair 12th Feb 2011 08:27

When does flybes Belfast city route go 3 times daily and is it true ba cityflyer are chartering from ema this summer?
Thanks ematom1
Yes, as already stated, BA CityFlyer will be operating a limited number of charters to Naples on behalf of Omega Holidays. Similar flights will take place from DSA, HUY among other UK airports over the summer.

Crusher1 17th Feb 2011 09:44

Hub Flights
Email from Pennie Hemsley:

Re instating a hub service here at EMA is a priority for the aviation team and they are talking to various airlines to ensure this is a service we can offer our customers in the near future.:8

NutLoose 17th Feb 2011 19:07

Just an update on FR's car, he or she appears to have washed it, couldn't see much more as the breaking up and spares recovery of the 767 is still carrying on and it was blocking my view :p

So a 767 Update instead ( taken on the 16th )

Wash bay cannot really go elsewhere as it has special drain filtering in place I believe.



ematom1 17th Feb 2011 19:14

So there looks like a new airline could become a new ema resident??

Jonty 18th Feb 2011 07:47

Its such a shame to see an aircraft end up like that.

ematom1 19th Feb 2011 07:40

jet 2 flying to ibiza apparently to brad miller in the summer?
“Jet2 will increase the number of flights it offers and will begin flying to Ibizia in the summer,” he said.
Also wants to increase passenger numbers up 1.5 - 2.0% and create more destinations.

Airport to strengthen after "challenging" year : Midlands : Insider News : Insider Media Ltd

757 Speedbrakes 19th Feb 2011 10:07

Maybe because the SSH has been droped by Jet2 due to an unsurprising drop in bookings....... That would free up to two rotations on a Saturday.

ematom1 19th Feb 2011 10:13

yes due to the sharmelsheik route but i thought that was due to resart nearer summertime if the country was back to normailty?? maybe decided to change it for ibiza?

OliWW 19th Feb 2011 11:56

Times will be as follows for Ibiza: Sat from June - Sep

14:10 - 17:45

18:45 - 20:25

ematom1 20th Feb 2011 08:59

Just the 1 rotation a week for Ibiza? Wonder what airlines the routes team at ema are having words with?

OliWW 20th Feb 2011 10:29

It is a 752 though, and with such short notice (for Jet2), it is enough, plus, they won't want to disrupt their summer schedule too much for another flight, without bearing in mind that WW, TOM, TCX and FR all operate flights to IBZ as well, the loser on the route will most likely be LS come September due to the fact they are late launching, and already variety.

INKJET 20th Feb 2011 20:25

Picking up scraps really, the IBZ is a very short season, but given the handful that are travelling to Sharm it's better than nothing. With Jet2 up against TCX & Tui on mid haul stuff and WW & FR on the Meds lean pickings at EMA for them, BHX would suit better, some EMA traffic is South Yorkshire that would have gone from LBA!

Next year will be make or break at EMA for them, much depends on what WW do if anything, if they are aggressive they could hurt Jet2 by putting aircraft on ski routes other than GVA, the Middle East melting pot is close to boiling point and many will stay in Europe this year rather than risk the charms of Sharm, the 757 is way to big for many European routes that are all ready covered by others, can EMA really fill 8-10 flights per day to AGP?

OliWW 20th Feb 2011 21:19

Jet2 obviously see potential, having signed a 10 year contract of operation, its all to do with how many aircraft they are able to operate from EMA, I'm sure they couldn't give a damn about what baby do, with the 757, they can carry more pax, at a cheaper operating cost than WW, the biggest threat to WW at the current time is BE, possible expansion on domestic routes such as EDI, GLA and JER would cripple WW's operation, it wouldn't succeed against the likes of Jet2 or Ryanair on European destinations, thus the reason why JC decided to introduce Niche routes like Verona, Cologne, Munich, to try and attract new pax... such routes, haven't exactly run how they planned, and as a result are having to re-turn their attention to the destinations people want to go.

Jet2 in my eyes would be foolish to miss such a opportunity for 2012, however, will WW be able to respond? Also against the likes of an expanding BE and FR?

However, I will also add the fact that if Jet2 do expand at a rapid rate... that will be Summer only, and their aircraft will be bone idle from Oct - Jun
, which doesn't benefit them, nor the airport
Watch this space...

Facelookbovvered 21st Feb 2011 07:58

I was told Verona was selling very well and i counted well over a hundred to MUC on Sat, to be fair it is half term, as for BE well i suggest that next time you are in BHD have a look at the bmi ema gate!! bmi will be the biggest carrier at BHD this year.

757 only have lower operating costs if you can fill them when going to the Med, Jet2 will do much better with the NG, however they also need pilots to fly them and a lot of crews are in the wind so to speak.

BE could do damage to WW on domestics, but i doubt that they will do EDI/GLA/JER from EMA its to risky for them given the crap loads they are getting on BHD-EMA against WW, people like jets when given a choice

ematom1 21st Feb 2011 09:45

Thomson Airways Ema-kos begins 25th may ?

OliWW 21st Feb 2011 10:01

Will replace Enfidha, which will now only be operated by TCX on Wednesdays and Sundays

ematom1 21st Feb 2011 11:26

plus baby ema-bhd up to 18 times a week

stuart-travel 22nd Feb 2011 08:14

npt flights
Is the number of flights by npt from ema now 16 per day/night mon-fri which is 8 inbound and 8 outbound and are thy all on the atp type of aircraft.

egnxema 22nd Feb 2011 16:48

LS should consider putting the 757s on destinations like GOA, CUN, MCO, POP, PUJ and the like.

The SSH market is v strong for guaranteed sunshine AI holidays. Plus the longer haul routes have little overlap.

The routes are a lot more pointed towards charter, package holidays than scheduled obviously.

CabinCrewe 22nd Feb 2011 16:54

The days of charter/low cost 29/30" seat pitch narrowbody transatlantics with a stop in Bangor are long gone. Even holiday pax wouldnt entertain that anymore. So POP, CUN, SFB etc are a no no on a Jet 2 757.

AP1995 22nd Feb 2011 17:51

does anybody have a link for the ibiza? on jet2 website i cant seem to find it

stuart-travel 23rd Feb 2011 07:25

jet 2 long haul
When i spoke to the manager last year he stated that for 2012 thy would have l/h with b767 aircraft to the airports quoted.

Jack1985 24th Feb 2011 22:59

Can i just ask people on this forum, does anyone see Jet2 launching a EMA-FNC service soon? quite a gap in the market in the Midlands for a service to Madeira only TOM operating to/from FNC to BHX & EMA - one weekly as a start would work a treat following the spare capacity for S11 left by SSH.

ematom1 26th Feb 2011 07:28

I can see jet2 doing better with the Greek island routes as baby fr Tom tcx and ls have it pretty well coverd but no low fare routes from rivals babay or fr to Greek routes or turkey.

andy mach 1 26th Feb 2011 08:46


I take it you mean Goa as in India in your list as GOA - Genoa, Italy ; GOI - Goa Diabolim, India.


FR- 26th Feb 2011 10:03

I'd leave the likes of genoa to Ryanair :E

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