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The AN12 would have been 1995 or 96. It was a dangerous goods flight. The cargo was loaded near the hold for 25, as far from buildings and roads as possible.
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I remember the Air Bridge vanguards and TNT BAe146's that use to visit regular on those flights....
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I remember dispatching gill air 330's from BFS-CAX as part of the royal mail skynet must have been late 90's ish
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Perhaps Stobart could even decide to use Eastern Airways with the start up operation come June 2018 for the flights, after all the smallest aircraft they have is the J41 but clearly have other larger types to be using when needed.....just a thought.

We just have to wait and see what there plans will be when they make the announcement sometime this month......
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Seem to remember love air STN-CAX in the early 1990’s
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Can you elaborate on that as I've not aware of any scheduled flights from STN to CAX in the early 90's or ever!

Or are you referring to flights by the RAF under the name of 'Love Air'?
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Lakeside Northwest operated CAX-LPL-STN with a J31(?) For a few months
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Runways re-opening

Any idea when the Runways are re-opening for visiting GA aircraft? Thanks,
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Thanks for the information regarding the previously operated STN to CAX flights that was obviously under my radar as I wasn't aware of such an operation.
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From Wiki:

In 1993 New Air started a London service to London Stansted Airport, but collapsed two months later. Lakeside Northwest continued the service until the end of the year, but also collapsed
Wiki also reckons VLM proposed Fk.50's to LCY - don't remember that!
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Remember the proposal, but then Virgin introduced the Pendolino onto the WCML and services became much quicker
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Routes out of Carlisle have all been historic failures. The difference this time and the only reason they will operate is that the taxpayer will be putting money into Stobart’s pocket. While I would support subsidies to the Scottish Islands it is hard to justify money to Stobart when there is already an hourly service to London by rail. In fact Carlisle is better connected than many areas where rail services were removed in the 1960’s.
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Admittedly previous CAX route attempts have failed miserably, the one I recall was EuroAir Budgies LHR/CAX/DND, and although times have changed whereas more people are travelling by air it is because fares have dropped with the low-cost carrier concept and let it not be missed that Stobart Air already have a relationship with one such low cost carrier so perhaps there may be discussions going on behind the scenes.

But as far as scheduled services are concerned, and having seen VLM already mentioned, I was going to suggest that VLM may be the ideal operator, there can't be much depreciation left to go on F50's thus the operating costs shall be less, but then an operator isn't likely to fill anything like 50 seats in/out of CAX, what with BA offering a LHR service out of NCL, MAN with all it's international services not so far away and with PIK suffering financially for decades just how much of a market does CAX really have?

Perhaps CAX may become like a NWI, NWI has STN not so far down the road, has a relatively sparse catchment area, yet has IT operations, trouble is likely to be finding the appropriate size of scheduled services aircraft whereas load factors shall be profitable whilst able to compete on fares with the not so far away opposition.

But I recall reading that PIK has been making a few bob out of the military popping in for refuels, that CAX seems to have a resident GA market, perhaps the airport may be able to break even or better, I shall be watching with interest.
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To be fair, Stobart were working on their airport plans well before the subsidies for regional flights were launched - but if they are available they would be stupid not to make use of them.
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3 June launch for London, Dublin and Belfast flights. However no news yet on the operator or frequencies -
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I suspect domestic routes will be very difficult to sustain. Operator / London airport / and timings will be critical.

In the meantime, IMHO, Stobart should be on the phone to Lufthansa and Eurowings. NQY has sustained seasonal weekly service from Düsseldorf and Stuttgart on and off for a couple of years now. The south-west has serious appeal for German tourists, no reason the Carlisle couldn't do the same for the Lake District.
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I believe the attraction of Cornwall to German tourists is due to the popularity of a TV drama which is filmed there. Unless there's another shot in the Lake District......
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This is true but Jersey has also sustained German tourism for some time without the benefit of a TV drama (yes I know there is some history to it). Various parts of the UK have received Swiss charters in the past, Enniskillen being a notable one.
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Carlisle Lake District airport to open for passenger flights in June

Flights from the south of England, Belfast and Dublin to the small regional airport are set to boost tourism to Cumbria
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Originally Posted by ara01jbb View Post
The south-west has serious appeal for German tourists, no reason the Carlisle couldn't do the same for the Lake District.
I suspect tourist-based flights (whether charter or scheduled) would have to use jets, and unless there are plans to significantly alter the declared distances on the new runway, that will be a problem at Carlisle. TODA is fine at 1799m but the LDAs of 1317/1445m are unlikely to support e.g. A320
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