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There is only one air tanker 330 GVYGL
GM - GK will be operating for TCX ex MAN
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GVYGL didn't start in 2017 till mid May. Is it still a potential option, or would TUI have it for the whole season as well?
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Read elsewhere there may be a GN being reregistered by Air Tanker, IIRC.
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Of the original order of new B737-800's, 6+ still to be delivered this winter as follows.


The last remaining 4x are due to be delivered anytime between Aug 2018 & Jan 2019

The 2+ second hand Boeing 737-800 bought should be delivered and put in to service before end of winter

So this summer the fleet should be at 90+ aircraft as follows:

18x = Boeing 737-300's

56x = Boeing 737-800's
G-DRTA/B & EI-RUN/EI-RUO (Aircraft to be re-registered onto UK registrations)
EC-IDT (Leased from Air Europa = Based PMI)

12x Boeing 757-200's
G-POWH (Leased from Titan Airways = Based LBA)

3x = Airbus A321's
G-POWN/M (Leased from Titan Airways = Based STN)
YL-LCV (Leased from Smart Lynx = Based BHX)

1x = Airbus A330-200
G-VYGL (Leased from Air Tanker = Based MAN)

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Interesting post regarding Jet2's fleet. Thanks for sharing.

For summer 2018 do you how many aircraft Jet2 will base at each of its bases?
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6 x 738 at GLA
3 x 733, 4 x 738 at NCL
3 X 733, 3X 738 at EDI
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13x B738
1 x A330
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2x B733
2x B738
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5+ B752 (1x leased Titan & 1+ spare)
5+ B738
6+ B733 (1+ spare)

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7x 738
1x 321 (smartlinx)
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2 x B738 (1 flying 1 airport standby)

1 x B738 (air Europa lease)
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The schedules seem to show 2x B738s based at both PMI and ALC this summer. The aircraft at both PMI and ALC operate two returns to the UK each day (except for Tuesday afternoons in ALC, and Tues/Weds afternoons in PMI).

This is on top of the UK based aircraft operating to both PMI and ALC.

Looking at the timings on a Monday in August for example:

PMI Aircraft 1:
PMI 07:30 - STN 09:05 (45min turnaround) STN 09:50 - PMI 13:25
(1hr 10min turnaround)
PMI 14:25 - MAN 16:15 (1hr turnaround) MAN 17:00 - PMI 20:45

PMI Aircraft 2:
PMI 08:00 - BHX 09:35 (45min turnaround) BHX 10:20 - PMI 13:50
(1hr turnaround)
PMI 14:50 - LBA 16:40 (45min turnaround) LBA 17:25 - PMI 21:10

ALC Aircraft 1:
ALC 07:40 - MAN 09:35 (45 min turnaround) MAN 10:20 - ALC 14:15
(1 hour turnaround)
ALC 15:15 - MAN 17:10 (45 min turnaround) MAN 17:55 - ALC 21:50

ALC Aircraft 2:
ALC 08:00 - NCL 10:05 (50 min turnaround) NCL 10:55 - ALC 15:00
(55 min turnaround)
ALC 15:55 - MAN 17:50 (45 min turnaround) MAN 18:35 - ALC 22:30
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G-POWN A321 ops flight LS1664 TFS-STN today.

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Any rumour of Jet2 acquiring the 3 x B75W currently operated by OpenSkies out of paris, which will cease boeing operations this summer? Apparently the winglets make them less attractive/unsuitable for cargo ops. 2 of 3 the are PW powered. The B767 I was told long ago is unsuitable due floor loading issues for high density config.
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Does the source of the rumour know when LS would take delivery of the aircraft and are the aircraft being acquired on lease or they being bought?.

Openskies 2 PW powered aircraft are leased. The RR 757 is I believe still owned by BA.
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Sorry it was a question not a rumour.
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Would be nice to see more than the current dozen of 757's, but i think their focus is very much on the 738 at present.

Eventually they'll need to look at bigger options than their 189 seat 738's, so more 757's would be ideal, but by the time that comes around, the 757's may be past their sell-by date (30+ years)
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I suppose it would be about cherry picking the best ones out there like FI are trying to do. With the openskies ones they'd have been run ragged at BA before but with the openskies operation you can imagine them firstly not being used as much and secondly being in better general condition than the majority of 757's out there, which I suppose begs the question, where would you look for the best examples if you wanted more 757's?
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Surely some of the TUI ones could be worth a shout once they start to be WFU later this year ?
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TUI frames aren't a bad shout, similar use and about the same age as LS's current stock.

I'd be surprised if TUI wanted to sell them to Jet2 though, after all, they are bitter rivals. Their holiday arms are #1 and #2 in the UK market
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