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Doncaster Sheffield-2

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Doncaster Sheffield-2

Old 15th Dec 2017, 08:59
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Barnstable - The TUI mantra, and its not just for DSA is to fill its aircraft by selling holidays as that is where they make their money. Therefore, seat only prices are quite high to discourage people from booking seat only - and only at the last minute will they sell extra seats off cheap.
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Old 1st Jan 2018, 10:28
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people complaining about £ 100 one way from Yorkshire to Spain!

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Old 1st Jan 2018, 18:02
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Obv not a Yorkshireman! When you can get EMA-ALC (EMA 1 hr away from DSA) for £50, £100 is £50 difference... x2 people x2 sectors thats £200 for an apt!
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Old 1st Jan 2018, 18:32
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Is that one way or return? If RTN, then the route is losing money. Even single, it's marginal.
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Old 1st Jan 2018, 19:16
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FR flights EMA-ALC frequently £32..that’s reality, losing or marginal! At this many will not pay the DSA premium to fly local with BE or TUI
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Old 1st Jan 2018, 21:00
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I’m wanting to fly out of DSA to Dublin but I’ve been priced out by Flybe.
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Old 1st Jan 2018, 23:38
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Flybe pricing is strange.

In July I had to urgently return from holiday from AGP to MAN due to my daughter needing to be admitted to hospital. Loads of flights available to MAN so no problem there.

After a few days I'm looking for a flight back to AGP, but all fights from MAN are full, same at LPL and EMA, I couldn't get a flight for love nor money. Then I checked flights from DSA and Flybe had availability at only £60.49. When I boarded the next day I was surprised to find the flight was only about half full.

Not good management by Flybe.
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Old 2nd Jan 2018, 09:07
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Originally Posted by DSA-DUB View Post
Iím wanting to fly out of DSA to Dublin but Iíve been priced out by Flybe.
I'm surprised. This is my normal flight - usually booked last minute.

By the time I look at the inconvenience of getting to another airport for an stupid o'clock start, the cost of parking etc the Doncaster flight, the reduced risk of traffic value looks better....

Only thing I can't get to work is the return journey which normally involves an extra hotel. Usually fly to manchester and get late train. (PS if you do this get first class. Dirt cheap, and the train is normally busy as the A380 passenger load gets in..
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Old 3rd Jan 2018, 18:43
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DSA's catchment area isn't tiny, as LA suggests. However, most in the catchment area have 4 or 5 alternative airports to choose from. Very few are inconvenienced by flying from somewhere else. I'm a Sheffielder who regularly flies to and from Alicante who'd love to fly from DSA but the price and the (currently early morning) flight times with Flybe and TUI make me look at EMA, MAN and even Liverpool.
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Old 3rd Jan 2018, 19:24
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Airports define catxhment areas by time. Always have, so LeedApproach your comments are somewhat redundant.

In actual fact if you understood how it works it's more complex than simply catchment areas.

As for the fares, I would argue that the sentiment above is wrong. Is flybe are charging significantly more than the competition at EMA then that tells me demand is high. If they can charge double and still
Achieve the load factor then demand must exist. In this case it's a supply driven model and good news for flybe.

At the end of the day all of this is a balance between supplier and consumer. Where one wins the other loses.

Of course it's great when competition drives down fares (and it's competition that drives the fares down leeds approach not the size of the airport) but when the consumer 'wins' in the long terms it's unsustainable (aka Monarch). There has to be a balance.

Personally £100 for a fight to ALC is not that bad. You can not supply a flight for £39 profitably. It's impossible.
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Old 3rd Jan 2018, 19:56
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I disagree. DSA has a strong catchment, but like STN, it will take time to develop services and establish its base. It is not the size of the catchment that determines the fares, it's the competition from other airlines, and like I said above, some competition is good and the nature of open skies, but the problem with too much competition is ultimately someone has to lose - this was shown with Monarch last year and there may well be further consolidation to come.

DSA is not in the same league as BLK or MME, and in terms of catchment areas with the phase II link road about to open, i'd say DSA probably has a bigger catchment area than leeds ... and with the Sheffield city region really starting to propser, there are good things ahead for the airport I am sure.
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Old 3rd Jan 2018, 20:37
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...and you choose which ever fits your agenda!
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Old 3rd Jan 2018, 22:25
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Freight flts

I have noticed a number of large freight planes coming out of Doncaster and heading south in recent months.

Is their a regular freight schedule or are they only ad hoc ?

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Old 3rd Jan 2018, 23:19
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A ridiculously loud Antonov bound for Gothenburg woke me at 0130 this morning, so I hope that one isnít.
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Old 3rd Jan 2018, 23:25
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Originally Posted by LEEDS APPROACH View Post
My comments are explaining the maxim. DSA is ringed by airports with much bigger catchment populations and that is why those airports are able to offer cheaper fares/better service. That is the law of catchment populations and why DSA would naturally struggle like BLK and MME for example.
LA can you give me the figures for the catchment areas of MME NCL and LBA please. Just would like to know what figures you are using to back up you statement above.
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Old 5th Jan 2018, 08:58
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Can anyone advise what the Antonovs to and from Sweden are hauling? Car parts? They provide some lovely sound effects over North Yorkshire, as well as some intriguing routings.
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Old 8th Jan 2018, 09:04
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I would have thought its car parts going to Sweden.

Also losses are up at the airport.

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Old 9th Jan 2018, 08:48
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22 million loss.
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Old 9th Jan 2018, 10:26
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Taken in the context of Peel's operations as a whole it's not a huge amount. Peel obviously sees a future in DSA, hence the investment, advertising and sponsorship. The losses are accompanied by increased passenger numbers. Obvioulsy such losses are unsustainable year-on-year but as they are pre-tax I imagine that they may be offset against taxes on Peel's profitable operations.
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Old 9th Jan 2018, 10:29
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drop in the Ocean when they turn it into housing & offices.
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