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TimmyW 28th Jul 2017 10:18

Doncaster Sheffield-2
FlyBe will be basing two aircraft again next summer.

Pretty much the same schedule, with one less rotation for Berlin per week. No sign of Palma for next year yet.

Barnstable 1st Aug 2017 16:06

From the airport site

Next stop, the airport… as new bus route launches from Sheffield

August 1, 2017 http://flydsa.co.uk/uploads/slider/_...s_service.jpeg

Passengers from Sheffield and Rotherham needing to travel to Doncaster Sheffield Airport have a new travel option thanks to Stagecoach Yorkshire.

The first ever direct bus route from Sheffield city centre to Doncaster Sheffield Airport (DSA) sets off on September 3rd and will operate 7 days a week, taking approximately 45 minutes to reach the terminal building.

This news comes on the same day that the airport announced its Summer 2018 routes with Flybe to 10 destinations across Europe including Paris, Dublin, Faro and Malaga now on sale for travel up to June 8.
Steve Gill, chief executive of Doncaster Sheffield Airport said: “This is excellent news all round for our passengers. We are thrilled that Stagecoach Yorkshire is introducing this new route from Sheffield to the airport.

“This is a further step in improving our connectivity and strengthens our proposition to the rest of the travel and airline industry”

The service will operate eight times a day from Sheffield serving peak flight times in the early morning and evening focusing on Wizzair and Flybe flights from the airport.

Matt Davies, managing director of Stagecoach Yorkshire, said: “We are extremely pleased to be launching this new service from Sheffield city centre to Doncaster Sheffield Airport.

“We are keen to support the growth of Doncaster Sheffield Airport which we see as an important regional asset whose growth will only be of wider benefit to the region.

“We’ve worked closely with the team at the airport to develop a schedule that works with their busiest flight times and we are looking forward to working with partners to develop this service further in the future to accommodate more flight times“

The 737 Stagecoach bus service will depart from Sheffield Interchange, from Sunday September 3, with the first service leaving at 4.45am calling at Wickersley, Bramley, and arriving at the DSA terminal at 5.30am.

Tickets for the new service cost just £6 single fare, £6.30 for an unlimited travel explorer ticket which also includes Supertram services and £10 for a family explorer ticket for two adults and up to three children.

Summer 2018 flights with Flybe are on sale for travel to all destinations up to June 8 with the further summer period to be on sale in August.

Barnstable 2nd Aug 2017 09:56

Basically the bus will take the M18 from the airport to Junction 1 then use A-roads the rest of the way. A time of 45 mins is given, except at peak times when 55 mins is allowed. Just two stops in the Rotherham suburbs. No stop at Rossington or the Wildlife Park.

The fare of £6.30 (with an unlimited tram and bus pass) sounds excellent value given that a taxi from Sheffield is 40 quid and is just 20 mins quicker.

Although the distance is longer, the time still compares favorably with other airport buses. I spent the best part of an hour recently on the bus from Bristol Airport to the city centre.

Jetscream 32 2nd Aug 2017 10:41

Hope they remember the baggage issue on town buses versus airport car park buses etc... would be good if all regional airports joined the dots in this regard.. good on them

MDS 2nd Aug 2017 14:17

Good news as Flybe looks to resume Summer 2018 at DSA with the following:

TXL - 2x Weekly
ALC - 3x Weekly
AGP - 3x Weekly
NQY - 3x Weekly
FAO - 3x Weekly
DUB - Daily
JER - Daily
AMS - Daily
CDG - Daily

Unfortunately PMI doesn't appear to be loaded in the system, although considering it was operated with only an E175 this year it may not have been as successful as hoped.

Glad to see strong daily commitment to four routes.

wowzz 2nd Aug 2017 14:55

The current late afternoon departure to PMI, with an arrival time back to DNS after midnight would not have helped attract pax to the route. In addition, no Saturday or Sunday flights is also a drawback. The route with these schedulings never stood a chance.

tommynwi 2nd Aug 2017 15:09

Not forgetting that Flybe have only released flights up to June and the Palma flights for this year didn't start until July. So may go on sale with the next batch.

Rob732 2nd Aug 2017 15:29

No FAO? Would be good to see a BCN squeezed into the schedule.

Cazza_fly 2nd Aug 2017 18:04

With the reduction in TXL (by 2x weekly) and the current missing PMI, i'd absolutely expect to see some changes to timings and a potential additional route or two added before next year in

As mentioned before, BCN could be a strong possibility and a good choice. It has performed well (pax figure wise) ex-DSA in the past.

Good to see them yet again proving wrong those who said they were pulling out...

cumbrianboy 2nd Aug 2017 19:24

FAO is operating 3 x weekly in S18.

Having had a quick glance at the schedule would appear that there is an arrival at 1835 every day with no outbound after it, plenty of time to do something in the evening I would have thought

G-FORZ 2nd Aug 2017 19:52

Be nice to see some evening short sectors to NQY and JER on a Fri/Sun, very few options from the Yorkshire regionals for Weekend getaways, would also serve people working in Cornwall Mon-Fri

MDS 2nd Aug 2017 20:39

Originally Posted by Rob732 (Post 9849973)
No FAO? Would be good to see a BCN squeezed into the schedule.

I stand corrected, as cumbrianboy mentioned FAO is 3x weekly.

Originally Posted by cumbrianboy
Having had a quick glance at the schedule would appear that there is an arrival at 1835 every day with no outbound after it, plenty of time to do something in the evening I would have thought

Agreed - as I think it's an E175 it would be great to perhaps do a domestic EDI sector or some smaller French town niche weekend markets as Flybe was famous for.

TOM1747 7th Aug 2017 09:53

I noticed on the FODSA website that Thomson are operating flights to Kefalonia from DSA next summer, plus additional flights to other existing routes such as Dalaman, do we have any further information on this?

canberra97 7th Aug 2017 22:00


I take it you haven't looked on the TUI website as the summer 2018 flights are clearly visible including those from DSA!

egcntristar 4th Oct 2017 08:53

To answer my own post #1192 2Excel's 737 will be based out of STN for VIP work and not DSA.

Vulcan to the Sky have applied for planning permission for a visitors hanger to house XH558, this is to be located to the north of the fuel farm.

TimmyW 8th Oct 2017 18:47

New route from TUI for next summer to Naples.

Barnstable 21st Oct 2017 20:48

No Berlin from next June, according to the Flybe timetable

egcntristar 25th Oct 2017 12:52

TUI introducing a weekly Hurghada flight from Winter 18/19.

Rob732 25th Oct 2017 13:00

Great news on Hurghada. Would also be good if the airport could get round to advertising Naples as a destination (canít see anything on their website) and I believe itís been on sale a week or two.

davidjpowell 25th Oct 2017 19:58

Massive sulk from me this week.

Flybe DSA to Dub missing some days from the schedule. Had to cross to Manchester. Which makes me miserable.

A kick in the balls to their regular business customers.

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