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Old 16th Aug 2014, 09:44   #101 (permalink)
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Do we know the actual pax numbers for July and what routes were up and what was down also do the figures include Caen
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Old 16th Aug 2014, 10:01   #102 (permalink)
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July Figures

Total passenger numbers in July were 114,431, an increase of 2% on July 2013.

The figures for the new Flybe/Stobart routes were:

RNS.. 2,671... 58% load factor
GRQ.. 2,087... 54%
CFR.. 1,437... 53%
FMO.. 1,599... 36%
ANR.. 1,593... 34%
MST.. 781...... 29%

The numbers for the other routes, including percentage change year on year, were:

JER.. 2,285.. 81%... -64%
NQY.. 1,669.. 76%... -31%
SXF.. 7,818.. 93%.... +5%
DUB.. 6,427.. 60%.... +6%
VCE.. 4,710.. 89%.... -8%
AMS.. 16,934. 88%... +31%
FAO.. 10,388. 83%... +11%
ALC.. 12,472. 91%..... +3%
BCN.. 9,422.. 86%... -23%
IBZ.. 3,648.. 84%.... -7%
AGP.. 8,902.. 92%.... +1%
PMI.. 6,062.. 88% EZY... +7% (plus 933 Volotea @ 117 pax per sector.)
GVA.. 6,858.. 85%... N/A
KRK.. 5,409.. 96%.... +5%

The 4 x weekly KRK finishes on 14th September and if anyone can explain the logic of this move I should be grateful. Both the LGW-KRK and SEN-KRK are regularly sold out and the yields appear good on both, yet when the SEN-KRK finishes in September EZY don't seem to be increasing the frequency of their LGW service. Both routes showed growth of around 5% in July compared to last year.

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Old 16th Aug 2014, 13:04   #103 (permalink)
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Expressflight many thanks for the figures some surprises but six new Flybe routes seem OK for they are only about a month to six weeks of operation, but as you say KRK makes no sense what so ever.
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Old 16th Aug 2014, 15:04   #104 (permalink)
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NQY-SEN 76% seems to be holding its own on the Q400 to be honest.

Any suggestion the route will return next year on BE ?

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Old 16th Aug 2014, 15:10   #105 (permalink)
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I'm wondering if there is an as yet unannounced alternative to KRK planned?

Otherwise, makes no sense.
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Old 16th Aug 2014, 23:32   #106 (permalink)
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Good pax numbers for the volotea flights,maybe we could see an increase in flights for 2015, volotea/ thomson management must have noticed this
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Old 17th Aug 2014, 09:53   #107 (permalink)
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AF Codeshare

The Flybe SEN-CFR and SEN-RNS flights are now bookable on the Air France website under AF flight numbers.

This should help the future development of both routes.
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Old 17th Aug 2014, 19:36   #108 (permalink)
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Pax rolling percentages of london airports. Lhr 2.6% lgw 6.1% ltn 4.5% lcy 4.7% and the winner by a country mile is london southend airport with 29.4%,weldone to all at sen great news:

There are statistics and then there are statistics which mean nothing. This is one of them as Southend is starting from a low number but then any growth is a good thing even the 2.2% growth for July.

While Southend had 2.2% growth Stansted had 11.6%, Luton 11.7%, Gatwick 6.1% Heathrow 2.6% and London City 4.5% so I could claim that Southend is London's worst perfoming airport.

Statistics can be slanted to give good or bad news depending on the agenda of the individual but the bottom line is that Southend is doing well but not spectacularly well.

Stobart Air/ Flybe are not going to make a big difference to passenger numbers but easyjet could if they show more commitment to Southend but Stobart /Flybe do offer diversity which has to be a good thing.

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Old 19th Aug 2014, 01:34   #109 (permalink)
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Is there any discussions in the pipeline on ye're side of Stobart or Flybe Re-opening SEN to Waterford
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Old 19th Aug 2014, 12:21   #110 (permalink)
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Plans for a multi million-pound redevelopment of Carlisle Airport have been approved.

City councillors have backed resubmitted proposals for a freight terminal and revamped runway.

Stobart Air said it expected work on the £20m project, which also includes car parking and a fire station, would start before the end of the year.

The company said it retained long-term plans to reintroduce limited passenger services to the airport.
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Old 22nd Aug 2014, 07:34   #111 (permalink)
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Of the smaller airports – handling fewer than four million passengers a year – London Southend in Essex and Robin Hood Doncaster Sheffield topped the satisfaction table, each with a score of 85 per cent. It is the second year running Southend has taken the number one spot
Well done Southend, small is beautiful
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Old 22nd Aug 2014, 10:14   #112 (permalink)
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London Southend Airport has beaten all other UK airports for the second year running to once again be named Best in Britain in the latest Which? airport passenger survey.
The Essex terminal topped the poll with a customer score of 85% - a 1% increase on last year - and a maximum five star rating in seven of the 10 categories assessed (thatís an improvement on the five categories maximum scored in the 2013 poll).
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Old 23rd Aug 2014, 00:18   #113 (permalink)
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RUMOUR going around SEN that stobarts are going for an extra 40 pilots for next year,i think that they have a few more AT72s on order,but how many more planes would they have to get(assuming they are looking for ATR pilots)(AIRBUS/BOEING maybe) could this part of STOBARTS plan for to hire planes and crew at short notice......any thoughts?
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Old 24th Aug 2014, 12:08   #114 (permalink)
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Question Northern Cyprus

A holiday company is offering holidays with flights from SEN to Northern Cyprus, is this a non stop service and with which airline, (apologies unable to find details thru search)
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Old 24th Aug 2014, 12:16   #115 (permalink)
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Trinity 09L

If its direct its probably to Larnaca on the Greek side of the island and then passengers bussed over the border. Northern Cyprus is not recognised by the UN as a country with most countries (except Turkey) not flying into the Ercan airport on the Turkish side.
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Old 24th Aug 2014, 13:24   #116 (permalink)
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If it is really direct, then I will put my money on Atlasjet.
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Old 24th Aug 2014, 13:31   #117 (permalink)
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I don't really think atlasjet will move from LTN to Southend.
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Old 24th Aug 2014, 13:32   #118 (permalink)
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AtlasJet have just started routes from Luton. I wonder if this has something to do with the new Cyprus airways route from Stansted? Probably just a website error or something but would like to be proved wrong.
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Old 24th Aug 2014, 21:15   #119 (permalink)
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The small print has been re read , and not Southend, but Stansted still assume a stop on way, apologies again
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Old 26th Aug 2014, 14:34   #120 (permalink)
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Routes to replace Krakow

From a professional side. Routes to Turkey, either DLM or AYT could be an idea for the Orange ones. Should be able to operate from SEN and there is always the demand for seat only or package customers. Anyone have any views?
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