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Last time I was transiting BCN during those ubiquitous Spain national strikes all VY planes (tens of them) were parked and no flights operating. Only Ryanair were not on strike and flying. You get what you pay for. If you are cheap and do not pay for a reliable service like Ryanair provides you may not fly at all.
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I do actually recall that strike and it was a general strike in Spain, so it wasnt just Vueling. Unfortunately being a Spanish airline, they are prone to that due to the state of the economy. But they provide a much better service than both FR and EZY in normal conditions.
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higher fares

They have right to try to get as good (high) prices as possible and it seems that on some routes it's pretty easy to achieve (like on many routes from Finland as well). However, in order to keep the price level high, some frequency reductions became unavoidable. The consequence: pax numbers fall not only on these direct routes, but also self-made connections are often less convenient / unachievable. Formerly, regardless of Ryanair's underestimation of this phenomenon, self-made connections were an important by-product, nowadays it's by far less and less sensible option.
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I don't know which dates you are quoting but I've looked at the Ryanair booking engine for July and August and your £216 fare takes a bit of finding.

In these months the most expensive outbound (BRS-GRO) is shown as £115 and the highest inbound £112 but these are not typical.

Most of the one-way fares shown are in the range £55 to £90 for peak summer and it's possible on numerous dates to find 'return' fares of £150 or less, sometimes as low as £120 with a few even lower than that.

easyJet (they don't have a 10kg hand baggage allowance by the way - there is no weight restriction so long as the bags can be safely stored in and retrieved from the overhead lockers without assistance) is also typically much less expensive than the fare you quoted.

Ryanair (and easyJet) also offer greater flexibility in that they operate daily (2 x daily on some days).
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East Midlands Nottingham to Poznan Lawica
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I don't know what all this is about high fares.

EasyJet tend to start off expensive then get cheaper for a time before getting very expensive the closer you get to travelling.

Ryanair always starts off very expensive and get progressively cheaper generally speaking until about 2 months before travel. We usually book for July/August around March time when the prices are generally lower.

We're in late January now and already flights for a typical family holiday is getting reasonable. For Ryanair from Stansted, the base fares for 4 passengers in July for a week in Ibiza about £440, Corfu just over £800, Barcelona less than £400, Krakow about £410, the list goes on. None of those prices to me seem unreasonable or significantly higher than the same time last year and I think now they'll only get cheaper into the spring.

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£30 per sector for an infant is a high fare to pay compared to most other low co plus you have to pay £10 carriage e/w for extra items of luggage. Some fares for an Adult are less than half that price at times which does not add up.

£20 per sector with Easyjet for example and no extra carriage charges for an extra item.

Luggage is also higher in charges for 20kg, excess baggage too.

I think Easyjets prebooked seats are cheaper too aren't they?

It all adds up!
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RYANAIR belgian film

For those of you who speak French :

Ryanair : la vie Low-Cost - YouTube
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this programme was on Irish TV last week, on TG4.
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Ryanair adds Munster-Osnabruck (FMO, Germany).

From 4JUN they will link FMO with GRO and AGP, both 3/7.

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This guy is still alive?

It is obvious that this company exploits its employees. In a way I feel sorry for those who have no choice but to work for rats like O’Leary... And to think he equates an airline pilot to a taxi driver... What an idiot!

He doesn’t think much about his airline too because he compares it to McDonald’s restaurants… Nice, I would really like to be compared to a fast food restaurant where quality is the last thing on their mind. If it smells like sh!t than it must be sh!t.

Not that I fly on commercial airlines a lot (not too may deadheads in my business) but I can tell you that I stay away from those types of operations when I do.

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And... they're off...
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O’Leary... And to think he equates an airline pilot to a taxi driver...
In the old days of Air UK we ran services to Amsterdam from many UK airports: Stansted, Norwich, Humberside, Leeds/Bradford, Newcastle, Birmingham, Manchester, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen - there were more but I can't remember them all nowadays.

At Amsterdam, the passengers would then connect with KLM's long-haul inter-continental flights. (And of course vice-versa on their return).

One wag in Air UK commented: “We are the taxi drivers who take the passengers to the airport”......and it sure felt like that at times.

I never thought I would find myself agreeing with O'Leary!
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My sympathy is with Ducksie on this when (his nickname from our Jesuit education), too many regualtions and safety nets for customers can sometimes stymie a business.

Now Ducksie has deep pockets but this ruling is madness, and of course come airlines will be impacted more than others.

Still he was right to challenge the original ruling but I do believe if youpay a really low fare then maybe you should take the extra ordinary events that can happen and not seek financial redress for a short extra week or two in the destiantion of your own choice,I mean bosses understood your delay backto work ? maybe as citezens we are getting too molly coddled....

Ah well always good to read any FR thread ,
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In reply to jackharr...

Yes, yes, pilots merely bring people from point A to point B much like a taxi or bus driver but there is a big difference in the equipment we operate.

The level of studying both in theory and practice, the level of experience acquired over many years in perfecting your craft (stick and rudder) from the smaller aircrafts to the bigger ones does not compare in any way to someone that goes out to be a taxi driver.

The expertise in knowing your machine and its systems, of going to refresher courses every 6 months plus simulator training and then qualification rides every year or two depending on the company, and putting your license on the line every time and consequently your livelihood, the fact that one much be in relatively good shape and pass medicals every 6 months in no way compares to a taxi or bus driver.

And to be told by some jacka$$ that we are like taxi drivers… I don’t think so.

And yes I think pilots should get the big bucks too!
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To Jet Jockey A4

I'm typing this while trying to stop myself from laughing at your posts ! - going into all that detail in comparing pilots to taxi drivers ! Now we all know the differences, why don't you just drive along to the pages of another airline on PPRuNe and promote some more of your humour. Bye bye.
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At Transportraition...

Of course you are entitled to your opinion sir and I'm glad you are having so much fun laughing but no worries because I left the airline world a while back and have been working for better people ever since.

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Hello JET J

Have you moved on to drive a black cab or some other limo?
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Hello turboprop...

I have indeed but it is white with a red trim and goes very fast and far. :-)
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All flights to Warsaw Modlin to operate to Warsaw Chopin until the end of March due to runway closure.

Would be surprised if Modlin opens before the end of April.
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