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Old 13th Jan 2015, 16:49
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B738 - GJZHA

I see that another of the B738 has arrived.
Hanover to East Midlands today, according to Jethro's.
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Old 14th Jan 2015, 16:48
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Yeah, G-JZHA (formerly D-AHFY from TUI [aged 13.9 years old]) has arrived at EMA today from Hannover as EXS51D. I expect that the aircraft has flown into EMA to undergo the treatment of Airbourne Colours (based BOH and more recently EMA) to receive its new paint job.

D-AHFS and D-AHFR (to become G-JZHB and G-JZHC respectively) are to be leased from AerCap, but aged at 14.7 and 14.8 years respectively, I'd expect we'd see them for a long time yet! Still, great to see such a good UK airline expanding like Jet2!

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Old 14th Jan 2015, 22:27
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With Jet fuel prices falling off a cliff the drive towards more fuel efficient aircraft will probably take a back seat. Having said that the NG is still just a tarted up classic and is prone to the same despatch weakness particularly the air-condition and pressurisation systems.

Despite or in spite of their continued success i still find it difficult to take J2 seriously as a long term player in the Lo Co market, their market penetration stops at EMA, the product is good but not cheap and i suspect much of their success is down to not being Ryanair, but Ryanair are changing fast and have a cost base well under half of that of Jet2

A 14 year old NG is still an old aircraft

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Old 15th Jan 2015, 15:09
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I think Jet2's USP is that its the north's leading airline (i.e. doesn't go further south than East Midlands) and that works well to an extent. Yes FR might be in competition with the likes of LS, but I think the Jet2 product relies on loyalty, and I think that this is evident at NCL. FR operates once a day with one aircraft from DUB-NCL-DUB. Thus as opposed to Jet2 who operate 30 Desinations from NCL at peak summer, the planes without a seat spare.

I would say that LS has a massive lead in the market when it comes to its Jet2holidays brand. They've grown strongly since 2007, becoming one of the UK's leading tour providers. That is something FR will never have. all we hear from FR is - we'regoing to buy new aircraft and operate flights to America...

Jet2 have already beaten you to that.

And although I agree that a 14 year old NG is an older aircraft - in comparison to the rest of Jet2's fleet, is is quite new. A lot of airlines don't want 14 year old NG's, so the price of the aircraft drops to accommodate that. Jet2 have always went for the older aircraft as these are cheaper, and I suppose it is their business model, which I think they should keep! If you are doing well and expanding at such a rate, then don't change it. There's nothing wrong with these older aircraft, and this is evident, as you can look at Monarch, who do own some brand new aircraft, and are forking out on 30 737MAXs, but they aren't doing so well and are showing signs of struggle, at least Jet2 aren't!
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Jet2 737-300's

Hi all, whilst on Flightradar 24 earlier, I noticed there seems to be a lot of 737's from Jet2 positioning from Gatwick to I assume Leeds. Does anyone know why this is?
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Old 17th Jan 2015, 16:31
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Jet 738

I'm not disputing J2 business model or its strategy of running used aircraft. Jet2 Holidays have done very well. The transatlantic stuff is rather different, a few seasonal Xmas flights does not make for a successful transatlantic operation and certainly not with very old 757's on ad hoc ops.

Loyalty is this game is very shallow as a quick look on Skytrax will show!! next Summer will show whether they have built enough resilience to the flying programme to support an ambitious summer with different aircraft.

Good luck and good to see them doing so well
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Old 17th Jan 2015, 18:00
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I think Jet2 should "relegate" the 757's to medium/long haul in their old age. Cararies, Egypt? USA etc.
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Old 17th Jan 2015, 19:44
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Re the comment/ question about Jet2 ac positioning LGW LBA, this may be due to charter work ex LGW, in previous years they were doing charters ex LGW and ski may be included, as has been the case at Dublin in recent years.

I've been watching the airbus progress on Jet2, i.e. getting airbus this year, or rather operating for the airline on wet lease etc. The bigger future question that may have been made clear on the thread, but I am completely unaware of it is;

with an ageing fleet of 737-300's but in particular the QC models that do extensive cargo work; what happens when these outlive their good life, what is the alternative. The cargo operation brings significant benefits in terms of unit cost per aircraft, as they can operate over night when the fleet is otherwise idle and a significant revenue driver, especially in Winter when they have much small flying programme.

equally they operating the Royal Mail contract they need to have to be able to meet their requirements but without a QC model in the future? This could have significant cost base implications?

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Old 17th Jan 2015, 20:32
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Lots of life yet in the QC's and if there is demands then NG may follow at around the 15 year point which is not far off.
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Old 17th Jan 2015, 20:47
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A freighter/quick-change conversion program for 737NG's was launched last year so that will be probably the answer.
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Old 17th Jan 2015, 22:33
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The LGW positioning flights were due to a series of corporate charters from LGW to SXF for a large conference
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Old 17th Jan 2015, 23:02
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At last contract renewal, it was reported that income from the mail contract was significantly down due to the competitive nature of the bidding process.

When the A320 comes, expect the mail to be quietly dropped.
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Old 19th Jan 2015, 10:25
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Can anyone tell me why there is a EDI / Verona in the winter - could be ski but no one else seems to fly there ? Also it seems to have a long lie over at Verona as I cannot see any Z formation flight back to anywhere else in UK ?
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What's a Z formation? It's called a W pattern. The flight is operated as EDI-VRN-BRS-VRN-EDI.
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Z formation is a sideways N formation - only joking, no serious replies please !
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Boeing 737-800 G-JZHA has positioned from EMA to LBA as EXS031E. It Departed EMA at 13:45GMT, and arriving LBA at 14:11GMT this afternoon (Tue 20/01/15). I can confirm that it has been painted from all white to the Jet2holidays livery, and was seen rolling out of the hangar at EMA yesterday afternoon:

G-JZAH (Image Courtesy of Airbourne Colours on Facebook)

I can also confirm that all white G-GDFS has now been painted into the Silver livery:

G-GDFS (Image Courtesy of Airbourne Colours on Facebook)

...and all white G-GDFY, is in the hanger now, undergoing painting into the Silver livery also.

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Old 20th Jan 2015, 19:03
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nice! Glad the silver still on the go... more sophisticated than the bucket n spaders
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Is there any method, like a 50/50 livery split? Or just a decision per aircraft and see where it ends up?

In the same breath is there any kind of system around how they are deployed? I can't imagine there will be, seems strange them having two liveries but I presume it could be part of the success of the jet2holidays brand. Did Allegiant say anything?
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Old 22nd Jan 2015, 22:20
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Well, as far as I'm aware, they don't have a strict method in the liveries they choose, and it looks as if it is more decision per aircraft, when it gets sent down for paint. This is evident I suppose when you look at the 738's in the G-GDF* series.

G-GDFP, G-GDFR, G-GDFS are all in the standard Jet2 livery. The we have:
G-GDFU - in holidays livery,
G-GDFV - in red livery,
G-GDFW - in holidays livery,
G-GDFX - in red livery,
G-GDFY - in red livery,
G-GDFZ - in holidays livery,
and of course G-JZAH in the holidays livery also.

There is no system as to where the liveries are deployed, i.e. Jet2holidays aircraft don't only serve the sunny Spain and Canary Island routes. Both liveries are treated as one, and the cabin fit inside is no different, still all with the red and grey seats. So it means that an aircraft like G-GDFZ, could be on MAN-TFS-MAN one day, and then be off to BUD, or CDG the next, and the same applies for the aircraft like newly painted G-GDFS.

In terms of Allegiant, Jet2 have pretty good relations with them, and it seems Allegiant have no problem with it, as although the liveries look identical, there are certain brand guidelines which class them as not. Like the sun on the tail - on Jet2holidays aircraft, the points of the Sun are rounded, where as on the Allegiant aircraft, they are not. There are also other slight differences, the colours are slightly different, and the positioning of the sun on the winglet, (when appropriate) on Allegiant aircraft, it is on the bottom, and Jet2holidays, in the middle.

I can only agree that it is the success of the Jet2holidays brand that makes Jet2 paint the aircraft in both liveries - I suppose it makes them stand out a little for doing so too!

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Cheers for clearing that up LS still have about 4/5 different Sun's flying around though haha, some are quite noticeable, its from when they first started using the holidays livery.

I still think getting rid of the "2 tail" was a terrible terrible mistake.
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