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Old 24th Jun 2012, 17:06
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But MME isn't owned by the same company as DSA and LPL...
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Old 24th Jun 2012, 17:24
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Who owns what?

With all the comments on the DSA thread Peel must be still pulling the strings. With all the different share's going here and there to new Peel companies, does anyone know who owns what? Are VAS just a share smoke screen for all the share sales?

One things for sure the councils don't own DTV anymore!

This northern echo letter by Stan author of Goosepool made me wonder.
If Peel decided to withdraw the ILS at DTV due to costs like they did at Sheffield, would that be another easy way out for them again?

Its worked once for them! Could the councils do anything to stop them?

Airport (From The Northern Echo)

Whats the state of DTV's internal infrastructure these days?
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Old 24th Jun 2012, 17:34
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MME is owned by Peel Investments (DTVA) Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Peel Group. The LA's own 11% of Peel Investments (DTVA) Limited.

DSA and LPL are owned by Peel Airports Limited, which is 65% owned by Vantage Airport Group (formerly Vancouver Airport Services) and 35% by The Peel Group. As far as I am aware there are no other connections between Vantage Airport Group and the Peel Group, so Peel are only minority shareholders in DSA and LPL.

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Old 25th Jun 2012, 19:38
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Peel and what they own.

As mentioned on the Doncaster Sheffield Airport thread.

A bit of Peel history and what they own according to Peel.

Historic timeline - The Peel Group

The Peel owner is now worth 2,075 million!

He lives in Billown Mansion on the Isle of Man if you want to ask for a new baggage belt for DTV


Its all about land and not aviation with Peel.
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Old 25th Jun 2012, 19:46
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Interesting comment under article

Noticed a comment under this newspaper article about Peel from a liverpool chap.
Revolt over Peel Holdings chairman John Whittaker's land deals - Business News - LDP Business - Liverpool Daily Post

The comment below the article.
"2:46 PM on 13/2/2012
Hope this guy doesnt buy anymore of this region..it just lies dormant and derelict ..nothing much moves with Peel unless there are government subsidies to help it along. Dont trust him."

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Old 25th Jun 2012, 20:38
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A1 - did somebody from Peel scare you as a baby?

Despite yards of innuendo all you seem to be saying is that Peel are property development company who will make use of any Government funding that's available - is that it? What do you expect them to do?
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Old 25th Jun 2012, 23:14
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From the result it would appear that talks between the airport and Thomson did not go well. Not surprising really as the same team who encouraged Globespan and Ryanair to fly in direct competition with them ( at more competetive rates?) are still in charge. If Peel were serious with their expansion plans then surely they would have recognised this and done something about it. No contact with the Thomas Cook Group. I don't really know where they will go next.
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Old 25th Jun 2012, 23:39
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paarmo, it's not the same team, in fact quite the opposite, it is in fact a completely new team compared to the one that brought in Globespan and to a much lesser extent, Ryanair.

As for Thomas Cook, the last time I checked they were more likely to go under than MME is!
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Old 25th Jun 2012, 23:41
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I thought Peel had a big cull of managers in most departments.
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Old 26th Jun 2012, 00:10
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I believe it is ! in one guise or another. "WeDo" are now appointed.
You will note a certain familiar name "EmmaO"..... & if you still need convincing then you can read a load of on her link Emma Ormerod - United Kingdom | LinkedIn
I note the undoubted experience (not to say success ) in her dealings with airlines................
Funny but I'm now seeing another dimension as to the past workings of DTV's marketing activities
Also may be of interest to note that previous "colleague" KQ didn't last in the aviation business despite grand titles such as "Airport Director" & "Operations Director" at DTV / Cardiff...Kerry Quinn - United Kingdom | LinkedIn
In noting both CV's the Peel certainly didn't appear too demanding as to qualifications for posts within their aviation activities
It would in retrospect be hard to defend the observation that perhaps they were simply just going through the motions...............and that subsequent events at DTV were to an extent inevitable !

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Old 26th Jun 2012, 15:43
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SWKCBE, why should I have been scared. My points are valid one's.
If Peel aren't interested in aviation especially at DTV, they should hand it back to the councils for the pathetic 500k they paid for it as the promised investment never did appear. Its just lip service like the Sheffield debaucle.

If DTV's ex MD Hughy Lng hadnt given DTV away to Peel at least they might, and I say might, have someone in charge who wants airlines to use the place. The hundreds of acres of DTV land would also be still in the publics (councils) hands as well not some private firm grabbing cheap land.

Dont you find it odd that in 2006 DTV had 900,000 people walking through the doors spending money without having to pay the 6 tax, and now they only have 175,000 (2011 stats)

SWKCBT, Just to make it crystal clear for you, my points are to try and keep the airport open as I use it, and dont really fancy a drive to NCL or LBA. Peel on the other hand just want to shut it from what I can see. If their activities are exposed they might reverse what I can only see as a permanent closure in the not so distant future
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Old 26th Jun 2012, 20:55
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Thumbs down Peel and PR

NIL...absolutely nothing from these guys.

If i was the people with the purse strings I would be looking big time at the economics of the place. For instance..Saturday no flights after 5,,why keep the lights burning until closure at 10?

last posting is correct and skyman as always correct..its a shambles.Peels reputation(not only here but at DSA) is a joke.. they must be immune to the damage they are causing to themselves and the Tees area.

Time to get out peel and leave a little bit of goodwill by passing control back to the local authorities.

I said in earlier posts that nothing will happen new flights wise until 2014..it could be too late..but if Peel are happy to waste there money..well lets take it and hope for the best!!:
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Old 26th Jun 2012, 22:02
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Seems everyone's now coming to their senses re. Peel Group et al.... Unless LAs take control for the whole Teeside/Durham region's interest, rather than "Sops" to Peel's "claims" of having their interests in DTV?!?! then, 5 years or less down the line the words will echo "Told you so!" There are only 2 choices now to choose: Pressure on Peel to bring DTV's performance to over 1m passenger traffic p.a. with plans to increase further. - or withdraw LA and other financial support and cut losses, support Newcastle (or LBA for south of the region) and improve surface express links to these airports and subsequently attract longer range, increased frequencies, and better North East links. - I hope it's not the case ... but you can only flog a dead horse for a limited time. Note: Manchester's success in the North West. Maybe the time has come to concentrate the whole region's support for Newcastle's expansion (Very publicly!) and benefit from increased volume this may bring to our wider region.

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Old 27th Jun 2012, 09:25
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There actually is the ultimate irony in your lasting posting, in your talking of an airport for the whole North East region. The seeds were sown many years ago insofar as to NCL's setup & development asfar back as 1935 but the reality is that it was nothing more than a field with a few wooden buildings & a 5,200 ft runway until as late as the mid 1960's, with it's only ground transport link being the meandering single carriageway A697.
At the same time there was Middleton St George some 40 miles down the road surrounded by a significant majority of the region's heavy industry, with an airfield that offered more potential for development i.e. better land lie, more space & better (at the time) oportunity to develop a significant runway suitable for then longhaul operations.
The rest as you say is history.... NCL won !!!.............
Why is what this thread has been pontificating around over the past few years, and alas I suspect, offers very little oportunity to discuss much other of relevance directed specifically at future development.
Post Script
On reflection then to add to the point I have made, back in the 60's as a child more fortunate than many, I was taken on foreign holidays by my parents who at the time lived in Newcastle. In 1964 we flew to Italy from NCL, a hut being the departure terminal & collected our luggage on return from a trolley in a freight shed. This situation remained largely unchanged until early 1967 when the new terminal was opened.
Conversely in 1966 we flew from Teesside to Majorca on same aircraft from a brand new purpose built terminal building, having been coached down from Newcastle. For all extent & purpose at that moment in time one can assume that DTV as it is now known was a step ahead of NCL & that the pax (who were able!!) were willing and did travel the 40 miles with poor transport links.
IF ONLY.................................

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Old 29th Jun 2012, 17:19
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Thumbs down DTV Aberdeen

Just spoken to mate who should have flown ABZ to here yesterday..diverted to Newcastle not because of the monsoons....but because Teesside didnt have the fireman to cover the aircraft according to the pilot!! he was on a jet and its usually a prop!! Is this the thin end of the wedge as I know the fire service has been cut recently at DTV ? No wonder we cant attract flight...
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Old 29th Jun 2012, 20:46
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JumPing ship before being pushed out by Peel maybe
or perhaps the DTV fire operation being contracted out to this bunch so that fewer can do more for less?
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Old 30th Jun 2012, 16:14
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"NS..or perhaps the DTV fire operation being contracted out to this bunch so that fewer can do more for less?"

Doubt it as the Sembcorp vacancies are for a chemical plant.

Did Peel buy the 2 or 3 farms and farm land (near the southside land) which was up for sale and commented on earlier in this thread?
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Old 30th Jun 2012, 18:01
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Northbound A1
Did Peel buy the 2 or 3 farms and farm land (near the southside land) which was up for sale and commented on earlier in this thread?
Making an enquiry on the Land Registry Office website (for a fee!) is probably the only way you are going to obtain any information. I can't see as to any of those contributing to this forum being in a position to help.
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Old 2nd Jul 2012, 17:22
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Northbound A1
Just a comment on the amount of data you are referring to on numerous links. I feel that you are now substantially diluting the focus of this thread. Whilst I share many common views as to Peel's objectives, perhaps a more appropriate way of directing attention to your concerns is to consider opening a separate Peel ("haters"?) thread !
All the financial information provided in your numerous links is obtianable from "ONE" site, Companies House on their webcheck link". The sites you have attached links to, merely appraise this data and offer little else.
As a point of thought, Peel may be considered as today's villains, but they could not have envisaged being in their current position if it were not for the incompetence of yesterday's "lunatics" that ran "the asylum" long before Peel were on the scene at MME.
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Old 2nd Jul 2012, 19:06
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Skyman, I agree. This is getting so boring. We all know Peel shafted the airport in the past.
Go look at all the other airports in the North and see what their finances are like.

Let's say the banking crisis gets worse and the banks decide to call in the debt. Who would be left standing....... Mmmm......... I think DTVA will still be there.
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