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Old 7th Oct 2010, 18:28
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Probably because the DSA catchment area could'nt support it. Im sure it will do well from LBA.
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Old 7th Oct 2010, 22:32
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All EZS + EZY routes are planned and controlled from LTN and the LBA flights over the winter will operate on UK/EZY registered aircraft on a W pattern.
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Old 8th Oct 2010, 13:02
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Anyone know why the Stansted flights have been released by Easyjet at such a high price for Turkey?
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Old 8th Oct 2010, 19:20
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Probably because they think they will sell them at that price??
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Old 9th Oct 2010, 03:48
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I don`t think we will se much more expansion at LPL as they are going for the big airports now, 2011 at LPL is the same as 2010 10 aircraft
Not quite right.

There are 10 based at Liverpool if you count the aircraft flying out of DSA.

Summer 11 sees a program ex LPL for 10 aircraft.

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Old 9th Oct 2010, 06:35
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KrisKross your probably right, perhaps they think everyone in the South is rich, unfortunately that doesn't include me. I thought it was an error on the website because I had been watching the site for the last week or so literally every 15 minutes so there is no way that it could have gone from 40+ to 203 in such a short time....madness.
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Old 9th Oct 2010, 16:57
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Does anyone know what the latest rumours/news is regarding Stelios' view of the the airline still using the easy brand?

What are the contingency brand name likely to be.

I do know from talking with a few national tourist boards that EZY have previously worked v closely with that this is currently not allowed on the EZY side due to the brand dispute.
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Old 9th Oct 2010, 18:16
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Are you looking at the Summer Kids holidays ?

Also remember there has been huge consolidation in the Turkish market with the likes of Goldtrail and Kiss flights going to the wall.

Less competition = Higher Fares.
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Old 9th Oct 2010, 18:30
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goldeneye, yes I am looking at the school holidays. The choices have become slim since the demise of Cyprus Turkish Airlines & Goldtrail. I lost out on my holiday this year due to CTA & then whilst looking for a cheap flight around the time we could go, Goldtrail went bust. Kiss flights never affected me.
I have found out today that Thomsons will not be flying from Stansted in 2011.

I do agree with you about less competition bigger fares but I had been constantly watching Easyjet & saw both the Liverpool & Bristol released at competitive prices for the school holidays but Stansted prices were crazy from the beginning.

The dates that I was looking for have not moved in price since release, I think that sums up how ridiculous they are.
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Old 9th Oct 2010, 21:45
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unless youre lucky and flexible easyjet arent 'cheap', compare them to other airlines, you'll be surprised , especially once all extras are added on
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Old 9th Oct 2010, 21:58
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I am annoyed as I held off from booking with others this year because last years prices were great but I had already booked with CTA because Easyjet had told me that they were not doing the route that I wanted. Needless to say the other airlines have now gone up in price.
I guess it is just not meant to be but it would be nice if someone from the company could tell me why they are so expensive but I have had no joy with customer services.
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Old 10th Oct 2010, 09:55
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The only people who can inform you about the prices are the ones from the commercial department and they won't. Doubt they are allowed to give detailed information even if they wanted to. The rest of us just speculate. 40 pound tickets produce a loss to the company on a UK - Turkey flight, by the way.
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Old 10th Oct 2010, 10:57
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If only it was possible to get them for 40 each way. The Bristol flights were available at 130 return with baggage, I would have been happy with paying a bit more than that but its nowhere close.
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Old 10th Oct 2010, 16:52
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Mind you, if they thought the SE was rich, they wouldn't charge Mrs AM and myself just 417 (including flights and 4 nights in hotel) to Athens later this month! Was chuffed with that
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Old 10th Oct 2010, 19:37
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Easyjet to Athens is not always the best deal. went with BA day time flights from LHR this summer in August for 144 return, all in. This included 23kg baggage, newspaper, meal, two drinks and headsets for in flight films. The fare was cheaper than Easyjet from LGW. admittedly the flights were booked 10 months in advance but comparable flights for next August are 146 retrurn.
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Old 10th Oct 2010, 19:42
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I've had two flights with easyJet in the last few weeks, and on both occasions the catering has been exhausted on the outbound leg leaving only the scraps for those returning.

A320 LGW to ACE on the 23rd (When the French downed tools), our flight was nearly 4hr late out of Gatwick, about two thirds through the first service (the trolleys hadn't met in the middle) we were told that they had run out of all hot food, as well as fresh sandwiches, there was no pepsi left (this was being given out as complimentary due to the delay), and they had run out of JD, Whiskey and a few other bits. That meant those who had a similar delay to ourselves coming home had next to nothing to purchase on board, and while they could have eaten in the airport, Arrecife is incredibly expensive when it comes to food - I would have personally held out until onboard in the hope of getting some cheaper. Also, due to there only being one oven in the front galley, hot food was taking around 20 minutes to come, them only cooking 4 items at a time.

Incidentally, returning on the same flight in September 2009, after departure from Arrecife we were in the same situation, next to no food available.

A319 MUC to MAN on Friday night, bong as the wheels went up and on came the easyBistro announcement; we were told that due to a busy flight outbound there was no hot food available nor fresh sandwiches. We again had the same announcement on a flight back to Gatwick from Prague.

I recall in the early days people were hesitant in buying the often vastly overpriced onboard offerings and the service would be over in a flash, but nowadays it's rare that they get past a row without someone buying something, has the decision to put a bog in place of half the galley (especially on the A320s serving now much longer routes) now become somewhat impractical?

Am I alone in being unlucky in my quest to secure a bacon baguette... I never have a problem getting me a Ryanair Gourmet hotdog
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The actual levels of "fresh" food is something I will actually stick up for Easyjet about. It is incredibly difficult to predict how much you will sell. So for example, MAN-AGP may sell out of fresh item (sandwiches etc) on one day where as on the same service the day after, there maybe a large amount of wastage. What I will say is that this is monitored and crew feed back info on this after each and every duty. Consequently, if there is a trend emerging then supplies will be increased or decreased as the case may be.

Delays quite often mean increased sales and unfortunately it is too late to increase stock. On long flights where this occurs (and it is rare for all stock to go on the outbound) then we try to send an ACARS so that pax are informed. Some more hard faced observers would say that it is not the airlines responsibility to ensure all are fed and watered and that passengers eating habits before a flight cannot be blamed on the carrier. Harsh but I sometimes see their point.

The oven is an issue.....apparently when the airbus was ordered they were only used for crew food and subsequent deliveries have kept the same utility. However, the oven can hold 9/10 pieces of food so I am not sure why they were only cooking 4.....if indeed they were.

I operated MAN-MUC on Friday 1st October. Weekend MUC in the last few weeks have been extremely busy. The outbound that day was probably the craziest flight I have ever operated. Very busy and with a load of 140, 109 were males. It was manic for both food and drink and to put this into perspective, takings were double than the set average for that duty.

In actual fact, MUC-MAN inflight service was fairly quiet (despite an healthy load factor) and so it wasn't a particularly huge problem. But lets face it, whilst not ideal, the sector is fairly short and people often travel for much longer on a train with little to eat. The longer sectors are, in the main, much more reliable and this is partly thanks to the A320's being recatered each time it arrives back in base as opposed to the A319's which are catered twice a day.

Galley space isn't a problem believe it or not although the A320's would be more crew friendly with a full galley but that would probably reduce seat pitch slightly to accommodate the extra toilet. Both the A319's/A320's seat pitch is "reasonable" until about row 25 onwards on the 320.

As for the service getting really does depend what route you find yourself on. TFS for example, especially from a Northern base like MAN, can be very busy with people in the holiday mood. The holiday makers (bless em) still love the whole flying experience and that includes eating onboard. Even those who bring their own food don't often eat when they are hungry but shortly after take off. Probably the way they used to back in the good old days. lol. However, on a MAN-CPH for instance there may only be a select few actually eating and a few won't even buy a drink,

One major drawback regarding the actual drink selection at Easyjet IMO is the fact that there is just too much choice. For example, 2 types of just isn't needed.

It's not an easy task trying to get the figures right on over 1100 sectors each day and anyone who has a formula to do so would become a rich person. That is why I cut Easyjet some slack. There are one or two issues that could be worked on which would help such as the ones I have mentioned but otherwise it's a difficult task.
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Old 11th Oct 2010, 08:27
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EasyJet brand issue sorted

easyJet plc announces amended Brand Licence

All happy in the boardroom again.
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[QUOTE]All happy in the boardroom again.[QUOTE]

2-2.5 % of Profit roughly goes to Stelios................he got the better deal here.
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If someone knows, why EasyJet requires UK transit visa for some 16 hours transit Gatwick-Stansted? My nationality is Russian and all "transit without visa concessios" requirments are met.

It is rather silly to apply for transit visa, costing 50 GBP if I pay nearly the same price for BCN - GTW, STN - TLL flights with Easyjet.
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