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Old 21st May 2016, 20:11
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Are we perhaps being overly critical ? Customer service that keeps people happy almost all the time and an operation with very high levels of reliability costs significant quantities of money. Easyjet is not a full service airline and targets people who are price conscious, albeit not absolute bargain basement.

As the saying goes, you get what you pay for.
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Old 21st May 2016, 20:53
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DJ6 - thanks, well aware of that and don't have a problem with it.

What I do object to is a company not doing what they say they are going to do.
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Old 31st May 2016, 15:43
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Aiding on time departure or more of the non-customer service?

EasyJet to turn away 'have a go' fliers who arrive less than 30 minutes early | News & Advice | Travel | The Independent
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Old 31st May 2016, 16:17
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Plane daft. Being at the gate 30mins before departure means before the inbound has arrived, sometimes. Plain stupid. Surely the decision to board, with no checked baggage, should be made at the gate. You are either there or not. KISS.
With checked baggage and squeezing the time to the gate can involve a baggage search and delays. That's anti-social and bad etiquette, but not uncommon. However, for the supposed 'train in the sky' business model (see SWA) it seems un-attractive and not inviting to pax.
The logistics defeat me. Check-in closes 45mins before departure. Queue at security is 20 mins. You are denied boarding because of the fault on slow security; AND it is their fault.
Flight delays might allow some leeway? That's an interesting one. How updated will the security gates be? On one of the easyjet TV episodes a family attending an important family event in S.France were delayed on M1. They arrived before STD but later than 45mins. They had phoned a friend on board to tell them of their late arrival. They told them there was an hour slot delay. Checkin were rock-solid; not possible and then blamed the captain that as the doors were closed he would not accept them. No sympathy, no discretion, bad advertising. This seems to be an extension of that. The company is designing a model to suit itself hiding behind the 'benefit to customers'. Good customer service needs discretion and intelligent people to exercise it. When to be hard & strong and when to be soft and gentle. As long as the goal is achieved who cares? Oh yes, the customer.
And why just LGW? Why not MAN/FCO/CDG/MAD/etc. eat. These airports have a very long walk time to the gate.
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Old 31st May 2016, 17:34
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Wow, sounds ludicrous. I cannot believe they have spent time and energy on this plan which will pee their passengers off big time. If you are rushing and stressed, the last thing you need is someone saying "your plane won't be leaving for 30 minutes, but we're not letting you try to get to the gate".

“Gatwick security control gates are automatically being timed to close 30 minutes before departure.”
And what if the departure is delayed? The departure could be delayed at the last minute too, which would mean refusing passengers who easily could have made it.

Stupid stupid plan.
Easyjet: Always getting worse.
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Old 31st May 2016, 17:42
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British Airways have a worse policy at LHR where you must enter security at -35, or you're off and it's strictly enforced. It's all to help with OTP and has been a BA policy since day one of T5. Where's the outrage at BA's policy? Or can you easyBashers overlook this?
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Old 31st May 2016, 18:51
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Heathrow T5 has satellite terminals requiring a transit. Gatwick does not.
BA had terrible punctuality pre T5, Easyjet does not
BA at LHR had a high number of people travelling long haul with checked in luggage - which needs to be offloaded causing further delay. Easyjet flies only short/medium haul and has a large number of people without luggage who could run from security to a gate (or would like to try) given a chance.

I don't like Heathrow's policy. Easyjet are being too blunt in their application of the policy - at the very least make an allowance for times when a flight is delayed and a passenger can reasonably make it to the gate for when the gate will actually close rather than when it was meant to close.
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Old 31st May 2016, 19:02
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Captain has little or no discretion to accept late pax at the gate. This was devolved to the Dispatcher some years ago

If you like tea & biscuits with your boss then just try pulling rank, use your common sense and push back one minute late.

Sad but true......
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Old 31st May 2016, 21:20
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Has there been a recent change in customer "service" managment at easyJet?
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Old 31st May 2016, 22:59
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Customer Service

The rule of 30 minutes applies at MAN, however it is slightly longer and closes 40 Minutes before. Then no passenger can be accepted, this can not be checked with dispatch either. You are right in saying passenger doesn't get refund, instead must pay 80 rescue fee.
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Old 1st Jun 2016, 08:48
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Customer `Service`??

Mr A Tis I think you are right. Last month I had a run in with their Swissport staff at Liverpool regarding cabin baggage size, long story, but was told by the cabin crew that Easyjet have started to incentivize ground staff when they get to charge customers 40 to put hand luggage in the hold.

I have e mailed the `Caroline` e mail addy that she has had published in the on board magazine asking if this is true. To date, despite jogs, no reply. I can but presume therefore that this is true.

You`d think they might have learnt from O`Leary`s experience doing this, but it seems Easy are stuck in reverse or could it just be that they have so many more layers of management than Ryanair ??
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Old 1st Jun 2016, 09:00
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If your bag doesn't fit in the guages then it's too big as the guages are actually larger that the allowed bag. So if it fits it's free. If it doesn't then you'll need to pay for it as it's definitely too big. Incentives or not, if the bag is too big then you're not entitled to carry it on for free so I don't see any reasonable grounds for a complaint.

If you're talking about offloads due to too many bags, then there is no charge for this so I can't imagine there's any incentive.
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Old 1st Jun 2016, 09:40
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Can I guess you used the line "well it fit last time"?
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Old 1st Jun 2016, 10:44
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Hearty and Ribena.

Just what I expected, firing blind and totally missing the point.I said it was a long story and I`m not going to elaborate other than the bag went into the frame and onto the plane..The point is that such incentivisation, among low paid staff, is not what a company like Easyjet should be encouraging.

Ryanair stopped it and for good reason.
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Old 1st Jun 2016, 11:35
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I do apologise. You are right, the more they charge their monthly bonus increases.

We used to receive gift vouchers on the amount of things we charged for.
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Old 1st Jun 2016, 11:39
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Perhaps I didn't make my feelings clear. I they're charging incentives then that is their business. I very much doubt this is a easyJet policy but rather a local policy set up by the handler.

If someone does get charged however it is because their bag is too big. If I have to cram everything into one bag and pack cafefully, then why should someone else be allowed to bring their oversize bag onboard? It's not real fair is it?
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Old 1st Jun 2016, 12:24
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I'm sure you guys would be just as annoyed to be sitting at departure time waiting for late passengers, just the type like you who arrogantly think they know everything and can make it to the gate just on time.

Just on time is not good enough. In all other modes of transport trains or buses, if you aren't there before the departure time then you'll likely not make the service. Same should and is looking like will apply in this new system, you can't turn up just on time and hope for the best.

This policy is also likely to have been introduced based on cost. The ground handling company at LGW is Menzies Aviation who have recently introduced an enormous soulless, windowless and fully automated check in area at Gatwick. This new policy seems more of a drive to reduce further staff costs. There is a lot of labour involved in escorting late/denied/offloaded passengers through arrivals, immigration and reclaim back to landside and to rebook their flights.
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Old 1st Jun 2016, 12:39
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It does seem a bit unfair to offload passengers though who could potentially have made the flight. Reality is, EZY, or no other airline for that matter delays a flight for stragglers. What difference does it make for those who were on-time? They are already on the plane ready to go. It will piss off more people than it will ever please.

What's definitely unfair about EZY's policy is that they only allow their Plus Cardholders and those who have paid for extra legroom seats to take a second carry-on bag... and they are permitted to board the aircraft first.

So everyone else faces the risk of their one and only cabin bag going in the hold.

A ruthless policy blatantly focused on retention of higher yielding customers whilst discriminating your typical flyer who only travels once or twice a year on a low budget. Explain to me how that one is fair!?
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Old 1st Jun 2016, 12:47
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A ruthless policy blatantly focuses on retention of higher yielding customers?

Do you feel the same way about airlines with a biz class who allow priority boarding, more than one bag, bigger seats (or 3 seats between 2 people), or 'free' catering or the use of the lounge? Why shouldn't those who pay the most get treated the best or be provided the better services?

Why on earth should these high yielding passengers not be treated better? These are the people who make lots of money for you, year round. The once a year beach crowd are great, but when Chardonnay and Bradley aren't flying in winter because they're saving for Christmas, it's the business woman off to the mainland to strike a deal or meet clients face to face who pays the fuel bill in the quiet winter months.
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Old 1st Jun 2016, 13:41
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Do you feel the same way about airlines with a biz class who allow priority boarding, more than one bag, bigger seats (or 3 seats between 2 people), or 'free' catering or the use of the lounge?
No because it's not remotely the same. Business class passengers pay for a business class service, a different product entirely.

EZY don't have business class service. It's an economy class ticket and an economy class plane. Yes they offer FLEXI fare which entails some of the extra services that attract business travelers but it's still, like everyone else, an economy class ticket.

The thing I personally have an issue with is how the policy is instigated in a way where it almost discriminates or is at the expense of your typical everyday passenger or family.
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