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Old 16th Dec 2010, 19:45
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Phoning reservations costs 10p per minute so they can afford to honour online prices as the phone call will take forever to complete
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Old 16th Dec 2010, 23:41
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Thats a load of rubbish I am afraid, if you call at the right time (IE not during a peak period of the day such as lunch time) then the call will take very little time and little cost.

Sorry Manx crab cant help you then - maybe you should contact their complaints team or instead next time you call reservations speak to a manager. But if you dont want to take my word for it, so be it

On a slightly more positive note, with BE securing the additional funding is there anymore word on the expansion plans. Which airlines they are looking at?? It seems they will offer feeder routes to the flag carriers so are we looking at KLM, SAS, LH, AY - any others? IB maybe?? they are linked in with BA who own a small stake

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Old 17th Dec 2010, 16:15
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Well Cloud1,whilst what you say may be true, I can only relay what your call centre says and you should not have to speak to a manager every time you ring up.

It wasn't essential for me to take luggage so I will just take max size hand luggage and Flybe will be £10.99 poorer and will just book singles in future.
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Old 17th Dec 2010, 17:22
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It's not my call centre - although you are quite right Manx Crab that you shouldnt have to ask for a Manager everytime you call but it could be that it was a new member of staff.... I really dont know. What I would do if you come across it in the future is ask for the Manager rather than grumble about it on an online forum (not suggesting you have personally but others have - people allegedly working in the aviation sector).

Having said all that hopefully that wont be the case (excuse the pun) and soon you will be able to get things booked as you wish without the need to make any calls at all

If you wish to book singles in the meantime thats fine, but just bear in mind that they wouldnt be legally obliged as far as I know to change your return flight free if your outward flight was disrupted something which at the moment is rather beneficial! So there are pro's and con's of flying on two single tickets rather than a return
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not a con, a problem with their website which is still under investigation with IT.
Perhaps a note on the booking page to say that "there is currently a technical problem with the site and passengers wishing to book luggage one way should contact the call centre direct" would be a fairer solution. Sadly, most pax will grudgingly cough up the extra cash, so a nice ancilliary revenue stream?

I'm guessing that the problem is widely known amongst the centres staff and they really should have been briefed as to the correct course of action, including and especially new joiners. Ho hum.

Flybe do so many things well, including sadly these days, maximum revenue extraction.

Manx Crab - please pay attention - this is a public forum to discuss all things Flybe, NOT a place to air your dissatisfaction with service issues Best just meekly accept and not mention it to anyone, there's a good chap.....
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I just booked a couple more round trip seats with Flybe NQY/LGW and despite what is called revenue extraction they were still cheaper than the opposition on this route and always seem to be.

Nobody is perfect. I really like Flybe, the aircraft, the crews, the reliability and as Fascinating Aida sing ( Youtube) there is no such thing as cheap flights for 50p!
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Old 23rd Dec 2010, 21:51
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that fascinating aida clip is a classic!
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Old 27th Dec 2010, 21:19
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Bag Charges

Re the charge of a bag for both ways.... isn't this making it easier for the booking passenger?

It seems so to me.
If I take a bag out, im quiet sure ill be bringing it back, if I book a return sector at the same time, no?

They have made it simpler thats all, for most people.....

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Old 9th Jan 2011, 03:12
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Outstanding DHC8-402Q Deliveries

Can someone confirm :

56 delivered straight from Bombardier to date.
4 to come in 2011 making a total of 60 new frames delivered and in service.

G-PTHA/ B/C were to have originally been G-FLBF/G/H but have since gone to Olympic for good?

Two ex Wideroe remain in service to be replaced by newbies in the spring deliveries. Is that about right?
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Jethro's have G-FLBF/G/H/J as due in 2011 (G-FLBI is already issued to someone else)

You have overlooked G-JECV/W which left the fleet for Olympic and according to BE financials they were sold to them, are now on the Greek register, so presumably left permanently.

Like you, I assume the two ex-Wideroe's will go in the next few months, and there has been mention from within BE and elsewhere of G-JEDI leaving too, beginning the disposal of the oldest frames which are approaching 10 years.

However, I guess that with talk of takeovers, deals in Finland, and ambitions for provide feeder services elsewhere in Europe, precise numbers are bit fluid and they have to have some fleet flexibility.

Then you've got the E175's starting to flowin 2011, which will impact the Q400 fleet too................
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Old 9th Jan 2011, 10:58
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Doe anyone know what callsign they use on the delivery flights?

Or do they use the reg number?

Thanks loads, Dave.
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Old 9th Jan 2011, 11:42
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any new routes from leeds with flybe?
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From what I've heard, there will be 4 Q400 deliveries this year, with one of these replacing G-JEDI which is due to be returned to the lessor when its lease is up.

The first Embraer 175 is meant to be delivered in June and destined for GCI as a Q400 replacement, yet this still isn't confirmed. Of course I stand to be corrected.

With regards to new routes from LBA, who knows, the commercial department are still working on the complete summer programme and thus where the new Q400s will be based. Hope this helps
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A reginal turboprop that is incapable of flying with a full load on a short domestic

BE861 11 Jan - SOU to MAN.

Normally a 195 but on boarding (on time) notice it is a DH8 (G-JEDV). Obviously not a last minute switch as no issues with BPs at the gate.

The aircraft was almost full with only 3 empty seats. Our departure time of 07:10 came and went with no announcement by cabin crew or flightdeck. Eventually at 07:20 the Captain told us that due to a combination of “modifications” to the aircraft, the weather (it was raining but nothing out of the ordinary) and the short runway at Southampton we were over MTOW. Judging by the murmurings of fellow passengers I don’t think that I was the only one who was astounded that an aircraft operating out of one the airlines main bases, on a short internal flight, was unable to take-off with a full load of passengers.

Over the next 35 minutes various people (dispatchers, loaders, etc) came and went from the cockpit. Eventually the captain told us the caterers would be coming to remove the catering trolleys and this would get us below weight. Shortly after the catering was removed the doors were closed and we departed an hour late.

On arrival at Manchester I joined the other passengers at baggage reclaim and waited for my luggage. A small number of bags came off and then the information board displayed “Baggage Delivery Complete”.

At that moment the penny dropped. They had removed most of the luggage to bring the aircraft below MTOW. At no time did anyone inform the pax they were doing this.

Like many of my fellow passengers I had business papers and other work that I needed for the day in my hold luggage. The only reason I do this is due to the zealousness with which the check-in agents at Southampton enforce the 10kg hand baggage allowance. I used to use a roll-along “Pilot” style briefcase that fitted in the sizers, but having to prove every week that it fitted and then being told to remove items because it was overweight (by 1-2 kgs), I eventually gave up and started carrying a smaller rucksack and putting items in my hold luggage.

I've made in excess of 120 flights on BE over the past 2 years. During that time I've played musical chairs so they can get the trim right. I've also had occurence where pax have been asked to put their hand luggage in to the hold to help with trim. However, this is the worst example. Is the Q400 so sensitive that it can't fly with a full load of pax on a short domestic hop?

One crumb of comfort is that I've just had a text saying my bag is being delivered to my hotel this evening. This saves me a trip to the Trafford Centre to get some clothes for tomorrow although with the £25 compo that BE would give me I wouldn't get much!
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This is right Gaza

It would have been a landing weight restriction as to why things were offloaded. The max landing weight of the Q400 is 28,009kg. If you were nearly full, with lots of bags etc then you could have been close to the max take-off weight of 28,998kg. The trip fuel between MAN & SOU can be as little as 800kg meaning an overweight landing. Factor in SOU's short runway and icing conditions the regulated landing weight could be alot less than 28,009kg. Something has to give, generally it is positioning crew first, followed by bags. They could have offloaded pax, so it isn't all bad. Just one of those things.
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The reason the aircraft was over it's max take-off weight was only due to the runway length at Southampton i imagine.

Basically the heavier the aircraft the longer it takes to take-off. Also if the runway conditions were damp/wet, windspeed, obstacles on take-off climb-out can all add ore reduce the max take-off weight.

Other issues is that if fuel was allready placed on the aircraft for round/trip or possible the weather at destination not expected to be good therefore extra holding & diversion fuel. This may have all been done before the final passenger/bag weight was provided adding to the aircraft being overweight.

On domestic lo-cost scheduled flights it is very difficult to calculate bags per passenger ratio sometimes it's 1 bag in every 5 passenger and on the odd day it can be one bag per passenger roughly.

In regards to trim issues and being moved about. Weight and balance of the a/c is like a see-saw. The main landing gear is approx the central pivet in this see-saw. As you look at the Dash 8-Q400 aircraft it is naturally sloaping upwards from front to back. This means that the plane is naturally nose heavy. Or trim is Foreward when empty. The issue is that naturally passengers choose to sit closer to the front and maybe a habit for reserving seats together towards the front after being stung by free-seating airlines. It is ideal for passengers to be sat 1/3 in the front and 2/3 in the back of the aircraft.

In an ideal world if the aircraft is out of trim then any seat changes can be made at the gate. However with a check-in closure time of -20 to STD this can become difficult at times. So people who haven't paid to select their seat unfortunatly are the first to be moved.

There is another issue in the equasion that sometimes the paperwork and trim is perfectly legal when the paperwork is handed to the Captain. However he/she may feel that it is too close to the limit and some passengers are required to move to ensure a better trim. Sometimes passengers also get moved because others have not sat in their allocated seats which are stated on their boarding cards.
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Old 11th Jan 2011, 18:32
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Never mind. I am sure passengers were no more baffled by that than the regular pre-departure announcements that the aircraft are "trim sensitive". Two Flybe flights last week and the different passenger sitting next to me on each one asked me if I knew what "trim sensitive" meant. One crew member overheard and very polite though she was, didn't understand enough herself to be able to explain it in layman's terms to the poor confused chap sitting beside me.
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Hi Gaza
Just for clarity,
Icing conditions are deemed to exist, for departure, when the temperature is below 10ºC and below 5ºC for landing.
The crew have no option (or desire) to operate the aircraft outside its limitations and sometimes it is necessary to make adjustments to achieve this. Of course, the crew are unlikely to know this until presented with the loadsheet.
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Thanks for the informative responses.

I'd like to point out that I am not criticising he crew for not "getting on with it" and ignoring the limitations. My main critisism is with the aircraft itself in that for something whose "bread and butter" is regional operations it should be able to handle a wide variety of situations.

The only thing I will critisise the crew for is not telling us the luggage had been offloaded. If I knew that was happening I would probably have got off and taken the train instead. That way I'd have been able to work and not lost a dyas work.

Coffin Corner - The captain definatley said overweigh for takeoff.

mathers_wales_uk - I'd be surprised if they don't know with a high degree of certainty how may bags will be on a flight. After all most pax book bags in advance to avoid the high charges at the airport.

WRT to seats the BE online check-in engine seems to be quite good at distributing the load. It only makes available certain seats for pre-allocation and seems to allocate most seats at the rear.
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The only thing I will critisise the crew for is not telling us the luggage had been offloaded. If I knew that was happening I would probably have got off and taken the train instead. That way I'd have been able to work and not lost a dyas work.
Unfortunately, the majority of the time, in these situations the crew will not pass this information on to the passengers. There's many reasons why they don't do it although it is very unfair (mainly because it can cause tension/upset in the cabin during the flight). It is then left to the ground crew/handling agents to inform the passengers that your bags are not there... bearing in mind the handling agents will most likely not know why either and will usually only know at the same time as you.
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