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Old 22nd Jan 2013, 18:26
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Fair point Tinwald! Left wide open for that one.

Would like to think I had a similar opinion before working for my current employer.
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Please don't turn this into a Flybe vs Bacon rant... It's all been said before and it's been almost 6 years.

I'm ex-Bacon/citiexpress and am still with Flybe and quite franky it amazes me that a small number of people still feel the need go on about how good or bad it was before the take over. Most of what is said bares little resemblance to what actually happened and is loaded with emotion for some odd reason.

Discussing passengers experience of disruption at Flybe shouldn't descend into a old Flybe vs Bacon whinge.
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Maverick, if Flybe went belly up then im sure BAA would find someone else to fill the slots at SOU. Im sure Easyjet amongst others would be glad of a foothold at Flybe International Airport, oops, sorry i meant SOU.
I may be wrong (and very happy to be corrected) but I'm pretty sure that there are only 3 or 4 stands at SOU that can house aircraft the size of the A319 at the same time. A large number of stands may be out of use due to the proximity of the stands to the runway. Oh and of course, they'd probably be performance restricted of the short runway, and they'd cut the frequencies drastically due to the increase in capacity.

I'm not sure that SOU would be any better off...ask IOM how reliable EZY are given that they've cancelled their sole LGWIOM rotation each day for the last 3 days running....

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An A319 would be ok performance-wise from SOU - fairly similar to the E195's in fact but the way the stands are means it can only handle 2 at one time (three would be possible with re-marked stands) and JobsaGoodun is right about the distance between the stands and runway, tails have to the below 9m high on the East apron. Not sure if EZY would want to dilute some of their own Gatwick traffic too much though if Flybe did go belly up. Actually a little off-topic but it would be very interesting to see who would replace Flybe at SOU if such a thing did happen.
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Ryanair Offers to Sell Part of Aer Lingus

Ryanair Holdings PLC (RYA.DB, RYAAY) has offered to sell off part of Aer Lingus Group PLC's (EIL1.DB) business to a regional U.K. airline in a bid to secure clearance from European Union regulators for its merger bid, a person familiar with the negotiations said Tuesday. In its latest package of concessions, Ryanair has put Flybe Group PLC (FLYB.LN) forward as an upfront buyer for around half of the Aer Lingus business, the person said. Flybe would take over 43 of the Irish carrier's routes, while British Airways, a unit of International Airlines Group PLC (IAG), would operate fewer routes than originally foreseen, but would hold onto the three lucrative London Heathrow to Dublin routes. BA would then be able to retain the coveted landing slots after three years. Under an earlier offer, Flybe would have operated a number of routes but the latest bid, submitted last week to the European Commission, envisages a far greater role for the carrier. It would also take over some of Aer Lingus's infrastructure and offices, the person said. "They have relinquished their old remedies package and have indeed come up with something pretty radical," the person said. One legal expert said that Ryanair's original proposal to give up Heathrow slots to British Airways could have created another competition issue. The EU may also want Ryanair to give up routes where Aer Lingus would have been an obvious competitor, the expert said. "The Commission may want Ryanair to go all in and give up all Dublin slots where Aer Lingus would be an obvious entrant," he said. However, the offer could struggle to cut muster with regulators, given Flybe's shaky finances which could be compounded by taking on many unprofitable routes, the first person said. While Flybe is Europe's largest regional airline, it has issued five profit warnings since going public two and a half years ago. Last August it cut its full-year revenue target due to the impact of continued weak consumer demand and stubbornly high oil prices. It currently operates a fleet of 85 planes across Europe. The European Commission wouldn't comment on the reports. A spokesman for Flybe also declined to comment. Ryanair Chief Executive Michael O'Leary said in an interview Tuesday that he hoped for a "positive outcome" from the commission to his latest so-called "remedies" package. Speaking to Bloomberg in Rome, he said it was "a question of spending time with the commission working through the commission's concerns, trying to tweak the remedy so we ensure that we address the commission's competition concerns and we come up with the best deal for Irish consumers and visitors." Europe's biggest airline renewed its pursuit to snap up its rival, in which it currently holds a stake of 29.8%, in June. The commission threw out an earlier bid saying it would create a monopoly for Irish flights. The Irish government has also come out against the 694 million euro ($924 million) bid. It is Ryanair's third attempt to buy the airline in the last six years and part of the carrier's plans to expand at a time when tough conditions in the European market have led to the collapse of several regional airlines in the face of spending cuts and rising fuel costs. The commission, which is expected to make a final decision by the end of February, is market-testing the new measures over the next few days, one person said. The commission typically garners reactions from third parties of proposed concessions as part of its decision-making process. Write to Vanessa Mock at [email protected] and Marietta Cauchi at [email protected] Subscribe to WSJ: The Wall Street Journal - Breaking News, Business, Financial and Economic News, World News & Video - Wall Street Journal -
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...Oh dear

BBC News - Flybe plans 300 job cuts in revamp programme
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According to some articles Exeter, Manchester and Newcastle are going to be the main targets.

I assume Exeter because of the management cull but why Manchester and Newcastle?
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So, that would mean one very successful airline, taking over a fairly successful one and then selling half of it to a struggling airline. Not exactly a recipe for success for anyone but FR I suspect.
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It's obvious that the aviation industry is suffering at the moment with fuel prices and less people justifying the expense of flying. BE in particular are at risk seeing as domestic travel is the hardest hit but even so BE largely have no competition on most of their routes and it seems these cuts could be the sign of more things to come.

My question is despite the obvious mentioned above whether the purchase of the 175's plays a part? Certainly in my eyes they are a total folly and replacing the undisputed champion of cheap travel in the q400 purely to satisfy the snobbery of jets being better than props. I believe the q400 was a massive reason why BE could grow so fast and become the Goliath it is today. Yes they are noisy and unreliable but they are worked like dogs. Perhaps rather than buying a new fleet money could have been better spent on more frequent maintenance or perhaps even to follow Ryanair's model of buying in bulk and having a quick turnover of replacement?
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Reading the press announcement I noticed "The groupís aircraft fleet will be reduced by seven" so I guess that means quite a few routes with reduced friequency and a few going all together.
Clearly this means a lot of uncertainty for many aircrew, I just hope most of the pain can be reduced by VR, part time and job share. The best thing we on PPRuNe can do to ease the fear and concern is be thoughtful before speculating here.
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Bad Bear, not sure you've got that entirely right. The route network will remain largely unchanged and the reduction in fleet numbers was from the number of aircraft they had planned in '13/'14.
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Here in GCI rumour has it that all Flybe ticket desks are being handed over to handling agents. Announcement expected tomorrow.
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In view of the BMIR announcement today of BHX-LYS will flybe still announce their BHX service?

The flybe service was actually loaded in GDS before BMIR although not bookable of the flybe site.

Bun fight

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Flybe Birmingham-Lyon

Hi OP,
Its bookable on Flybe website now!! Lets hope 12 flights a week (combined with BMIR) isn't overkill? Flybe of course have the advantage of codeshare with AF.

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Official announcement of the Birmingham-Lyon route.
Flybe | Corporate | Media | News archive

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10 GCI based Dash crew redundant.
One based Dash to go, to be replaced with an Embraer (Varient unknown) manned by UK based crew.
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One based Dash to go, to be replaced with an Embraer (Varient unknown) manned by UK based crew.
GCI expecting E175 on LGW and then SOU depending on success of the initial service.
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Will the Islands' government step in on this; making local employees redundant to crew the operation from the mainland?

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'10 GCI based Dash crew redundant.
One based Dash to go, to be replaced with an Embraer (Varient unknown) manned by UK based crew.'

That could be stress could be the way Fraggle will go to. No need to have a base here. Brum already flown from Birmingham, Manchester can come from Manchester, fly selected Liverpool's and Gatwicks around the orange schedule so 2 aricraft kept on Fraggle?. No need for much else
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househunter, why are Aberdeen pilot being laid off? Has 90 day consultation begun? Is redundancy by base, fleet, seniority or a matrix? Are Aberdeen route affected by the cuts?
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