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Kent's Manston Airport has started construction work on a new 250,000 inspection post for horses.

The facility, which will open in April, will be able to accommodate up to 10 horses at any time.

The EU Equine Border Inspection Post will be licensed for the importation of horses and other animals.

The airport hopes to play a key role in transporting horses for equestrian events at the Olympic Games, and has offered its services to officials.

BBC News - Kent's Manston Airport expands into horse traffic
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Do horses have transfer requirements?
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So how many horses have to pass though Manston to earn the airport 250,000 so they break even? Luton has facilities for horses but horses at Luton are rarer than movements at Manston
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I understand the CAA Economic Regulation Group are about to introduce a new Table 16.1 in the statistics - AHMs (Air Horse Movements)

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I don't know! But, when I was last at Manston - Invicta International used to fly plenty of Horses to Milan on Britannias.

Mind you, I think those were one way trips for human consumption!
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The facility for importing horses at Luton has been closed for a couple of years now!!
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The BIP at London Stansted is used heavily for horse flights, it is ideally located close to Newmarket and the equestrian training centre in Braintree which has won Olympic approval, however it will be tough getting into Stansted next year so it makes sense to have a better alternative.
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Pfizer announced this week that it will close it's R&D plant in Sandwich, Kent within 2 years. This is a (possibly THE ?) major employer in the county (2.400 high-value jobs to go) - so which is more likely: that it will cut off Manston's development of passenger services at the knees, or that the economic blow will be so severe that local/national government will have to do something significant to support the area and Manston might be well positioned to benefit from an upswing?
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Man - Mse - Man

Flew this route Fri / Mon at what was the end / start of half term, depending on which part of the country you lived in.

Fab flight both ways - certainly beats the hell out of spending hours on the M6 / M1 / M25 / M2 and A2!

But just 20+ pax on either leg. EDI flight outbound didn't look much busier.

And as others have posted, the closure of the Pfizer facility will probably be a killer blow for any business traffic from MSE. A real pity, as having flown from Derry, Newquay and Manston in the last 15 months, you can't beat the real 'personal' touch that these types of airport have.
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Another survey

Yet again KIA are asking for suggestions on routes!
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Yet again KIA are asking for suggestions on routes!
So what would you suggest they do?
Asking local people and potential customers has far more relevance that asking some marketing agency with no connection or interest in the area.

The Pfizer closure is indeed a blow, but it won't have any direct effect upon the airport.

I've always maintained that Manston's success will based upon freight/maintenance and storage and that will continue to be the case, any passenger traffic is a bonus but probably not worth any more investment in fixed facilities than has already happened.

The Equine facility is a great idea - owners will pay a fortune to get their stock to the right place, in the right order and on time.
Any such traffic can be quickly processed and be on the road to anywhere in the South of the UK, perhaps as far as Chepstow within 3 hours.
More than adequate for the neddies to be fed and rested for their next job.
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I may assure you that Dover, with better road connections than Manston, to Cardiff, at untimely days of the evening/night (when lesser traffic on the roads), in a tuned up 2 litre Opel Kadett GSI was circa 4 hours, that would make Chepstow circa 3.5 hours but only with, literally, motorways all the way and in a high performance car, not in a sluggish truck, and on uncongested roads!

I'd suggest more like 4.5 to 5 hours for a truck not allowing for tachograph break(s).

But I do agree with the rest of your post.

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Flybe ditch Manchester for Belfast

Flybe scraps Manchester service from Manston and launches Belfast flights
Regional airline Flybe is grounding its service between Manston and Manchester and replacing it with a new summer operation to Belfast.

The service to Northern Ireland will operate three times a week and begin on May 26.

Flybe said its services between Kent International and Edinburgh were popular and would continue. However, it was suspending its Manchester service from April 4 because passenger numbers had made the flight "economically and environmentally hard to justify."

Despite this setback, the airline insisted it remained committed to developing its route network from Manston.

Airport chief executive officer Charles Buchanan said: "We are pleased that Flybe have reinforced their commitment to Manston with the announcement of a Belfast City service.

"Initially this will be three times a week, but will hopefully increase as demand grows and aircraft become available.

"Sadly, despite the best efforts of both the Manston Airport team and Flybe, the Manchester route has not proved sustainable; however we are confident that Belfast will attract more passengers."

Mike Rutter, Flybe's chief commercial officer said: "We're delighted to be adding this new service between Belfast and Manston, providing passengers with a quick and direct route between South East England and Northern Ireland.

"Whilst the service to Manchester has unfortunately proved unsustainable, we've been delighted with the support shown by travellers to and from the region on the Manston-Edinburgh route and remain committed to developing our route network from Manston."

The Belfast service will operate on Tuesdays and Thursdays (departing from Manston at 13.45) and Sundays (12.50). Flights will depart from Belfast at 11.40 on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and 10.45 on Sundays. One-way fares start at £29.99. The flight time will be 1h 40m.
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staffing review

Working hours of staff at Manston Airport are under review.

Bosses at the east Kent airport, which employs 117 people, have said working arrangements do not match current business activity.

Charles Buchanan, chief executive of airport owner Infratil, said that the review was not about creating redundancies.

He said the firm was looking at costs but could not say what the outcome would be until the end of the process.

Mr Buchanan said: "We are consulting with staff about the way we deploy them and the way we ask them to work.

"Over the years, the pattern of activity at the airport has developed and no longer matches the way we have our staff coming to work.

"So we need to consult with them about changes in the hours of work that they undertake and the terms and conditions that they are working under."

When asked about potential job losses, he said: "Clearly, we're going into a process of consultation here which is looking at our costs.

"We're also looking at our external contracts and seeing what we can bring in-house and thereby possibly creating more positions.

"But until we get through this process, we don't know what the outcome will be."

Mr Buchanan added: "I cannot rule anything in or out but it is absolutely not the ambition of this process to create redundancies.

"This is absolutely to look at making the airport and its working practices fit for the future so that we have a sustainable business going forward for the upturn of traffic that we're anticipating."

This month, the airline Flybe said it was scrapping flights from Manston to Manchester Airport because of low passenger demand.

But it said it would introduce a new route from Manston to Belfast City Airport, which would run three times a week

BBC News - Working hours review at Manston Airport
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Belfast-Manston - Ostend

Flybe should be considering to extend the Belfast-Manston service to Ostend-Bruges in Belgium. There are no direct flights to Belfast from here.
Flights would attract cross-channel traffic aswell as business and tourist traffic between Belgium,Kent/Southern London and Northern-Ireland.Same for Edinburgh-service:extend to Ostend. Or make a small hub at Manston with some scissor-flights e.g.Belfast-Manston-Ostend combined with Edinburg-Manston-Jersey.
Even the Manchester-Manston service could be economically sustainable if seen in combination with traffic to Belgian coast and Bruges-Ypres/Flanders,etc...Grtz
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IRAN Air at Manston

Was passing earlier and was sure i saw an Iran Air A300(?) coming on to stand, an unusual visitor I thought. Was it a diversion? tech stop?
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According to the website of Iran Air they have a problem with their fuel supply at Heathrow so have to do a fuel stop en route. Manston was the fuel stop for this flight
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Even the Manchester-Manston service could be economically sustainable if seen in combination with traffic to Belgian coast and Bruges-Ypres/Flanders,etc...Grtz

The Cityjet MAN-ANR route serving Flanders seems a miracle survival: I have flown it many times when I've paid 100 return with about twenty passengers, but rarely one or two others 200 or so when it's been full. Once when I quoted a fare of 250 my employers kindly advised me to use the Eurostar instead - I suppose there had been a block-booking. And this is always Fri out, Sun back. I know yields are all but it seems precarious, especially after the MAN-Rotterdam route was dropped.

Let alone the competition from the non-stop SN/Flybe rotations each day MAN - BRU. I think MAN-Manston- Oostende is a non-starter, especially with the efficiency of Belgian railways

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Can anyone confirm any movement of this bird in the last x months. Last time she was in Ostend was in Januari to my knowledge. Since then has been standing in MSE. Did ACE close shop?
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I believe she is up for sale
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