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The work going on in car park 4 is for the extension of the outbound baggage dock, there are currently three belts and I believe two of them are to be realigned to make way for a fourth. As for the extension of the 40's apron southwards, don't hold your breath, the rekindling of the FR love affair with BHX has put paid to that for the time being.

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Belfast Stats.

Although the CAA's provisional Feb figures show an actual reduction of 1,287 on the BFS-EMA route rather than the 2,000 previously mentioned, it is still a significant reduction and Baby may indeed decide to drop one of their rotations as a result of FR's BHD flights.

Interestingly Flybe appear to be suffering as much as Baby, their BHD-BHX figures showing a reduction of nearly 7,000 in the five months since FR started the BHD-EMA route back in October, however Baby's BFS-BHX numbers have increased slightly over the period.

The overall result shows the combined BHD/BFS-BHX pax totals declining by 5,677 whilst those for EMA increasing by 15,543; during this time FR carried 23,753 pax BHD-EMA and WW 55,277 on BFS-EMA.
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BHX-BHD is a high yeald business route. It is one of Flybes' most profitable routes along with LGW-BHD. Passenger numbers are not an indicator of a routes success. If Flybe sell 60 seats at 50 ex BHX and Ryanair sell 180 at 10 who is the winner?
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Yes I have not used the best month as it was under 2000 and in
the short-term it appears Baby might have stemmed some of the tide.
The December figures shown 10198 in 2007 down from 13179 and
November 11294 in 2007 down from 13499.

The Feb figures are actually an improvement but the point is the same,
FR can easily hurt the competition if they want to but will they do that
by basing more aircraft at East Mids whilst expanding BHX.

The point I was trying to make is that 10 aircraft sounds a lot but
why not one or two to keep the EMA base moving forward (assuming
that they are making money at EMA) and with Ryanair as we know,
they are unpredictable.

The flybe figures have indeed reduced and it can't be put down to capacity cuts (still seven a day) although during January and part of February they did cut the rotations to 6 a day in the week and the decrease was more pronounced during these months.

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I wasn't trying to suggest which airlines were the winners or losers by FR's BHD route; Pete was wondering where FR's additional passengers were coming from and I was merely trying to indicate the figures suggest that over the 5 month period approximately 15,000 came equally from Baby and Flybe, the balance being "new" passengers.

BHD-BHX may be one of Flybe's most profitable routes, but a reduction of over 7% in pax carried will inevitably have some financial impact on them and it re-inforces Pete's observation that FR can and will hurt the competition when they appear on the scene - where and how they choose to do this remains to be seen. It may well be the introduction of more aircraft at EMA but I suspect some tactical route changes are more likely...!
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Be more interesting to see and compare the stats in a few months since the FR BHD route went to twice a day. I know times I've been on it we've had as little as 12 and as many as 140 (with regards the max 156 inbound restriction to BHD)

As for 10 a/c in EMA I wouldn't count to highly on that anytime soon. Stand to be corrected though.....
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Travel Mole report bmi regional have upgraded BRU, and therefore I assume CGN, from a ERJ-135 to a ERJ-145
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more likely they switched 145 to 135 now back to 145 who knows!. Prob not worth it as DHL, second buggest user behind Toyata, now don't use BRU anymore. Shame CGN is not LEJ!
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regional are using the 145 at presant out of ema, the 135 (FS) is else where around the network - it might even be in for its paint job into full bmi colours,
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ema and p & o cruises

Preview 2009/2010 caribbean programme the number of flights from EMA increase to 25 on fri and sat nov to mar planned to be on tcx and tom,
Flights are to Acapulco,Barbados,and Fort lauderdale.

For record of all airports with p&O cruises nov to mar is
lgw 44 man 44 ema 25 bhx 25 gla 5 cwl 4 boh 3 lba 3 brs 3 edi 3 ncl 2 dsa 2 bfs 2

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Another Big User On The BD BRU Route AS A Company Are Bombardier The Train Maker/Refurbisher From Derby.

FR AGP Will Probably Go Daily By Early 2009.. Once The New Terminal at AGP Is Built Sometime Hopefully in 2009. Building Work There Has Been Going On Now for Over 2 Years its Always A Slow Process In Spain. A New Apron Was Laid In 2008. And Work Has Already Started On the 2nd Runway There. With More And More People Leaving The Uk 2 Live In Spain or Having A 2nd Home There. There Will Always be a Demand 4 These Flights This Route Will Always Grow Year On Year. Think FR Will Go Twice Daily On This Route By Summer 2009. Which WW Shud Have Done Along Time Ago. The Only Airlines That Are Loosing Pax on This Route Are The Charter Airlines TOM TCX ETC. WW And EZY Make Good Margins On the AGP Route and FR Will Want 2 Cash In On This.
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Just as a matter of interest, does anyone know if there is a reason why Lufthansa's flight numbers for the Cologne route - LH6720/6721 do not appear along with BD211/212 on EMA's arrivals and departure boards, as details of similar code share flights are shown on those of other airports?
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DHL Emergency Landing Saturday?

Just out of interest does anyone know what happened with the DHL 757 on Saturday morning?

We were arriving for our flight to Ireland and watched it take off around 08:00, the landing gear did not retract and it got to around probably 2000ft, before completing a circuit with gear down and then landed around 10 mins later.

We missed it behind the buildings at that point so did not see any fire trucks go out, but just over an hour later when we were taxying past the fire station the trucks were all out surrounded by firemen (much to the delight of my wife) putting loads of equipment away.
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Dont say that somebody forgot to take the pins out?
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Thumbs down

With the merger of Thomson and First Choice Airways East Midlands will be losing one airframe (airbus) for the Summer 2009. Based there will be 2 737-800's, 1 757 and 0.40 767-300 longhaul aircraft.
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Reply To Message

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XL Airways/Kosmar Holidays have released their Summer 2009 charter programme on-line and there is a new East Midlands-Chania flight every Tuesday with XL Airways.
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Anyone know what the white/green tail logo'd 737? was at EMA Monday am, seen it twice now (the tail that is!)
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East Midlands 6

I think you may be mistaking this 737 for the LAT charter A320 which has been here for 3/4 weeks covering the KM flights.It has green stripes on a white tail and a LATcharter logo on the fuselage.
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...just a couple o loads on EMA-BHD on FR....

Yesterday FR1412 (am)...was 23 until someone was taken off the only 22...tonights BHD-EMA FR1415 had a head count of 95...not too bad and it was EI-DYB so the newest aircraft i've flown on i reckon!


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