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summer 2008

Paul do you no what will the third tom aircraft now operate on sat/sun
the programme still shows 3 aircraft mon to fir if website is correct,

Good news on the bmi airbus 6 week programme for tcx group this should
make up for the loss of the bmi airbus 2007 weekend flying programme,

If my details are correct and no more changes EMA will have the only charter programme with little change from 2007, that can not be case for airports like bhx,ncl,,lgw,man. which have lost full aircraft based for the 2008 programme.

can some one advise why we have 3 charters tonight to gva i.e tom/eaf/tcx

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summer 2008

hey stuart the third thomson aircraft is now based mon-fri from may 1st the aircraft in question will now operate else where at weekends
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summer 2008

Thanks paul the programme not showing a third aircraft at weekends
but with the added fua/spa had me confused with the programme.

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On the departure board it is showing 4 flights out to Geneva tonight... anyone know why?

EAF3298 19:45 Geneva
TOM8047 20:00 Geneva
TCX912G 20:00 Geneva
TOM047X 20:00 Geneva
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charters for a convention apparently
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No wonder I had to fight my way through the terminal on the way home - thought they didn't look like Swiss footy fans!
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Hi guys.... anyone know what aircraft Thomas Cook / My Travel have planned for this summer?
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2x Airbus A320 a/c and they'll be handled by Menzies Aviation.
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Whar's the combined airline gonna be called? Is it Thomas Cook, with the current livery?
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Old 9th Feb 2008, 13:26
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Yes, the airline is being called Thomas Cook Airlines, continues to use the TCX designator and the current uniforms and livery.
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Old 12th Feb 2008, 15:10
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ema-new york ?

on the airport website dep 20.00 tue 12/2/08
AC123 is this a new service or just a dep board test for summer 2008.

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bmibaby had there 2nd flight to Warsaw today?

how were the pax figures?, i read in cardiff it was above 100
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How are booking for the new Isle of Man? I assume they are good!
When does Sterling - Copenhagen go up to 6 weekly?
And finally......What is the plan for Summer based a/c?

Thanks a lot
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Thumbs down Parking!!

Well I have just come back from a long weekend in Ireland, which was flown EMA-DUB with FR.

Surprisingly, no problems at all with FR. That may be because I regard flying with them in a "this is war" mindset. They aren't having any more money off me. So, follow the rules and it all works swimmingly. Of course, as usual the staff are faultless!!

However, the parking at EMA can only be described as a complete and utter joke. I booked parking via the EMA website, so not sure if it is EMA ran or sub'd out.

On arrival we parked in Long Stay 7 and got a bus to the terminal. However the drop-off / collection point for the bus is the same; so trying to get off the coach with a pram and a pile of people getting on it was a struggle. Then when you arrive you have to walk all the way around to the bus stop (by departures). Why not do what every other airport does and have 2 stops, 1 for deps and 1 for arr's??

That was not the worst though. The frankly third world arrangements for getting out of the car park were totally laughable. As I had prebooked I had no ticket - instead you drive to the barrier, press the button, wait, wait, wait and then read out your booking number which is checked and then you are allowed out. All well and good in practice - but when there are multiple plane loads of people all trying to the same it results in a 20 minute queue to get out of the car park!!

It would have helped if the bloke answering the intercom on the barrier answered it promptly and was alert when he did. Instead it "rang" for about 30 seconds and then he seemed shocked that I wanted to get out.

There are numerous much better solutions to this: pin pad to type booking ref into, barcode on booking ticket and scanner, mutliple exit lanes... you name it.

I won't be buying parking from EMA again thats for sure.... I will try the offsite people next time and if they are no good then I just won't use EMA!!

A real shame as it totally spoiled an otherwise brilliant visit to EMA.


PS: Whats the current plan/state of the UKIA aircraft?
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Old 19th Feb 2008, 10:21
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HeliCraig, seems that you may have highlighted a major flaw in the parking system at EMA. If you had those problems recently, then what is it going to be like in the middle of Summer?

I suggest you contact the airport by email. In the past, I have found them pretty responsive to suggestions to speed up their processes, also you never know they may compensate you for your delays.
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morning all,

Any ideas for TCX982L from Cairo arriving tonight????

Also, are there any developments taking place before the summer commences or is there anything planned for after the Summer??? Also where is the new hotel being built and what chain is going to be running it? I know the Thistle (bit tired now) is there along with the Premier Travel Inn and Holiday Inn Express on site. Any one any ideas???


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I believe the planning application is for a 4/5 star hotel to be built on the Eastern end of the Pegasus Business Park - no idea of the chain.

Not much else seems to be on the cards at the moment apart from the new link road between the Western and Central aprons; I suspect we can expect a year of consolidation at EMA, along with most other UK airports.
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Good point - have just left some feedback on EMAs website. No point in moaning in public but not letting them know so they can at least decide if it is a priority for them!

Lets hope they sort it; for the sake of EMA. Creates a terrible impression. If I get a refund, so much the better!.

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re: Parking

Like HeliCraig, I had a frustrating experience with EMA pre-booked parking last summer (August). Pre-booked at what seemed at the time a marvellous rate for two weeks in car park 1. Seemed a great idea, just park up and walk to the terminal, no waiting for buses, etc. etc.

Turned up and lo and behold, car park FULL. I guess I shouldn't be surprised but hey, I only had an email saying that's the car park I was booked in on...! Luckily I had left plenty of time so I drove down to the Long Stay 7. It then took more than 10 minutes of driving around to find a space, the car park was busting at the seams with people parked in every grass verge etc. that was available. Thankfully, we got a space and a bus was available - we didn't get inconvenienced any further.

Must admit I didn't take it up with the parking company at the time, I just wanted to dump the car and get on my holiday. But seeing HeliCraig's post reminded me. But the question remains, what's the point in allowing you to pre-book a car park when it's full at the time you stipulate on your booking!!

Something else as well, re: the bus transfer, on our return, the bus arrived and people proceeded to get on, and although there were plenty of seats left, the bottom luggage racks were full, and everyone else had heavy cases. So no further passengers, including us, attempted to get on. The driver then very helpfully said "I'm not allowed to leave unless the bus is full", and we said "we can't get our cases on", because no-one was going to try and lift their 20kg bag above shoulder height and into to the top rack.

So this hilarious stand-off ensued (well, it would be hilarious if it wasn't 5.30 am and we'd all stepped off a transatlantic flight) where nothing happened for a minute or two. Eventually after some mutterings under his breath the driver got out of his cab and moved all the cases to the top rack, we got on an off we went. I know it's laziness on the part of the first passengers to dump their cases on the bottom, and it shouldn't the the drivers' job to hump them around, but wouldn't it have been easier just to drive off and we wait for the next bus?
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January Pax Figures

The airport's website is reporting a 15.8% increase in passengers using the terminal in January, the total for the month being 340,069 - a good start to the year!
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