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Hi Guys
I do hope everyone is ok, i have a query and wonder if someone can help ?
I was at EMA last night picking up a mate from a flight he had just landed on, whilst waiting for him i was looking at the screens, and there was an EZY dept for malaga about 3 o clockish, cant remember the actual time, and then there was another one about 5.30 sh ????? but at looking at the arrivals screen, only one was showing as a return, the later AGP was not shown at all ???
Then i thought oh they must now do to AGP on a sunday, which is not rare, when i was there myself as crew we do this, one was at 06.00 and the other left about 5 in the evening, but i have never ever known 2 x AGP to go so close together ?
Then when i got home another weird one, on EMA website, the VCE is showing as follows
EZY6591 Venice 09:35 Check-in Now Desk 33-38
Go to Departures
so i am thinking the VCE has changed times, but there is no arrival for it back to EMA ???
Is this a one off, or a computer mix up ?
Anyway take care guys and before i go, any news of the US carriers as yet ?
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I think with all of potential industry mergers, and the huge array of new destinations which will be open to American carriers next year - LHR especially - EMA is probably fairly low down the list of priorities for new destinations.

EMA's development team have done well though with all the new Ryanair routes in 2007 with more on the way, 3 new bmibaby routes for next summer, the bmi regional CGN route and bringing Sterling in. is offline  
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Mike16, With the new winter schedule in force, even the crew dont know what flights are when any more! I beleive on Sundays and Mondays (Maybe more, dont know as of yet!) the VCE becomes and early flight, with the BCN departing in the afternoon.

No idea on the malaga situation!
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The vce arrival ended up showing in the end at 2pm, and it was a 14.45 hrs arrival, so i think EMA are confused too...... lol

It is well strange at the moment, with times everywhere, poor crew.
Well bless you all and for all the crew that are working over xmas and new year, this is not just to EZY but to all the other airlines too, Have a happy Christmas and al lthe very best in 2008, and i also wish EMA another good year in 2008 too.

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Just noticed that XL are recruiting for an EMA base this summer, so presumably it will be a based 737-800 to replace the KM A320, along with the a/c that position in from other bases. Are BD charter still coming in? Also has the KM 320 left? I knew it was flying a lot over the summer, then was supposed to be around for a few months of the winter.
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finding nema

please see my posts of 6/12 12.23 and 8/12 16.41
the air malta is due to stay until end of april 2008 than replaced with xl aircraft ref. xl website,
the question is will the air malta move to man or malta to start the new malta bargains contract, I can not see any work for bmi charter A320 other than a back up for bmibaby?.

On a new subject will the opening of east midlands parkway station in Dec 2008 and new direct trains from south yorkshire i.e Leeds/Doncaster/Sheffield make DSA not a viable airport as is now in trouble and would be better to turn DSA into a new town or bussiness park.
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November Pax

November's figures continue the well established trend for 2007 with a total of 373,479 for the month, an increase of 15.4% on Nov '06

The year-to-date total now stands at 5,036,466 up 14.4% on 2006.
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New route to Isle of Man
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I notice TUIfly are pulling their BHX - CGN service frm 13JAN08. So the bmi route should have little competition.

While looking on the TUI website they advertise a service in conjunction with Deutsche Bahn. Any German Station onward from Cologne for EUR19.99 rtn.

EMA should persue a similar thing.

They could set something up for the opening of East Midlands Parkway station in late 2008. Teaming up with East Midlands Trains - any station on the East Midlands Trains network for say 15 return, in conjunction with an air-reservation to/from EMA. I assume there will be a free shuttle service between EMAirport and EMParkway.

EMTrains already offer great value oneway fare from the area to London.

If EMParkway has direct services to Derby, Sheffield, Doncaster, Lincoln, Leeds, etc it could make the region very accessible, and beyond, with EMTrains also serving Manchester Picadilly, Liverpool, Stoke on Trent, Crewe, Cambridge, and Norwich.

Strongly marketed, and promoted through the airlines' websites the combination of EMAirport EMarkway and EMTrains could greatly contribute to inbound pax figures, and the airport's goals of public transport takeup.

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For anyone who is interested the EMA website has been updated now, making it the same as MAN, BOH and HUY.

Good new about Manx2 and the Isle of Man, I am sure it will be popular, so I wish them all the luck with it.

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Ground staff...

I believe this is the right thread to pour my soul out... I always spoke and thought highly of ground staff at EMA. You guys are doing an amazing job, i never had any problems with you, from handling agents to dispatchers... Our job, regardless the fact it's on the ground or in the air, is highly demanding and stressful at times.
But here's what happened to me today. I was disembarking (or trying to) on stand 41. We waited for ages for a dispatcher or a bus to take the pax to customs. Fair enough, we landed earlier, it wasn't on schedule, bla bla bla ( i can find all the right reasons. BUT!) It wasn't my job to marshall but my colleague wasn't feeling well so i thought i'll go outside and let her stay in where it's warm. I only dared to ask "is there a second bus coming" and this....lady should i say started to have a right go at me saying "pardon me, what did you say,i can't take out a bus out of my pocket, you wait until it gets here" and she kept coming out with this attitude problem i just couldn't handle. Now my problem is... finding out she is a supervisor agent (i believe that's the correct term?), i can't complain or write a report about her. Or can I? I have had problems in the past with this lady and to be honest i wouldn't really care if it wasn't me but it happened one too many times and rudeness is something i just don't do. I guess my question to you is: what should i do?

All opinions and advices are welcome.

Take care.
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My advice.....
Get over it & give as good as you get.

Whats the problem with people these days? If this old dear is giving you earache give her some back....shoot her down.

Unless of course she is cute, then agree with her, give her smile, offer to take her for a drink....then back home for some lurveeeeeein It maybe just what she needs to help her chill out
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I see we beat Newcastle on passenger figures for November. Thats a boost for EMA. MAde us 10th busiest for the month behing Liverpool. Bristol results arent out as yet.


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Rail Connections at EMA

Dream on!!

The UK's idea of running railways is light years away from the way the DB runs railways in Germany. There, they have an integrated transport system - something which the UK does not even begin to understand the concept of.

For the equivalent of 19.99 you would be lucky to get a return ticket from EMA to Birmingham, let alone "anywhere onward from EM Parkway station".

BHX is in a much better position, sitting as it is on the West Coast Mainline, but there's no chance of our fragmented, privatised railway even considering something to environmentally, not to mention, customer friendly.

Now, if the DB bought out all the UK rail franchises - then that might be another story.
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The notion that Birmingham is alonside the west coast main lines is one of those claims that Birmingham is prone to make that has a semblance of truth but is not a 100% accurate. If the west coast main line is the route taken by trains from London to the north west and on to Scotland then after Rugby these trains go via Nuneaton,Tamworth and Stafford before reaching Crewe and as such do not pass alongside Birmingham Airport. However there is a loop that leaves the West Coast main line at Rugby and proceeds via Coventry, Birmingham and Wolverhampton to re join the main line at Stafford. It is this loop that Birmingham Airport is alongside.
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All right, it is on the main line from Birmingham to Coventry/London one of the busiest lines in the country and a one stop 10 min train ride from New Street the hub of cross country rail links.

Now how poorly this is marketed by the airport is a different story completly

Centre cities
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Stuart - I don't think DSA is in terminal decline yet. It's still carrying a lot of passengers. It has suffered as some routes have been tried and failed (as happens with most airports), but particularly with Thompsonfly's decision to cut out city routes and revert towards the charter market.

Sure, it was over-hyped, but I can't see it becoming a business park yet - mostly because there are a lot better sites available in the borough nearer to a motorway.

I hope EMA Parkway is a success though.
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Anyone know whats happening at the airport this afternoon,

FR1647 Wroclaw is Delayed, had a re scheduled time of 13:30 and thats now at delayed too

WW5602 Belfast has been diverted

and also departing

EZY -> Venice
EZY -> Geneva
WW -> Paris
WW -> Geneva

WW -> Amsterdam

are delayed?
any information?
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Well looking up Ryanair website for live flight info its showing it delayed til 18.30 due to earlier technical fault.

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C5606/07 - Rwy 09/27 Closed. 16 Dec 13:37 2007 Until 16 Dec 14:30 2007. Created: 16 Dec
13:37 2007
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