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ZB would be mad to consider Bristol with the amount of easy and FR flights and the potential for the latter to expand even more.

However ZB & WW have managed to live together at bhx although
it is currently difficult times for anyone to be considering new bases.

However BMI Baby's 2nd release for summer 2009 shows a busy schedule
for Cardiff although still only three aircraft.

The only route missing is Warsaw and as none of the Polish routes
have yet to be released there is still a chance. There are a couple of gaps
in the schedule to fit it in (first week in June checked).

Glasgow & Belfast is shown as once a day but added to LIS (new), MJV (returned), BCN & JER it looks quite good, well in June anyway.

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Thanks OltonPete. I didn't realise WW had released their second tranche. Yes looks as if it'll be busy during the peak summer months. I also believe there is a room in the market for ZB and will provide good competition.
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Tom @ Cwl

I appologise if this is already known and has already been discussed but
I was wondering if there is one less based TOM aircraft next year in CWL?
I ask because from looking at the TOM summer timetable for both June and August next year it seems that BRS have more TOM flights per week than CWL.
If i am correct CWL have 3 TOM based aircraft this summer, where as BRS have 2 FCA 757 based aircraft (with a visiting 767) and this is reflected in the TOM online timetable.
But next year, as both TOM and FCA timetables are both in the new TOM timetable, and it seems that CWL only has 31 flights per week (62 if you count outbound and inbound) with no long haul with TOM.
BRS on the other hand has 74 flights per week including TOM Sanford and Cancun long haul flights (each one per week).
(This has all been taken off the TOM online timetable, looking at both a week in June and a week in August next year, as well as looking at the current timetable for the last month/this month)
So it seems....
CWL have 1 more flight per week to:
where as...
BRS have 1 more flight per week to:

and both have the same number of flights to:
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What has been mentioned is that TOM re to have 1 x 757 and 1 x 738 at CWL next year. Not sure when the 733 is being swapped with the 738 but winter showing as 733. With the reduction of TOM flights it would be ideal for ZB to enter into CWL but we should have to wait and see.

Flybe will not be basing a DH8D at Cardiff, there are no plans to have a CDF base at this time, you can put that rumour to bed.
If Flybe are planning to become the largest carrier at CWL by 2011 then it must require them to have a based a/c otherwise it will mean a lot of other based aircraft operating flights. There were mentioned of some flights to Germanny from them but could not see it suiting the Business traveler if they didn't have an early morning departure.

I wonder what Flybe have thought of their CWL operation so far?
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I never said that your wrong but they must eventually have a plan by 2011 do become the biggest carrier at CWL or are they planning to do it all by using aircraft from other bases?

You seem to have information from inside somewhere do you care to elaberate or was that anouncement a spin in order to gain free publicity and to frighten WW slightly? Are we likely to gain more routes for the summer or has the plans changed?

I have noticed that Flybe had been on an advertising spree at Cardiff recently but i heared for some reason parts were taken down, was there any reason for this?

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Whats with the really bad delays with TOM today.. 17 hour dleay from Kos has sent everything t**s up.
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Welsh Bobby

No cages rattling over at Bristol, all of our cages are that jam packed with passengers they cant rattle. only cages similar to yours with very little in them rattle !!
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TGI firstly I have no idea how they are going to "be the biggest operator out of CWL by 2011", or what future plans are in the pipeline.
Second I think that's rather unfair for you to indirectly accuse me of spin, I am a mere humble employee, a mere expendable asset, just a number (no weeping please).
Thirdly no I am not doing it to scare anyone, just because this is PPRuNe doesn't mean everyone are sneaky underlying slime balls with alterior motives.
Fourth, I am not willing to share where I got the info from for pretty blatent and obvious reasons. (see third point and reverse it)
Fifth, I have no idea what their plans are for the summer or re. the advertising.
Sixth, I think I've said too much already, my previous posts are now being deleted.
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I wasn't accusing you of using spin, i was suggesting that maybe Flybe may have used the following Cardiff International Airport :: News for spin purposes or frighten other carriers currently based at CWL.

I wish Flybe and every other carrier at CWL all the best and hoping for expansion, just trying to find out more info. I appologise for any offence caused.
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Another day of cancellation from KL - is it the aircraft going tech or are they going bust too ?? " 2 x IB / 1 OB on Fri, 1 x OB Sat, and now 2 each today - - - speaking to 2, seperate, platinum customers last week who both export from Holland and fly over to CWL twicde weekly who are on the brink of terminating contracts with S. Wales area and staying / expanding in Europe because of it. They are both dealing in fresh produce which is getting here from Holland by ferry, but they are not getting here on time in order to sell it. Great,,, and of course, they actually employ people in Wales as well. Say no more ???
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me thinks that welsh bobby must be a wooden top as his brain obvioulsy doesnt function whats all this about rattling cages over in bristol he is obviously got an afinity with the avery at the zoo
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hey guys,

Lets be honest, Cardiff is hanging onto its "International" status by a small thread. It's a joke whats happening there. Its the third time the management have encouraged head to head competition on existing routes (Air Wales/bmibaby) and now they've done the same to bmibaby with Flybe. (Encouraged by low/no fees)

Bristol have done a very good job of avoiding head to head competition with Easy and Ryanair and have got a good range of destinations that are SUSTAINABLE. Competition is healthy I agree but when you're operating in a limited market such as Cardiff, competition will ultimately end in one of them pulling off, or out of the airport altogether.

When will the management learn.... probably when the only airline they have left is Highland LOL.
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Question anagrams

you can nearly make the word "REGIONAL" if you anagram the"international " around!
Great, I have won a free flight to ams, damn, it's canx
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whats cwl doing found this today Flight time is moved - WalesOnline
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Makes me wounder if there was a flight to Brussels from Cardiff whether it would be used by welsh buisness pax or whether they would just carry on using Bristol. Oh well yet another slap in the face for CWL
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yes it is another slap in the face for cwl i agree they need to wake up no wonder everyone going to brs what are they doing it seems nothing
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Unfortunately CWL lost the battle the day GO decided to set up in BRS. By setting up such a big base so quickly with so many routes and the continued expansion when EASY took over BRS effectively became the regional airport fot the West and Wales. Lots of people from the right side of the bridge went to BRS because it had more routes and the equivalent routes were cheaper, remember Baby didn't come along until a couple of years later. Flying from BRS has just become a habit for the travelling public. Had a conversation with a friend the other day, lives in Barry travelling to ALC from BRS !!!! Why. "I always go from BRS". That's why airlines choose BRS. A new route from BRS is less of a gamble. How do you tackle that logic ! Oh and the fact that CWL don't do anything to make CWL more attractive financially to the airlines.
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SN Brussels

This is all a fuss about nothing. SN used to offer x3 flights a day BRS to BRU with good connection options and are now reduced to x2 per day with no early departure as the aircaft is coming from BRU. I can only assume that Lufty's competition is doing them no favours.

This is all a bit of marketing nonsence to a gullable press.

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Agreed, MonkeyB. BRS has a record of such comments ... little digs at CWL. Always thought this approach was a touch adolescent.

As an outsider these days, I'm not surprised at a lack of new routes this year. In fact, if you keep in touch with the route development business all around the world (perhaps via, you will see that airlines are generally sitting on their hands. Why risk new ventures when economies are in such turmoil, mergers have yet to bed down, fuel costs are astronomical and carriers have gone belly-up? Frankly, you'd have to be mad to invest in anything as risky as a thin route from a limited market. Unless you can maybe do it with a 20-seat glider.

On the other hand, rationalising your route network makes a lot of sense. Swap a destination that isn't quite making it for one with more promise, perhaps. Double-drop where it makes financial sense. Shuffle your a/c around so that you can get your load factors up. Box clever, enhance your efficencies, cut waste in the air as well as on the ground.

IMHO, I think CWL is probably focussed on 2010 right now. 2008 was a basket case, 2009 is likely to be a year of consolidation and recovery. So, if this forum wants to help, cast your minds a couple of years ahead and figure out which businesses will be using CWL routes then, why and how often. You might even want to predict 2010's trendy holiday destinations, while you are at it. After all, who ever had heard of the Cape Verde Islands as we entered the new millennium?
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klm to amsterdam

Does anyone know why the amsterdam flights are being cancelled all the time
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