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Cardiff pushing for Germany & Italy

I can tell you that the team at Cardiff has been pushing ourselved to consider Germany and Italy for a while now. It has been discussed for about 12 months, yet we are still not in a position to take this forward.

however I am also told by them that they won't wait for us to decide if we are coming and are apparently pushing these destinations to a number of airlines.

I am sure one will start eventually.
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hi where did you get the information on things new routes and going on sale when cardiff airport not posted this new airline and routes which are going on sale in dec any links can you send me to this news or web site
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Aer Arann figures looking good from Cardiff, in July.

DUB 76% strongest performing routes from DUB on LF
GWY 55% Not great but better than BRS
ORK 84% One of the strongest routes on LF
NTE 71% Quite a bit higher than BRS at 41%

Thinngs therefore looking quite good for Arann, lets see if we have expansion planned for next year, as the figures show quite a strong future with them.
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would theese figures include GWY passengers transiting via DUB? The figures sound very good, hopefully with 9 more aircraft on the way there could be an expansion of routes at CWL.

Yet another ground incident at Cardiff yesterday 17th Aug 07 involving a BmiBaby aircraft.

This time it was the hose of the airstart unit detatching from the aircraft and striking the wing it happened on the WW2331 6am dept. Aircraft was grounded all day untill 11am today. The aircraft in question was GOGBD and a replacement was sent to operate yesterdays flight.

It is not quite clear yet whether or not it was the nosle at fault or human error.
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CWL provisional results are out - a growth of just 2.5% on last July. This isn't good given how far BRS are pulling ahead (8% growth in July) - even without the Ryanair base opening in November.

CWL needs to get some new routes and new airlines fast, I really can't understand why they haven't announced any new routes yet on the long haul or Euro city front.

And for those who have looked on the BRS thread would know they are close to announcing some German routes with a new airline most likely Lufthansa. CWL deserves something atleast!!
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July figures

guys, lets remember that we lost XL s06 compared to s07 so reality is that the pax figures are pretty good taking this into account as it resulted in a decrease of 1 based unit.

cwl4eva contructive suggestions rather than constant whinging tend to be more productive - we all know that the powers that be at CWL do keep and eye on this thread
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Cork-Cardiff is almost certainly an ATR 72. Only a few Cork to Dublin and Galway flights are operated by an ATR 42, most RE flights from Cork are operated by ATR 72 aircraft meaning the load factor for ORK-CWL is lower than that for ORK-BRS.
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Cwl - Bru

Hello Guys,

Eastern have a flight to BRU from CWL today, departing at 10:30.

Have they started this route now or is this just a one off? I've tried to get on the website but can't access it for some reason! Cheers!
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I don't know why there is a hold up then.... The countries want the routes and sure there would be enough airlines who see a gap in the market so whats going on? It must be something practicle such as low interest from the catchment. CWL seem to do well on charter but guess alot of buisness goes to BRS for Scheduled.
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Hi, don't know if anyone can shed any light on this but I've read a few times in the papers this year about there being 'significant terminal redevelopment' this year something about a new immigration hall and departure lounge extension.

But having flown from CWL only 2 weeks ago, I really couldn't tell much of a difference? What exactly has the redevelopment been?!
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There is the Eastern stands and the monstrocity of a walkway leading across the terminal towards there.
New immigration hall and extended baggage hall with 2 new belts, these of which are actually quite nice.

The western pier has been redesigned to allow inbound passengers access to immigration via the ground floor (instead of ups and downs)

Aside from these, just small cosmetic things here and there. The upstairs extension in departures(above the new baggage area) has not been opened, apparently due to lack of money!

The front of the terminal needs a facelift. Now the roads outside are out of use, with huge blocks since the Glasgow incident, how about some greenery (tree's, flower beds etc!)
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do anyone know if this is trure that flybe are going start two flights aday to glasgow
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Not heard any of this at the company.......but its not a complete impossibility. Maybe it will mean a based a/c at CWL??
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Probably not any time soon though, They got serious stuff to sort out within the company i.e staffing issues and off course they want to phase out the old BACon fleet to have Q400's and E195's if they do expand in the meanwhile i.e before christmas or just after its likely to be at there established bases not Cardiff for instance, by this i mean i doubt theyll base a plane here for the next few months even a year.
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Any Flybe expansion at Cardiff in the foreseeable is likely to be routes from other existing bases.

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FYI 4 engines 4 longhaul, the staffing levels are allmost completely this wouldn't play any part in expansion decisions at the moment. The A/c (ex BAcon) could though which is a valid I said though nothing been mentioned internally
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I doubt MYT will pull out. They have always had a big base at Cardiff until recent years, and have this year upgraded to a A321 - considering they only have 4, that cant be bad.
Unless another airline is looking into CWL which both MYT(Airtours etc) and Thomas cook can use, they will lose alot of business. (Maybe XL are coming back??)
No major decisions have been released about the future of TCX/MYT as yet, but i personally think it will be CWL that will get a winter base

As for baby, whilst this may tie in with the mainline fleet, can they really afford to change? Especially as they are still taking on more 733's.
Could be a longer term option tho, who knows!
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im with you on that mate myt do have alot of routes out of cardiff in the summer and has for baby they are adding more new routes soon so its abit daft of them
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As TCX and MYT have merged i'm sure the fact that MYT upgraded from an A320 to A321 this year wouldn't have any bearing on future plans of TCX.

things could stay as they are, TCX could pull out or they could base an aircraft all year round.

____________________________________________________________ __

The T3 flight CWL-BRU must have been a chartered flight as no plans have been made to re-introduce the CWL-BRU service after it was such a flop last year.

____________________________________________________________ ___

The BE flight 2xDaily to GLA made the rounds a few months back, it once appeared on Wikipedia but as soon as it was mentioned on here it was removed the following day.

____________________________________________________________ ___

I have seen a lot of posters around the airport with EYE on them which states that the airport will become more environmentaly friendly and i have heard that the front will become a little greener.

I hope it's not true that the airport has run out of funding to open the extended departure loung, guess that would throw the extended eastern towards BAMC right out of the Window.

By 2015 there is a plan for that along with the front of the terminal being extended, and in my opinion it should be done sooner than then.
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Brs summer 08 two based (Myt) TCX a/c !
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