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great day at airport yesterday.
yes well done to everyone at airport. lets hope more is to come

on another sad note can anyone tell me if we have lost our link to innsbruck next summer? just been looking on the inghams website and it's on sale but not from ncl.

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Old 2nd Sep 2007, 14:47
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Found some water cannon salute pictures on Andy Hutchings site here.
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Old 4th Sep 2007, 16:22
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NEW YORK is next!!

in tonights paper it has a big bit on the launch on EK saying that the airport is hopefull of the new york link from ncl in time for next summer.

Airport is talking to 2 US carriers.

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Old 4th Sep 2007, 18:04
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Oh god not this New York rumour again... someone please start another one about a new destination....
How about....
Virgin to Sydney non stop on the A380?
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Reported on the Thomas Cook thread that the combined base will be 2 757's next summer, so looks like a reduction in capacity of an A.320.
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Don't forget that a sizeable chunk of the 757 flying (TCX) this summer (2007) is done in co-operation with First Choice, which I'm presuming they don't have next summer (FCA having joined MYT)? Therefore it doesn't seem much of a reduction.
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FCA joined Thomsonfly/Tui
MYT joined Thomas Cook

A lot of TCXs flying is for FCA hence the reduction, and also alot of's flying was for MYT which will now be done in house with TCX
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im just repeating what the airport have told the papers!!!!
there must be some truth in the new york rumours are the airport wouldn't have gone to the papers to say they are hoping to gain that link very soon!
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sounds like publicity to me, this new york rumour has been dicussed to death!! first AA, then CO and then Jet2s name made an appearance. If its going to happen I wish someone would just launch it and be done with it.
Dont get me wrong... it would be brill news for NCL but I just want to hear rumours on a different destination now
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NEW YORK is next!!

Oh god not this New York rumour again... someone please start another one about a new destination....
How about....
Virgin to Sydney non stop on the A380?
how about easyjet to Sydney non-stop ..

should get an easyjet A380 on stand 9 no probs

I've also heard rumours about discussions with AA regarding the NY link yet again

will believe it when I see it ...
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Oh god not this New York rumour again...
My sentiments entirely. We've managed to more or less avoid the subject for just over a month with absolutely nothing new to comment upon. Papers also have nothing to say indeed they probably feed off this forum... Lets not encourage them
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Tour operators mergers

I thought that as far as the airlines are concerned there was to be little change untill after summer 2008.
The booking systems for Airtours is still showing most of their flights operated by MYT and XLA(Finnair?). I would be surprised if that new group ie Thomas Cook Hols (and Airtours ) only opperated 2 aircraft between them, even if First choice hols put their pax onto Thomsonfly. Which according to the First choice booking system are still using Thos Cook airlines for many flights. Perhaps there are contractual issues.
If its true what I have read on this forum there could be a huge reduction in charter flights next summer ie 3 Thomsonfly- retained, 2 TCX- retained, 1 MYT scrapped. 2 XLA scrapped and of course FJE finished. Thats 9 based aircraft down to 5.
I personaly think it could end up as 3/4 Thomsonfly, 2 TCX, 1 MYT at least for the two main players plus others "Ws" for the smaller opperators
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summer 2008

TOM x3 aircraft
TCX x 3 aircraft
KM x 1 aircraft

We will loose the xl aircraft and thats about it. cant see it going any lower as if it did there wouldn't be enough holidays for everyone out of ncl.

If the TCX does go down to 2 aircraft and the MYT goes then a lot of pax will be upset. TCX and MYT fly to some places on different days so a lot of pax are going to have there holiday plans changed.
somehow i cant see this happening.

last time i checked the FCA website it showed FCA flight numbers but TOM times. brouchures say TCX but on website and viewdata it says TOM

The big changes will have for winter 2008/09 and summer 2009 when they have time to look at both tour operators for each new group.
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I've just had a long weekend flying to Malaga, TOM out and EZY back. I was surprised that such a major destination was only served by 737s, and those far from full.
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Have you not almost answered your own query, if the 737's were not full then the route wouldn't merit anything else.
However i'm pretty sure at some point TOM, TCX and perhaps LS fly 757's NCL-AGP.
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Hot off the Ashington and Guidepost Daily news travel section :

A local secret billionaire has reformed Gill Air. The new company has ordered 10 new Boeing Dreamliners and has committed to start operating a long haul hub at Newcastle Airport.

His first destination, due to be launched in Spring 2008, will be Oklahoma as he's always been a big fan of the musical.

Further routes will follow but the new owners are adamant that New York will NOT be one of them as they don't like yellow taxis.

Newcastle's CEO was quoted as 'We are very pleased to hear that Gill Air will be flying again and I'm sure that they will be happy with the new Mail apron'.
GM quoted 'I hope they have a better on time performance that that lot FlyJet'.
The new EK Manager was quoted as 'Competition, pah, we've sold zillions of seats already so who cares'

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Not wanting to bang on about the New York link again as it has been done to death and I cant see it happenning for a while but crewboi weren't your lot at LS meant to picking it up next summer?

On the EK front according to the companies own press release they are already thinking of larger aircraft on Dubai on certain days. Good news if it comes off.
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Went along to the Emirates event at the Gateshead Hilton last night. In his speech, the President of Emirates told of his delight at the huge response in bookings from North East England. He expected the mix to be around 25% of passengers flying on business, and 75% for leisure. He was delighted with the very high level of awareness across the region of the new service and said he expected to increase aircraft capacity and frequency as the route grew. The Newcastle-Dubai route was a long-overdue addition to the Emirates family of services, which was shortly also to include non-stops from Dubai to Sao Paolo (15 hrs) and Houston (17 hrs). The first two Newcastle flights, which went out full, took passengers travelling on to 18 further destinations.

In his speech, Alan Shearer highlighted the sporting delights of Dubai, which he had sampled on a number of occasions already.
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EK seem to be doing well which is great news for the region - business pax hate Heathrow these days (well all of my colleagues do anyway) and will do anything to avoid it! Previously this meant BRU, AMS, LGW or CDG. I think EK will do well as long as there fares remain competitive and I have just booked to use them to go to Sydney next year.

On New York, I agree with several of the other posters. The rumours have been going around for ages and I don't think AA would come back and take on the route anyway! Let's just wait for something more solid to come out - I'll only believe it when I see the first flight take off!

We don't seem to be seeing much short haul expansion at the moment...EZY cutting routes for winter, nothing back from BE and no future announcements from LS. Perhaps we're seeing a period of consolidation at NCL.

Re Gill Airways......I assume this is a joke!
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Jet2 (Which I no longer work for) are ment to be doing JFK or EWR but again I'll belive it when I see it, the rumours are the 2x 767s are due early next year but the management are denying this all the time (Mind you, last time the rumour was 757 and the company said no.. weeks later we had AA and AB)

Speaking of Jet2, they are selling holidays to Sharm El Shiek in winter, initially form Manchester. could NCL get the next one?

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