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Probably new A380 buy today will be used for Emirates Express (name is not definitive) the new low cost of Emirates
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Yikes, the 800+ seater is on the way!
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Emirates flying to Luxembourg

According to the local Luxembourg newspaper "Wort", Emirates will start flying to Luxembourg by the end of this year with a passenger service.
In the past EK used to have a cargo route to ELLX (LUX) but have since then stopped flying to Luxembourg.

From what i've heard they will be setting up a hub that is primarily fed by Luxair, EK will use Luxembourg as a stop for their new Dubai - Canada route. Apparently having trouble with FRA and CDG for future expansion plans that are mostly due to their 45 orders of A380's.

With the new terminal at Luxembourg airport almost finished this would indeed make sense for both EK and LG.

Also, last week i visited the page and Luxembourg was indeed on their route map but has been removed since then.

Does anyone know more ?

Original newspaper article in german can be found here:

PS: would be nice to see Emirates flying to Luxembourg.. especially since i fly to Dubai often. But on the other hand it wouldn t surprise me if all this was just a publicity stunt. Wouldn t be the first time for EK to make the headlines for free.

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EK new markets

When are Emirates going to look at the South West of the UK?

The opportunity to serve CWL must surely be something to consider ahead of LUX.

The money the Welsh Government would put into it is good plus the growing business movements from China and India with Wales must be something to consider.

This is in addition to all the volumes of pax from the South West who travel on KL and AF from BRS and CWL to Asia for business.

Surely they must also realise that with the growing volumes of cars on the M4, pax are choosing to skip London where possible.

Seems like this market would be a no-brainer and would probably give better yields than transit traffic over LUX as their next growth market.
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EK new market CWL ?

When will EK consider CWL?

I agree with Dragon Tracker. This market must surely be something worth considereing.

The amount of sailors we have travelling from Wales to Manila is immense.
As we can't always get seats on KLM and our some of the travel agents we use only send our staff via London with an average drive between 4 and 5 hours. From London we land up using CX / MH and SQ.

EK would be an ideal airline for this.

The 5 industrial harbours in Wales provide us with very good business in the shipping industry and this new LNG project link to Qatar with up to 10 large LNG vessles sailing regularly between Doha and Wales from Next year will continue to increase this volume.

In addition, Is is not also true that the new British MOD academy will be in Wales? This will also generate large business traffic.

Plus don't forget all us Oz boys with Welsh roots. I would be there regularly to see my family and I know there are plenty of the Welsh boys in Dubai who regularly use BA to LHR get back to Wales.

Come on EK, must be a better option than LUX
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EK came very close to starting CWL a couple of years ago, if their new service to NCL does as well as Glasgow and Birmingham then there's a fair bet that they'll be looking at CWL agian. All these new planes they have on order have got to fly somewhere!

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EK should consider Wales

Thanks for the input from Merchant Sailors

don't mean to be picky, but last time I counted 7 industrial harbours on the Welsh South Coast, then there are also the harbours on the English side of the Bristol Channel.

bring on the Asian Sailors.

Come on EK, more food for thought. They must be worth adding to the equations when doing your numbers.

don't forget the added bonus of sports activity in Cardiff. There might be another couple of stadiums up for sponsorship deals.

The Emirates Millenium Stadium would certainly get big TV coverage. You might find they do you a deal.
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EK should consider Wales

Looks like they missed a trick this year then going to NCL instead of Wales.

Especially with the World Cup Rugby and Cardiff hosting 4 matches including a quarter final.

Don't forget there is also the next Ashes with Cardiff being a ground and then the big Ryder Cup in Wales on 2010.

Big things happening in Wales on the sports side but the industrial growth in the area is amazing.

The stuff we are putting on the ships is incredible. Have also heard that there is going to be further growth around the corner with Chinese and Indian investors following the Dutch, Americans and Germans. Corus for a start is now Indian.

all sounds like much more opportunity than LUX
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EK to CWL?

Hi Guys

just to through this open a little more, but do you think EK would consider starting operations for an airport that does not have a fantastic scheduled operation?

Now dont flame me here, but BRS surely has a better chance given the activity at the airport. With CO, the new AF service and the hope that someone is going to jump in to the Germany slots...Remember also CO and EK codeshare on flights from LGW to EWR and IAH, so could this also give BRS the edge?

I do not doubt the fact there is a market for such a flight in the area including the CWL catchment area, but you only need to go to BRS and notice the amount of people who have possibly travelled over the bridge....Even had the Welsh Beach rugby champions on a flight earlier this week when heading back from Italy!

Like I say do not take what I have said as a knock to CWL, I would give my left arm to avoid LHR to get to DXB and further afield! but I think the airlines look at it a little more indepth, than just 'lets start a flight for the sake of it.'

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I guess EK has a long list of airports submitting route studies and offers to them to serve their airport; luckily they (and QR) have quite a big shopping list of aircraft, so I'm sure they are actively looking for new destinations.

Obviously, my personal choice would be DUB; there is a very considerable market for far east/Australia traffic and EI doesn't seem to be pushing its interline deal with EK very much, nor marketing it. EK, I think could do a much better job, particularly as EI's efforts are now very much focused on the US market.

Sure, it's great to have Etihad coming in, but EK is the biggest of them all (in the M/E) and its combination of reputation, marketing prowess and network size could make DUB a very good destination from Asia/ME/Africa/Australia etc. And if they don't, QR will ...

Shouldn't CWL, BRS etc be looking in Doha's direction too?
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Completly agree re QR EY etc, but dont you feel that they haven't quite got the routes that the 'regional' flights would warrant?

QR are great for Asia and the surrounds i.e india / Pakistan etc and EY have their flights to SYD. But with EK they can cover these areas, plus the added bonus of covering all major points in Aus & NZ.

If i remember corectly QR used a A319LR for their flight to Berlin (if my memory is what it is!) People wonder about BRS and its runway, but speaking to those who work at the airport, this is not a worry.

However, as I said before if it mean't not having the 'delights' of travelling from LHR anything would do!

Just one of these airlines would be more than welcome! I certainly have the call for it and it is something that my customers ask for time and again (I own a travel agency)
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Why do Cardiff supporters feel the need to hijack thread after thread? Managed to turn Emirates and Turkish threads into CWL based discussions, not possible to keep to the Cardiff thread?


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Emirates wants 110 A380s

Thomson Markets news article:

Emirates Airlines looks to double Airbus A380 order to 110

DUBAI (Thomson Financial) - Dubai-based Emirates Airlines wants to double its order of 55 Airbus A380 super jumbo jets when airport capacity in its home base permits, its president Tim Clark said today.

"I want to double (the number of A380s on order)" from the European aircraft maker, Clark told reporters.

But "55 is the absolute number of aircraft we can accommodate at the moment," he added ahead of a demonstration flight of the Boeing 777
long-haul aircraft just received by the airline.

Clark told Agence France-Presse that Emirates could take "a lot" more A380s, but Dubai international airport, the Middle East's busiest air hub, "can handle so much" for now.

The development of a second airport under construction in the bustling emirate will be a key factor in increasing the capacity of the fast-growing
airline to handle more planes, he said.

Emirates is the biggest customer for the A380. The first of the 55 aircraft it has ordered in deals worth billions of dollars is due to be delivered in the first quarter of next year.

[email protected]


Copyright AFX News Limited 2007. All rights reserved.
The copying, republication or redistribution of AFX News Content, including by
framing or similar means, is expressly prohibited without the prior written
consent of AFX News.
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Blimey. That's a lot of money.
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and I think they got it.....
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New EK Newcastle service

The launch of the new route to Newcastle last weekend went very well. I understand the first few flights have gone out full. The EK top brass were over here this week and threw a stunning bash at the Gateshead Hilton on Tuesday. On Wednesday the new control tower at NCL was opened - now duly named the Emirates Tower. There's been much publicity on the local tv news, radio and in the local papers. Public awareness seems very high. General feeling seems to be 'thank goodness we have an alternative now to LHR/AMS/CDG'.
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Yes its great to see EK at NCL was nice meeting the top brass aswell last week for the tower opening.
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emirates 777 question

Having noticed on Boeing has produced a B777-200LR for emirates.

what benefits will this do for their current fleet by already having the 300?
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They will serve longer range destinations such as San Paulo and Houston, and possibly San Fran or LA at some point, which are out of range of the 300ER.
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As I see it it's the Boeing equivalent of the Airbus 340-500, it's a tanker, it can't carry as much as the 300ER but it can go a long way, in effect it's their ULH aircraft
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