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British Airways

Old 5th Apr 2007, 21:06
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Are you being serious?!

BA and TGP are in serious discussions with their advisors about a possible 3 billion pound take-over, why would you sell your shares now?!

A decent stock broker would be buying shares, and reaping the rewards from the speculation across the world's newspapers!

Why would AGP bother IB? EZY mainly serve the UK plus Milan, Geneva, Berlin, Dortmund and Basel, not the domestic routes from AGP. If there is somewhere that IB need to be looking at it is MAD! EZY AND FR have already based aircraft this year, and EZY have started the domestic routes.

I do agree about the fares though. I think BA have found the perfect medium. Still offer the free meal etc onboard, but have fares starting from 29 GBP. I suppose it also helps BA with no LoCo (except Clickair) at LHR.
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Old 7th Apr 2007, 12:46
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What percentage of slots do British Airways have at Gatwick, and what is the extent of the assets they have there?
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Cannot respond on the slot number though it is in excess of 30% and BA operate 155 flights per day. I doubt that with 'open sky' BA could afford to pull out and I have to agree with a previous comment, that it is fraught with problems the purchase of IB. I well remember the shambles of the TAT purchase and IB staff T & Cs are archaic and will take years to change.
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Old 10th Apr 2007, 13:23
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British Airways - Tricky question?

What are the main external challenges facing BA in the next two years?
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Old 10th Apr 2007, 13:47
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Climate change
Competition probe into slots
Stock market investor sentiment
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Old 10th Apr 2007, 14:03
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Terminal 5.
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Old 10th Apr 2007, 14:19
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Open Skies, specifically the scope for much-increased transatlantic competition out of LHR.
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Old 10th Apr 2007, 15:21
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Lack of customers due to the state they are in.

BA are trying to cut costs by reducing staff and are using the move to T5 to try (as a by product of the move) to do that, the staff know that and are therefore concerned about their jobs and are of course unhappy, which even unintentionally filters down to the customers - I personally do not find BA very customer friendly now and although I liked to fly BA in the past now they come across to me as just the same as any other airline - I have flown United the last three times I have flown across the Atlantic.

Alex Ford
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Old 10th Apr 2007, 15:26
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Is it just me or does the questioner work at Waterworld and need it answered or he gets fired? lol
Helluva broad topic to ask as a first question. They'll cope. The number of good productive people outnumbers the media types and half wits.
Getting rid of the lazy militant pampered ground staff who think they're better than they are.
Outsourcing everything but the pilots, cabin crew and engineers because let's face it, the rest is what handling agents are for.
A summer without a strike.
Getting shot of anyone who thinks it's still 1979 and the state airline owes them a living.
Focusing on a single terminal operation that works smoothly.
Realising that done properly ( see above ) BA Gatwick can compliment Heathrow.
Deciding to replace all those B737s with shiny new A319 / A320s
Getting BA Cityflyer to make money

Realising that with a third runway it may be worth looking again at maintaining UK regional services and possibly re-linking ( again ) to Jersey, Inverness, Belfast etc.
Who said bmi????
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Its an application qu for Flight Deck.....
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Pilot of the Airwaves
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Gordon Brown-Organ, should he become the next PM.
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Sorry if this has been posted already somewhere else but, you can now buy tickets for BA's first Terminal 5 flights on 27th March 08. The first departure is to CDG and the first inbound a/c is from Hong Kong.
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Ryanair and other loco's.
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Ryanair and other loco's.
Well, I'm no longer a big BA fan, but given the choice between FR or BA I'd go BA any day. The FR product is vastly inferior.
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Well with Ryanair pax numbers more than BA's, The pax are
coming from somewhere.

One of the worst things BA have ever done was to sell GO Airlines.

You stay with BA leave's more of the 0.99 offers for me .
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I wouldn't say Ryanair are the main Loco threat to BA as they operate into mainly different airports.

easyJet on the other hand. . . .
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Ryanairs route map is changing, there are more and more
Airports poping up that the so called flag carriers fly.

Madrid, Palma, Alicante, Bari, Pisa, Turin, Salzburg, Montpellier,
Grenoble, Malta, and dont forget Rome (CIA) closer to
Rome city Centre than (FCO).

Looking at BA's European route map against Ryanairs, its clear
which airline gives more choice throughout Europe.
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If you and others are happy with FR that's fine by me. I fly on locos too, but those I fly on still (in my opinion of course) offer a vastly superior overall product than FR do. But I think we're going off thread now
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i wouldn't worry about externals, its the internals i'm worried about.

it would appear that becoming 'fit for 5' involves peeing off every employee group in the company.

Continued on:
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