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at cvt now and 737-8 is parked on the apron not to sure who it is though
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From another forum it should be a BBJ VP-BIZ
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Phileas Fogg

You seem determined that CVT should not have any good news at all. You are apparently convinced that the proximity of other airports means nothing but a death-knell for the airport. EZY currently operate out of both Manchester and Liverpool, their proximity does not seem to be a hindrance. If you so wish, Coventry has good rail links with e.g. London, a ten minute taxi ride from the airport to station.

I remember when CVT was the busiest airport in the country for a short time each night. Perhaps the current owner is best advised to secure parcels traffic rather than passengers. That said however our family found it very much more convenient to fly from Bagington rather than the hateful BHX where you are not even allowed to drop people off without doing so at the long stay carpark.

IIRC Atlantic onced owned the airport, they sold to TUI who subsequently sold it on to the company that finished it. It is a pity that Atlantic had to sell it in the first place as they at least have some zip about themselves. I hope Sir P. makes a success of it if only to spite the nay-sayers.

If you had some of the positivity of your namesake, perhaps we would all be better off.
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Reading around these forums many a handling agent employee, or similar, or Reggie Spotter(s) are making statements that they're little ol' regional airport should always be increasing business etc. and much of this is ridiculous, you'll have to excuse me if I point this out from time to time, but whether I point it out or not it's not going to change reality, whatever I may say isn't going to change anything.

Hence I am not determined about anything, above on this page a CVT fanatic states that 'easy' do not use BHX, well guess what ..... Easyjet do use BHX!

CVT may have a future once a new passenger terminal building may be built, just when might that happen?

And LPL/MAN, GLA/EDI etc. aren't 10 (ish) minutes down the road/railway from each other as CVT/BHX are!
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"Southend Airport, by the time EZY get there, has an airport rail station with circa 4 trains per hour to/from London and on the way to/from London pax can transfer at Stratford mega rail station complex for other UK mainline services, the London Underground, the Docklands Light Railway and Eurostar services to Paris, Brussels etc."

To suggest that people will fly into SEN, and then transfer onto a non-existant Eurostar link to Paris is, frankly, utterly ridiculous!

We're talking short haul flights here - people want to use airports that are close to them and convenient to use. Otherwise, they will go elsewhere or take the train (for the whole journey!). I don't think SEN's station on its own is a USP - STN also has a station, with a rip-off 'express' ride into central London. SEN will be attractive because pax won't have to go through a supermall and mega security queue + transfer to people mover to use it.

In that respect, CVT has many of the same advantages of SEN - and even if the bus service in its day was pretty limited, CVT - Cov station is still a much easier transfer than EMA - EM Pkway!

I'm not so sure about Easy myself - for reasons mentioned re: EMA, LTN etc - but I remember the rumours about baby then FR coming to BHX and all the 'experts' saying that would never happen. My guess would be LS more likely @ CVT than Easy but never say never?
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Whoever made a comparison between CVT and EMA, EMA in itself has nothing much to brag about besides being a courier hub and HQ to BMI.

CVT, passenger wise, may only become successful as a 2nd airport to Brum and once CVT has modern and adequate facilities on the ground, currently there is no need whatsoever for a 2nd Brum airport whilst CVT ground facilities, to be polite about it, are dated, tired and inadequate.

And as for suggestions of EZY, with all of Europe to open new destinations, bases, is it really being suggested that EZY opt for a tired and dated airfield 65 miles up the road from their main operating base?

Mainland UK is not a nation that needs an airport every 65 miles, indeed every 15 miles, and there reaches a point of market saturation, EZY operate to/from BRS but not EXT or CWL, reason being that if they duplicate their product too close a distance (population wise) to each other then they end up shooting themselves in the foot.

People want to use airports that are close to them? What one minute, two minutes, five minutes from their homes? Are you seriously suggesting that the population of Coventry are up in arms that the local international airport is all of a ten minute train journey away?

Get real!!!
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coventry airport

I repeat my many previous thred but

Coventry Airport is a had been/No More

I really feel sorry for all the people who have over the years helped Coventry to its Halycon days way back when and It was a lovely little local Airport where everbody knew everbody and it was a pleasure to go there (AND BEFORE THE KNOCKERS) come on I remember when the Canadian Argonauts were stored there and Ace freighters was based there so I have known Coventry for many years.

Sir Peter Whatever his name is urinating into the wind Im afraid

He will in the present economic climate make a penny

Sorrry Guys but Im speaking the truth YOU KNOW IT
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Sir Peter

Sir Peter is not "urinating into the wind". He is very cunning and rich. Peter has got a key seat on the LEP - the board that proposes where all the government growth funding is going. Around the airport farm land and old car works will become vast business parks & Warehouses will generous tax breaks. The airport will operate for business flights and a little bit of everthing else. It will never be a pax airport again.

Sir Peter needs the media and councillors on-side and will tell them what they want to hear. The rich population areas that can support a small airport are just as close to BHX.
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Hang on a minute .....

So this 'Peter' character, he that has bought and owns CVT airport ... he's also responsible for proposing where government growth funding goes and ..... just happening to have a finger in the pie in 'his' CVT airport ... he's going to propose that this growth funding be invested, in the form of generous tax breaks, in immediate vicinity of his own airport with the end objective that, at the end of the day, he personally reaps financial reward from his proposed government funding, supposedly, for others.

Is this common knowledge amongst the UK taxpayers?
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This is becoming like a set of footie fans debating their teams. IMO, realistically..
CVT will never threaten BHX whatever they choose to do.
CVT is a small provincial airport and will remain that way.
Anything the new owners do will be for the advantage of themselves and not Coventry or the people of Coventry.
A nice business and freight airport with a smattering of niche pax routes would be the best it can hope for. I wish it all the luck in achieving this.
The transport links are abysmal though and need sorting to give them more of a chance.

As for the owners influencing a major investment in their interests.....Why would this case be any different from any other back room deal in this country?
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Anyone got any ideas whats permaintly stored here or been dumped here over the years. Shame the NPT Electras are just rotting a way lovely airframe shame there never gonna move again
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Yes Philleas Sir Peters plans, and position, is well known amongst UK tax Payers, as it is in the public domain, and we in the local area are aware, but then as you are such an expert on all matters Coventry I thought you would have know that
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OK, I guess I need to accept that I am mistaken and I guess CVT airport has a state of the art modern terminal complex, excellent transport links, airlines are just queuing up to utilise it and the city of Coventry is not a 10 minute train ride from Birmingham International Airport (which the local population are up in arms complaining about) nor a 90 minute (ish) coach journey from London/Luton Airport.

Silly me!

P.S. What percentage of the UK population has an international airport a mere 10 minute train journey away from their city/town centre rail station?

Not even London has that!

Kind Regards
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Wow what a load of waffle you spout.

You asked if the taxpayer knew of Sir Peters plans and they do, and that is what I was replying to, and yet you write a load of tiresome 'throw your dolly out of the pram' information which frankly we all know.

Perhaps a calm down before your next post would help.
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Very well said Indeed

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A tip for Mr Reggie Spotter of Coventry:

If you want to see more air movements at CVT then, whoever painted 'COVENTRY' on the airport building roof, get rid of it and replace it by painting 'BIRMINGHAM' on the roof, that'll see you more Reggie moments at CVT.

Just trying to help ...
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You are a buffoon arent you Fogg, I work at BHX but have a passing interest in Coventry my local strip, doing well.

I suggest you may be the Reggie Spotter dear boy, not me.
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Bad news!!


q) egbe/qeslc/tt/bbu/a/034/111/5689g00432t0655
b) from: 22/06/2011 09:30c) to: End est
e) rwy 05/23 closed for good
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Sorry but point E, on your Notam is actually incorrect/unfactual/untrue/a lie, I do enjoy a good story but thats just a little tired, perhaps it would have been better on jackanory on childrens TV.

Glad we could clear that up
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Today NOTAM for EGBE.

Q) EGTT/QFAXX/IV/NBO/A/000/999/5222N00129W005
B) FROM: 11/03/24 10:38C) TO: PERM


Q) EGTT/QFFCH/IV/NBO/A/000/999/5222N00129W005
B) FROM: 11/06/21 13:39C) TO: 11/08/31 23:59


I see nothing about a closed runway. There's also the small fact that the phrase"runway closed for good" would never be used anyway.

So that's a pretty big FAIL for the flying whale.
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