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Thanks for the explanation, Simon. No worries.
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Brian Wilson: Flying for Scots has become lottery - The Scotsman

Loganair is badly missing Scott Grier I think.
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What options would Loganair have for a replacement for the ageing fleet of Saab340's, The ATR42 would appear to be a little large for their needs.
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Dornier 328s? Similar size and they already have a few, not sure if there are any available to buy/lease though.
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Wilson alludes to maintenance issues, as being a primary reason. My gut tells me it is far more of a crew issue, with a large experience gap now rearing its head. The days of the pioneering Captains is long gone. 10kts, of wind, the ferries stay in the harbour, 1 meter swell, ditto. The aeroplanes are now doing the same.

Couple the ferries, and the planes acting up, then a real problem looms. Can you imagine all of those Hampstead reared islanders, stuck in their crofts
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I think many of us know the tale of the holes in the Swiss Cheese and maxred is quite correct, but there is so much more.

Fire warning Loganair plane lands safely at Sumburgh - BBC News

Merry Christmas...
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Would it be a similar situation to that of BA in the early '80s when the route was served by the Budgies? A rationialisation meant that they got rid of all their experienced Captains and they were replaced by Senior First Officers on a lower pay band. Unfortunately they got rid of all the years of experience in one go and this led to some pretty hairy landings and flights being cancelled that would have flown under the previous regime.
I don't know of any other aircraft of that size which can handle as much crosswind as the 340, essential in at least Sumburgh in the winter where the only fixed wing runway available is 09/27 after dark.
Merry Christmas
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Up until this last year or so, the SF340's have noticeably provided the most reliable service the islands have seen. However nowadays, there is not a day goes by without a couple of "technical" delays. There has been lots of management changes, perhaps therein lies the problem.
The Sumburgh-Aberdeen is Loganair's bread and butter route with 5 or 6 flights perday, and perhaps a larger aircraft would be worthwhile. The high-wing aircraft do not quite have the cross-wind capabilities of the old budgies and the Saab however.
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Out of interest it is only the 340s playing up lately? The 2000's that they have are much better and are used on more popular routes so may well be a better fit for the Sumburgh operation as well (if not already used in part on the route). I agree in that the Dornier 328 is probably a more suitable replacement to the 340s if they wish to match the seat capacity.
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Or Q200/300's
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isnt an alternative aircraft subject to crosswind maxima which has ruled out others?
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Originally Posted by maxred
10kts, of wind, the ferries stay in the harbour, 1 meter swell, ditto. The aeroplanes are now doing the same.

Not judging by my last Northlink journey. I'd be tempted to say never again bit it was quite fun watching cutlery, crockery and trays off food slide on to the floor as we pushed through the Pentland swell!
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Think they've been leasing BMI 145 G-EMBI past couple of days
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As one of those "senior first officers", who you imply were inexperienced I will say two things.

I had always assumed that the person who sat in the left hand seat of a budgie and made the decisions was the Captain, whatever he was being paid (the basic pay was SFO +10% with the full 24% BA Captain's allowances by the way).

Most of the Captains were ex Viscount Scottish based copilots and those who were not, me included, had several thousand hours and, in my case, 13 years experience within BA.

I was not aware of any cancellation due to inexperience and would suggest that the "hairy landings" were probably due to the inclement weather which is a feature of the operation.

Most of my 30 kt crosswind, at night, Sumburgh landings I would describe as "hairy" but at least HS got it right when they put the wheels under the propellors - it prevented me bending them (propellors)!!
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No criticism of the aircrew intended, apologies if it seemed that way finncapt. In fact I think quite the opposite, especially in the first winter.
The inexperience I was talking about was inexperience of island flying and the local weather conditions. And I was trying to point out that the management at that time didn't seem to appreciate the years of skills and local knowlege the Captains had built up flying in and out of the islands.
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Loganair Profits up by 13 % And another S200 or two

Not sure if its one or two Saab2000 they've added to the 3 already in service. But good news about the increased profit and 340 refurbishment programme.

Loganair: 'Profits up, turnover up, reliability down' | Shetland News

"LOGANAIR has posted a 25 per cent rise in profits for the 2014/15 financial year amid a major drop in public confidence over the troubled airlines substandard performance.

In the 2015 calendar year Loganair was plagued by frequent technical delays, largely caused by problems in its engineering department, with nearly one in four flights suffering a delay of 15 minutes or more.

Now the airline has revealed that, thanks in part to a 13 per cent rise in passenger numbers, in the year to 31 March 2015 its turnover rose from £87.3 million to £93.6 million.

That resulted in the company which operates 31 routes across the Highlands and Islands and elsewhere in the UK boosting its profits from £5.8 million to £7.2 million. It is unclear what impact the decline in reliability will have on Loganair's profitability in the 2015/16 financial year.

The campaign group Islanders for Fair Air Fares, which has over 15,000 Facebook followers, called on the airline to invest some of its profits in improving its service in the wake of some catastrophic failings in recent years.

Whilst it is great news for the owners of Loganair to have gained an additional £1.4 million in profit, the Islanders for Fair Air Fares would be delighted to her that the airline will now be investing some of these profits in a vastly improved island service,said campaigner Scott Preston.

Campaigner Scott Preston (right) is calling on Loganair not to raise its already Campaigner Scott Preston (right) is calling on Loganair not to raise its already "punishingly high" air fares. As the monopoly airline there is a duty to ensure their service is reliable, sustainable and, most importantly, safe.

If Loganair wish to see a similar improvement in goodwill they need to confirm that they will not increase passenger fares this year beyond the current punishingly high levels.

If they cannot commit to this, they need to clearly and concisely explain why to the thousands of islanders and their families who have consistently supported and sustained the airline in recent years amidst catastrophic failings in reliability and service standards.

Loganair chairman David Harrison said the company had significantly increased its annual investment programme to £15 million.

That package includes: spending £4 million on the purchase of two 50-seater Saab 2000 aircraft, a previously announced £6 million investment in a new spares hub at Glasgow Airport allowing far faster and more efficient servicing and repairs and £3.5 million to begin a three-year programme of major passenger upgrades for the workhorse of its fleet, the Saab 340, significantly improving journey comfort and convenience.

2015 was a challenging year but we have a very robust and comprehensive plan to further improve our fleet and enhance the comfort of our passengers, Harrison said.

Shetland MSP Tavish Scott: Shetland MSP Tavish Scott: "Profits up, turnover up, passenger numbers up yet reliability is down." It is our number one priority and from April 2015 to April 2016 we have committed more spend than we have ever done to achieve those ambitions.

The airline has “invested heavily in its engineering operation and now employs 146 engineers, more than at any time in its history, and almost twice as many as in 2007.

Shetland MSP Tavish Scott responded: Profits up, turnover up, passenger numbers up yet reliability is down. The everyday experience of many Shetlanders travelling south has been disrupted by engineering problems and technical issues.

I want Loganair to invest any money they make in sorting reliability. Islanders must have confidence that the service will fly and fly on time. That has not been the case for too many months.

Loganairs decision to invest in engineers, a new spares facility, plus refurbishing the Saab 340s is good but long overdue. The sooner this gets underway the better for everyone who uses Shetlands lifeline air services.

Loganair chief executive Stewart Adams said that its unique route mix meant it had five different aircraft models from four different manufacturers.

He said that significantly increases the demands on our engineering department and when engineers move on or retire, it has traditionally had a major impact on operations.

Loganair chief executive Stewart Adams. Loganair chief executive Stewart Adams. Nearly one in four Loganair flights faces a delay of 15 minutes or more. Its current punctuality of 77 per cent falls below the 85 per cent target it has set for 2016, but Adams claimed it remains higher than the UK industry average.

Dividends totalling ££7.67 million were paid to parent group Airline Investments Ltd (AIL) to enable it to fully repay loans taken on to finance its purchase of Loganair in 2012.

Harrison added that Loganair started the new financial year in a position of strength.

As well as the acquisition of another Saab 2000 and the new expanded spares hub, having two dedicated spare aircraft based at Glasgow and Aberdeen enables us to improve back-up capability across the network, he said.

These investments are all designed to significantly improve operational performance and we are confident they will each have a positive effect on service levels."
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Loganair CEO to step down

Loganair chief executive to step aside | Shetland News

Loganair chief executive Stewart Adams is standing down for "personal reasons". TROUBLED airline Loganair has announced it has begun a “worldwide search” for a new chief executive after Stewart Adams announced that he was stepping down from the position for personal reasons.

Adams joined the company from Singapore-based Tiger Airways in January 2013. He will remain in post until April having led an initiative to improve the airline’s substandard operational performance in recent months.

In 2015 nearly one in four flights was delayed by 15 minutes or more, with planes frequently unable to fly due to technical issues, and pilots expressing concerns about shortcomings within its maintenance department.

The company has taken various steps, including employing more engineers, as it targets an increase in punctuality to 85 per cent.

Loganair chairman David Harrison described Adams as an “extremely hardworking chief executive” who had “provided strong leadership” over the past three years, thanking him for his efforts “during what has been a challenging period”.

Harrison said: "His experience has proved to be a significant asset, particularly while we have been developing a major raft of initiatives to ensure our punctuality and customer service are soon back at the levels which our customers have rightly come to expect from us over many years.

"We have already begun to undertake a worldwide search to identify a new chief executive with the drive, skills and expertise to deliver on the commitments we have made to our customers and the communities we serve.

"We are hopeful that this process will be completed quickly and that we can conclude an effective handover in the spring."

Adams said it had been a “great privilege” to lead the organisation and claimed the “widespread improvement initiatives we launched last year are already having a positive impact”, while its strong financial performance had enabled it to undertake “the largest investment programme in the company’s history”.

“For personal reasons the time is now right for me to step down,” he added, “and I am confident that the strong foundations which have been laid will help enable the new chief executive to continue the company’s expansion and growth.”

The company, which operates 31 routes across the Highlands and Islands and the rest of the UK, earlier this month increased its air fares by 1.3 per cent after posting profits of £7.2 million in 2014/15.

It announced that it was “significantly increasing” its annual investment programme to £15 million. That includes purchasing two 50-seater Saab 2000 aircraft, upgrading the “workhorse” of its fleet, the Sab 340, and a £6 million investment in a new spares hub at Glasgow Airport.

Following powerful lobbying from a 15,000-strong campaign to improve the service, Loganair introduced a new compassionate fare policy offering a 50 per cent fare reduction to passengers faced with sudden bereavement or an unexpected critical illness to immediate family members.

Loganair runs services to and from Shetland as part of a franchise arrangement with Flybe, which was flooded with angry responses from Scottish islanders after announcing on social media that it won “best short haul airline” at the Business Travel Awards on Monday night.

Flybe has kept quiet in recent months while Loganair has borne the brunt of passengers’ anger at frequent delays.

Numerous Shetlanders let Flybe know, in no uncertain terms, how they felt about the award. Several described the service on offer as a “disgrace” and a “joke”, while others referred to the budget airline by its nickname “Flymaybe”.

“It’s a nice surprise when a flight leaves on time,” read one response, while another stated: “Perhaps Flybe, who ‘typically respond in minutes’, might want to take this opportunity to reply to the many negative comments and justify their win as best short haul airline?”

Flybe’s social media team responded to positive comments congratulating the airline on its award, but has yet to respond to any of the negative feedback from passengers in Shetland, Orkney and the Western Isles.

Back in November, Shetland councillor Alastair Cooper suggested that Flybe should be shouldering its share of the blame for the problems which have beset air services to and from the islands in recent months.

“We’re speaking about Flybe and their franchisee, which is Loganair, that’s not performing. Where does Flybe’s responsibility come in? Loganair is taking all the flak.”
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It seems nothing has changed up north.

No idea why FlyBe should 'take some flack'.
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There is a distinct lack of understanding at how the franchise is set up and that Loganair are fully responsible for its on time performance, maintenance, fares and service levels. The only thing it is not responsible for is its marketing and booking channels. The problem is Flybe being quiet rather than issuing some sort of reply - they really do not help themselves.

MP's particularly those up north have no clue what goes in to running an airline - it's all about how vocal they can be and win the support and praise of their constituents.

Those that are critics of Flybe's success only see the small picture that is painted related to their individual experiences....the other hundreds of sectors each day, most of which run reasonably on time, falls in to the background.
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If you go to market as flybe, paint the word flybe down the fuselage, sell on the flybe website and dress your staff in flybe uniforms while embracing the flybe brand....there's a case for flybe being negligent in not giving Loganair a kick up the backside to fix this before it got so bad. It's clearly flybe's brand that takes the hit here, regardleas of the technicalities of a little "Operated by Loganair" sticker. I would imagine some pressure from flybe might even be behind this.
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