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As one of those "senior first officers", who you imply were inexperienced I will say two things.

I had always assumed that the person who sat in the left hand seat of a budgie and made the decisions was the Captain, whatever he was being paid (the basic pay was SFO +10% with the full 24% BA Captain's allowances by the way).

Most of the Captains were ex Viscount Scottish based copilots and those who were not, me included, had several thousand hours and, in my case, 13 years experience within BA.

I was not aware of any cancellation due to inexperience and would suggest that the "hairy landings" were probably due to the inclement weather which is a feature of the operation.

Most of my 30 kt crosswind, at night, Sumburgh landings I would describe as "hairy" but at least HS got it right when they put the wheels under the propellors - it prevented me bending them (propellors)!!
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