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Anyone else heard the story about Loganair returning to the LDY-DUB
Haven't heard but this would be madness in my view, Aer Arann numbers were very poor and they had an aircraft base at DUB, whereas LC do not have flights to either DUB or LDY. Could not see any attractiveness in such a move for LC. In addition, I would describe LC as quite risk averse and a low return route like LDY DUB and the amount of marketing that it would need to bring the numbers back wouldnt be justified. Sad to say.

However, surprises me that LC didnt try a daily Dundee Dublin route...

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Possibly adding Glasgow then?
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BHD2BFS; since they did this before and the arrival of Ryanair onto LDY PIK put them under pressure and exited, cant see them going back. Though I see FR PIK LDY load factor is poor enough of late, though given it is such a short sector maybe they can live with that. I would again feel that LC would avoid competing with FR if at all possible.

EDI in my view would be great little route, it never saw the light of day with Aer Arann, as it was axed before it took off. Even with an EDI route I cant see them touching the Dublin route.
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Loganair & Suckling Airways

According to Ch Aviation website the following Suckling aircraft are operating on behalf of Flybe/Loganair


I know that G-BWWT has been operating in full flybe livery from NWI for sometime. Does anyone know what routes the other two aircraft are being used for?.

Aircraft and Fleet Lists -
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G-BYMK is in full CityJet colours and alternates on LCY-EDI/DND. G-BZOG and G-BYHG are all white but seen on the same routes.
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G-LGNA stored?

The above Saab has been sitting outside the LOG hangar for a few weeks, rudder removed and gaffer tape abounds (unless its moved again in the last few days). Is it stored?

Curious of Scotland....
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Look back one page
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Loganair operate the Donegal - Dublin route (I think twice daily) with a heavy subsidy from the Irish government under the EU PSO rules. Opening an commercial, unsubsidised route from City Of Derry, with the risk of filtering off some of the Donegal business does not seem to make sense
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It's doubtful G-LGNA will be flying again. I was damaged pretty bad. I think its just spare parts now.
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So much for "duff gen" and " not possible" then ! And its still gone a bit quiet!
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Obtuse isn't the word here! From assumptions made from previous postings, G-LGNA suffered some kind of ground incident/fire at Glasgow which has resulted in it being stored, possibly written off?

Like I said, just curious about a stored machine at a local field. Presumably no plans to replace it, given the additional capacity from the Dorniers.
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G-LGNA should return to service later this year all going well.
No fire, no write off.
Everybody happy!

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Excellent news! not a dire end to life after all
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Mr Loganair retires

Scott Grier has announced his retirement from Loganair.

Shetland News | Mr Loganair retires [5597]

LOGANAIR chairman Scott Grier has announced that he was retiring - after 36 years with the company.

Grier joined Loganair in 1976 as financial manager and was made managing director seven years later.

When in December 1983 British Midland Airways acquired the company from the Royal Bank of Scotland, Grier took a 25 per cent shareholding. In 1997 he led a successful management buy-out from Sir Michael Bishop's Airlines of Britain Group.

He said: "In 1997 we had to start all over again with one Twin Otter and five Britten Norman Islander aircraft and 44 employees.

“Today, 15 years later in the Loganair group we have 26 aircraft and more than 500 employees.”

Grier's shareholding in Loganair has been acquired by brothers Stephen and Peter Bond.

He said: “Loganair has been a large part of my life for many years and I will miss the daily involvement, but I am confident that under Stephen and Peter the company will continue to be in good hands and to serve communities in the Highlands and Islands as we have always done.”

Grier will still have an involvement with the company as he will become Loganair's first president.
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From the HIAL website, looks like Dundee to both Birmingham and Belfast is being dropped
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Loganair Withdraws Dundee Services from December

Home | HIAL Group | Media Centre | What's Hot and Latest News | Loganair Withdraws Dundee Services from December

Wednesday 24 October 2012

Loganair has today announced it is to withdraw its scheduled services from Dundee Airport from early December in response to declining passenger demand.

Services from Dundee to Belfast City and Birmingham will cease on Sunday 2 December. Passengers will be offered alternative flights through Loganair's franchise partner flybe, or a full refund.

Loganair will retain its aviation engineering base at the city's airport. There will be no compulsory redundancies as a result of today's announcement.
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Does this mean that Loganair will now have some spare capacity, or has it already been accounted for in the recently published summer 2013 timetable ?
If there is spare capacity, how's it likely to be used ?
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surprised they lasted this long, what with ridiculous fares and half empty planes
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Sad news about Dundee, im flying with them next month to Birmingham, prices were very similar to EDI-BHX for the same dates when i booked.
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That is a shame about DND. I flew BHD-DND a few years ago when the service was only a few weeks old. At £78 for a one way ticket it wasn't cheap but was very convenient when I lived in the city at the time. I was a 20 minute walk from the airport to my front door!

I cannot believe that a Belfast service didn't work out from Dundee. The sheer number of Northern/Southern Irish students in the area (St Andrews and Perth Included) was astonishing, the market is there. The fares are/were simply too high I suppose, just a shame it never worked out. I used to go down to the airport sometimes to watch the BHX and BHD aircraft go out or come in and sometimes the passenger numbers were in single figures! Indeed, my flight had only 8 on board. It was only a matter of time before Loganair pulled out and sadly, they now are!
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