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Kenyann254 4th Feb 2014 19:03

Direct Entry Aptitude
Hey guys, a friend of mine sat the aptitude today. He says we should look at algebra, quadratic equations, cos, tan, in Chem there was a question on Daniell Cell, mechanical reasoning, cogs.. He was still trying to calm down as of an hour ago if he throws in anything new I'll keep you posted. I go in tomorrow.
All the very best guys!:ok::ok:

gear up job 4th Feb 2014 22:17

"He was still trying to calm down as of an hour ago if he throws in anything new I'll keep you posted".

Was ur friend unwell doing the test or after the test?

Kenyann254 5th Feb 2014 01:05

He was just nervous and trying to compose himself after a long day of testing

gear up job 7th Feb 2014 10:51

Has your friend come down to share with us how the whole process went? The AB-Initio guys have been very proactive. This thread appears to be very silent dead!

Alphatangotango 7th Feb 2014 10:58

KQ aptitude
Most frustrating exercise! There's math, physics, chem, mechanical reasoning, general science and instrumentation:ugh:

Kenyann254 7th Feb 2014 20:39

Hey guys, our thread really is quite low. Not much discussion. My pal did sit his aptitude on Tuesday, I sat mine on Wednesday, the Maths and Chemistry for me were the killers especially with the negative marking, we are awaiting the results as the next step psychometric is slated for the 18/19 of this month followed by psychomotor on the 25 or there about.
On the Math paper, its all quadratic/algebra kind of questions then part 2 of the same paper features questions on speed distance and time mostly. Closing speed questions are in the mix as well. Everything is multiple choice questioning but as earlier mentioned, guess work might do you more harm in Maths. In Chem, know your chemical bonds plus there was a question on Daniell Cell. Mechanical reasoning and instrumentation are said to be where a lot of points are given. the more you can answer accurately the better. Check out Royal Air Force (RAF) aptitude tests online the questions might be of some help.
Rumors out there is that they are planning a double in take this year hopefully start training the new guys by April then a new group taken in for testing by June. As I said, all these is just speculation we have to wait and see. Otherwise lets keep each other posted and in the light of whatever's happening. Cheers guys!

Kenyann254 7th Feb 2014 20:48

*more on aptitude
Got this from the ab initia* forum guys, pretty much accurate..

Aptitude test (go through form 1 and 2 books for the following)

· Sequences of numbers and patterns
· Closing and opening speeds
· Fractions (largest to smallest and vice versa)
· Algebraic questions
· Factorizing and solving quadratic questions
· Volumes and Areas of all shapes e.g. Cylinders, Cones, spheres

· Pulleys
· Mechanical reasoning (Google coz it’sa lot)
· Wheels and cogs (big wheels and small wheels, which turns faster and in which direction)
· Springs
· Electricity (voltage formula and other few stuff on electricity.)
· Abit of magnetism but am not sure whether it came
· Force and Moments
· Newton’s Laws of motion
· Reflection and refrection of light e.g. refractive index and the laws. Also dispersion of light ileinaform the colors of the rainbow in order.
· Speed of light is 186000m/s
· Density
· Linear motion e.g. Acceleration, horizontal and vertical projection,the 3 equations

· Chemical bonding
· Periodic table and chemical families
· Hard water and soft water – How to remove hardness
· Acids and bases ya form 1 and 2
· Salts and solubility of salts
· Electrolysis – things to do with the electrolytes mostly
· Balancing several equations

Aircraft alttitudes –similar to those in Per A (aircraft banking, climbing or descending at particular. This is one of the trickiest parts, study the different aeroplane avionics and the role that they play, e.g barometer, pitot tube, speed and one compass direction, altitude

The trickiest ni banking, read and have an understanding on how planes bank, angle of banking direction in relation to the bank and also Google how the different avionics can be combined in a picture to achieve desired direction, altitude and speed.

You will be told to interpret how those readings would appear on the instruments if a plane is moving in a certain direction, at certain speed and height.

Also read how to calculate the speed of objects moving towards or away from each other (relative speed). U will be given two planes with different speeds and u are told to determine after how long they will meet.

*** On the said day, have a heavy breakfast and/or carry some snacks for yourself. It is a whole day process without any meals or snacks offered at DEFTEC.

gear up job 7th Feb 2014 23:44

Hi FoxTango,

Many thanks for sharing the information with us. I wish you all the best with your pal too. Don't forget to share more as you progress through the stages.

I was reading what you shared and i didn't know either to laugh or shake my head. K.A recruitment methods are just ridiculous and outdated! How can a DEC undergo the same procedures like a AB Initio person yet one already holds a commercial license.

K.A is part of Skyteam Alliance yet none of the other airline including KLM have such an outdated process! This is beyond people's imagination. No wonder carriers like Ethiopian Airline have out grown K.A because their recruitment process is very simple and they understand that for them to grow and report profits they need manpower.

727-2F9 13th Feb 2014 17:44

@ gear up job: "Kenya has alot of local pilots looking for work too."

The profusion of commercial operators in Kenya, in an environment free of silly requirements like the a/c age limits in Nigeria, commendable facilities, good economic prospects and evidence of some government commitment, I find it hard to envision Kenyan pilots out of work. Can you educate me?

Trackdiamond 13th Feb 2014 20:02

Gear up is absolutely correct.

If yiou want an education come to Kenya, go through the KCAA and labour permits and you wil see why.There shouldn't be any unemployed Kenyan pilots as per K.A's growth alone..but they are fastidious and archaic in their methods as stated by the threads preceding.

If you are a non Kenyan scrounging for a job I suggest Kenya is not the right destination.Try Maun, especially if you are white as that is their preference there from my prprevious engagement with them. If you think Kenya is mushrooming with airlines, you must be getting la la land rumours mate! Try next door in Ethiopia if rated and experienced.These days every country or Union tends to restrict employment to its nationals exceptions being the Gulf carriers(which usually look for jet rated and experienced) and perhaps Far East..and I notice they have a preferential recruitment interest in europeans there too.Take as you will..but those are the facts.There are a number of experienced Kenyan Pilots out of work..and I can guarantee you they will be looked at prior to any foreigner trying to phish for jobs where there are non in their own countries.

KenAviator 14th Feb 2014 11:55

Fox Tango
@Fox Tango. The aptitude test last week wasn't that bad. Just hoping for some good news this coming week. Just wondering why guys are not talking about the test on the other thread. Lets just pray for the best this coming week.

gear up job 15th Feb 2014 05:08


I think K.A knows how to play BIG politics. Check out odericko2000 comments on the AB Initio thread.


The DEC guys don't talk at all! Not like the AB Initio guys who communicate regularly. Not sure why or maybe they are too good for us.......:cool:

Perhaps you can start being proactive. Wish you all the best lad.

Kenyann254 17th Feb 2014 13:10

Hey guys, tomorrow is the said day for the Psychometric for most direct entry guys. 19th seems to be more for the ab guys. Wishing you all the very best guys!!

gear up job 17th Feb 2014 22:54

All the best lads.

Kindly do let us know on how you go.

Captain GG 18th Feb 2014 10:10

Psychometric on 20th
For the DEC guys who did their psychometric today, is there a possibility that more Ab Initio applicants will do a psychometric on 20th.

Please share if you have any info, al appreciate.

gear up job 19th Feb 2014 20:53

Psychometric Test
KenAviator, FoxTango.......etc

How was the Psychometric Test? Was it similar to the AB-Initio guys?

ctrviolation 20th Feb 2014 07:56

It was exactly the same, they didn't separate into groups, there were only about twenty in the morning session yesterday.. I figure most of the rest of the group were slotted in for the afternoon session.

The career connections lady said that we aren't competing with one another hmmm...but the results are compared against previous successful candidates as a benchmark, I suppose if you score as well as the other successful employees you will be a good bet for them to assess further.

Trackdiamond 24th Feb 2014 18:35

Psycometrics perf benchmarks
I believe ab-inito group performance is compared against ab-initio benchmarks and DEP against DEP...age is factored in and relative performance of agegroup world wide is used as a benchmark.That is what Madame Mkenya(the mzungu is a Kenyan) meant you are not competing against each other.I asked this question specifically during the tests both in Psychometrics and Psychomotor and got a consistent answer.I also happen to have read much on the Psychology of Aviation Test Battery which has evolved since world war 2 in europe..its not a new thing.

There is no 100% proof that these test results portray accurate pilot aptitude and abilities.I can not prove it on this forum but I have proof.It is more of a statistical excercise to conveniently categorise approximate findings of certain known personality traits in a test group controlled conditions.

ctrviolation 25th Feb 2014 08:20

An exercise in futility you mean...? Unless it remained purely statistical and not indicative..
Anyway..I suppose it's what they have decided to use to filter out the crew they need..so its shape up or ship out..

How was the psychomotor..? That seems more like a relevant test.. Is it a half day exercise as well..?

Mguyz 27th Feb 2014 15:42

Have the D.E.P guys already gone for the psychomotor test?

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