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kotakota 31st May 2012 05:56

Anybody got any info on medical at kLM in Amsterdam ? Pls PM me if you have .

ctrviolation 12th Jun 2012 20:00

Anybody with news regarding the next interviews...?

Gibron 2nd Jul 2012 08:11

I heard that they have suspended the recruitment of expatriates. Can anyone shed some light on this?

kibz2005 6th Jul 2012 14:52

i know this might be a little bit late, but this should shed some light on the situation...

KQ faces pilots

it's sad that things are threatening to go that far though :-/

kotakota 7th Jul 2012 12:55

Good article , one wonders where it will all end .
All I know is that if BALPA behaved /demanded like this then BA would be nowhere today . BA pilots work hard , do 900 hours a year ( long haul anyway ) and get rewarded appropriately , both financially and lifestyle -wise , with excellent rostering and leave systems that they have huge personal input to and influence over .
There are many non Brit pilots ( must have EU passport ) .
KQ pay looks to be very good for Captains , but I have to doubt the articles assertion that KQ will have to look to some of the airlines mentioned . Not many will leave other well paid jobs especially ones with less volatility involved.
The scenario here is similar to Malaysian 20 years ago , plans to expand by nearly doubling the fleet , lack of enough locals with the experience required , so expats brought in on 3 year contracts , renewable if required , most expats gone after 6 years max , many well before that . Job done , locals filling virtually all flying positions . Why this example cannot be followed by KQ and KALPA is beyond me . EVERY expat will be on a work permit of 2 or 3 years only , and this can be controlled at all times . Nobody will be permanent , so what is the beef ?
What does the Government feel about all this ? Do they want KQ to succeed ?
Are unions all-powerful ?
I know that this is at least the 3rd time that the strike has been threatened in the last 6 years . Will Naikuni cave again ? Does he have any choice ?
Final question , how can any long haul operation work on a maximum of 12 hour duty time , or are there BIG ' overtime ' payments in the Collective Bargaining which are really at the root of all this ?

The Right Brother 16th Jul 2013 09:34

Hello All,

just wondering if there is any update/ more info on the Direct entry process?

I am hoping to apply in the near future and especially interested in the timeline from first interview to Orals , SIM training etc?

gear up job 17th Oct 2013 06:49

Kenya Airways Direct Entry Pilot Recruitment
Hi All,

I'm currently going through Kenya Airways direct entry pilot recruitment process. I have created this forum STRICTLY for the direct entry program "wannabe's" for us to share our experiences or ask any burning questions we may have regarding the program. There is another forum SPECIFICALLY for Kenya Airways AB Initio program. So please direct your response or question to the right forum.

So let's get the ball rolling......I recently applied the program via their website portal and about a week ago I received an email containing below message some other usual information about the program.

"Please be advised that we will be processing the next direct entry pilot shortlist in January 2014. We will however maintain your application in our recruitment database for processing in January 2014. We thank you for the interest shown in working for Kenya Airways, the Pride of Africa. Thank you”.

The above message and email was sent from “[email protected]” and not “[email protected]

Is this normal for Kenya airways to send work correspondence without using their platform? Did anyone else receive the “yahoo” email?

I hope the pilots who have gone through direct entry program will be able to share with us their insights, the do’s & don’t .

darwin wairegi 17th Oct 2013 09:17

hey,I cleared form four last year and managed to get grade A in maths and physics,a B+ in English and an overall mean grade A-. I am a pilot "wonnabe" have I qualified as an applicant?and if so,how can I apply for the 2014/2015 intake?

Optimum Flap 17th Oct 2013 12:20

Good One GUJ

There is definitely a need for some reliable info on the Direct Entry Recruitment process.

Currently abroad so looking to finalise my application in Dec/Jan. Basically, as soon as I can get back, convert my licence, get the Gas turbines and Grade A performance.

GUJ - would definitely be suspicious of the yahoo email. Might be an insider looking to score some Christmas cash.
Just out of interest, have you already done the conversion to Kenyan CPL/IR. If yes, please let me know how long it took you and the co$t involved.

Solid Rust Twotter 17th Oct 2013 12:55




pilotkq777 17th Oct 2013 22:01

Kenya Airways Direct Entry Pilot Recruitment
Hey GUJ I am in the same boat as you. I'm in the USA flying corporate on a citation looking to fly with KQ in the future I did apply for the direct entry was accepted but was never short listed because I had not converted my FAA to KCAA. Make sure that you convert your license then update your profile otherwise u will not be short listed.

gear up job 17th Oct 2013 23:11

Pilot Breezy
Hi PB,

Thanks and you have raised very good questions. Hope someone will be able to shade some light.


gear up job 17th Oct 2013 23:44

Darwin Wairegi
Hi Darwin.

From your response i think you are after Kenya Airways AB initio program. See below link from PPRuNe and also from KQ on their requirements.



The link from PPRuNe has over 2,390 comments and questions. You may find it very useful.

This forum is for candidates who are about to or already possess CPL/IR/MEC/ATPL….etc and intend to apply for the direct entry program. See below link for direct entry program requirements


All the best lad!

gear up job 17th Oct 2013 23:56

Optimum Flap
Thanks mate.

No I haven’t converted my license yet. I intend to do that in December when I travel back to Kenya.

However I am thinking of converting my license to South Africa's CAA first then to Kenyan because I hear the Kenyan one takes a while. Also another reason for me to converting to South Africa's CAA first is because I have C208 endorsement and I am hoping to get some employment/build more hrs either in Botswana, Namibia or Zimbabwe while am waiting for my Kenyan license.

Am still doing research on all that. I will let you know and all the best mate in your studies.

gear up job 18th Oct 2013 00:01

Solid Rust Twotter and pilotkq777

Thanks for the threads. Good info.

Hi 7's

Thanks lad. That's a massive tip.Will get on top of it ASAP.
All the best and happy flying mate.

mkenya 18th Oct 2013 04:35

Hey Gear up job, if you wan't to do your conversion fast your best bet would be converting to either Uganda or Tz license then to kenya... Tz is usually a bit easier and is what a lot of people nowadays choose to go through.

Optimum Flap 18th Oct 2013 05:00

TZ to Kenya Conversion
Hello Mkenya, am also in a similar position to GUJ and dreading the Kenyan conversion. Please expound on the Tanzanian - Kenya process.

Do you know any good training organisation in TZ that could assist in the conversion and how fast are we talking, cost involved?

Many Thanks.

mkenya 18th Oct 2013 08:39

For the conversion to Kenyan license from Tz, you have to sit an airlaw exams, all your ratings on your Tz/Ug license will be transferred to your kenyan license.

Converting to Tz license involves sitting for a composite/conversion paper, and writing a TTR for the aircraft you need to be endorsed on your license, and a flight check. All should take between two weeks and a month, or even less depending on luck and your input.

Hope that helps for now.

typhoon01uk 18th Oct 2013 14:36

Kenya Conversion
Hi to all. I'm a rookie at this forum thing so bear with me.

Having searched high and low for info on the conversion process in our lovely country, I couldn't get any definitive advice so I bit the bullet and came over to do it and find out for myself. So for all those in a similar position, here's the process:

1. You must go to KCAA headquarters first. They'll look through your logbook and advise how many hours you have to do. Don't waste time visiting the schools coz they'll just send you back. You can also take the opportunity to book your exams (cash only) and save yourself a return trip.

2. Your licence must be current which they class as 6 hours PIC in the last 6 months ( medical must be current as well although they'll still make you get a Kenyan initial).

3. Most schools use the Seneca as their training twin. If you have hours on type, things are a lot easier for you. If like me, you qualified on something else, you must get a Student Pilot Licence (medical needed first), which takes 4 days to issue. You must then pass what they call a Technical Type Rating written exam specific to the Seneca after which you need 5 hours on type minimum and pass a check ride (general handling, stalls,etc) to get the type endorsed on your licence. If you're after a Multi IR, you need to do an initial IR test which can be combined with the Multi check ride & save a few bob.

4. Pass a Composite CPL written exam (100 questions on all subjects). If you trained in the UK like me, you'll recognize the style of questions as they are based on the JAA/EASA question bank. It's an expensive paper (ksh 16000) & it's my understanding most people pass on the 4th or 5th attempt so prepare well. Get on one of the online question banks and pay for a couple of months & just drill the questions. The exam is sat once a month on the 3rd Thursday so plan for that. You can get a special sitting but add 50% to the price of the exam for that. Gas Turbines is on the 2nd Friday & Perf A on the last Friday.

Once you get through all that, back to KCAA, put all your paperwork in and wait for the licence. Try to come at the beginning of the month and if you have a clear plan, you should get it done in a month. The horror stories are a little outdated if you ask me but you really have to apply yourself or it'll take forever. The written exams are computerised and the results are instant.

Hope this helps. If anyone needs any more info, pm me & I'll be happy to help where I can. Happy flying....

PS: KQ recruitment site does say the next shortlist is in January so hurry...

gear up job 18th Oct 2013 21:58

mkenya & typhoon01uk
Thanks Mkenya. I think i will have to consider that option.

Many thanks typhoon01uk. That's a very meaningful insight and detailed explanations. Cheers for that. Why does KCAA likes to complicate things serious?

If my license was issued by ICAO council member state and it's well recognized and accepted by other ICAO member states which Kenya is one of them, why do i have to do all that plus Gas Turbines & Perf A ! I already have an ATPL for that. Most countries (Australia recently) are changing their Aviation regulations to harmonise themselves with ICAO standards. Where if you were issued a license by a member state, converting it will be like to like. I believe this process is called SIMPLIFICATION! I fear KCAA is going the opposite direction called COMPLICATION!

Now i understand the frustration of Kenyan pilots working overseas wanting to return home.

Do expatriate captains working for various Aviation companies in Kenya have to do all that? Very eager to know.

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