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typhoon01uk 19th Oct 2013 14:17

Gear up job & Pilot Breezy
Couldn't agree with you guys more. The process could be much, much simpler. But, in their defense, most other countries including the US, will put you through some sort of conversion process so they're definitely not alone.

Just one more thing to add to my previous post. If you're coming over to convert, please please make sure your logbook is stamped & verified (all your hours). If not, you have to go through the process of finding lawyers & swearing affidavits....

captain oates 19th Oct 2013 17:48

Gear up job, I can definitely confirm expats have to go through the same long painful conversion process as Kenyan citizens.
The average number of conversion exam sittings before getting a pass, seems to be about 4! I've heard of some passing 1st time, others failing several times over several months, giving up and then heading off to Tanzania to try that route.
As mentioned previously, Tanzania has a relatively easier law based conversion exam, (or used to), and KCAA will recognize all current Tanzania ratings, including the medical. You will need to sit a flight test in Tanzania. Usually the guys around Dar terminal 1 will be in the know re law exam questions.
You will still also need to sit a simplified Kenyan conversion exam for the Tanzanian Licence, but it's law based only, so 2 to 300 hundred questions to learn.
Not sure who in Dar can help with the flight test. Especially if you need a twin IR.

gear up job 19th Oct 2013 23:17

captain oates & typhoon01uk
Thanks typhoon01uk for the added info.

Captain oates thanks mate. I think Tz route it will be. Tell you what, i wouldn't be surprised if Tz starts getting ahead of Kenya in Aviation or maybe they have.

Out of curiosity, did you go via the Tz route captain oates?

gear up job 19th Oct 2013 23:44

KQ Intake
Pilot Breezy asked this before and i know someone somewhere has an answer so please if you know the answer share it with us.

" how may Direct Entry does KQ take per year? Do they put them on the E-jets like the cadets? What’s the bonding like @ KQ?"

My understanding is that if they take you, TR,Sim,MCC,Base,Line and other training takes 6 months or so and seniority is based on how many yrs you have worked with them.

I stand to be corrected. Thanks.

typhoon01uk 20th Oct 2013 08:45

Gear up job
Since coming over to do the conversion, I've been fortunate enough to meet a few KQ guys & this is what I've been able to learn.
There doesn't seem to be a set number of DEP taken per year. Apparently some captains have been complaining about the standard of the cadets coming on line and whether that affects hiring practices remains to be seen.
If they do take you on, they cover all training costs, TR, etc. Bonding is 2 years. Met a senior FO on the 767 while doing exams & he told me that some DEPs went onto the 738, but due to issues of seniority & moving up from the E-jets, they might be looking to start all new recruits, DEPs & cadets, on the E-jets.
Hope that answers some of your questions.

btw, the hiring process is apparently painfully slow:ugh::ugh:

typhoon01uk 20th Oct 2013 15:21

Pilot breezy
It's my understanding that the captains were complaining about the general low standards of the cadets. No specifics I'm afraid. As far as I know, no complaints about DEPs.
Sorry as well. I meant 737-800.
I met a captain while I was at KCAA and he told me that requirement for internal promotions to LHS is currently 3000hrs. The airline is trying to take it up to 3500 but the union is blocking it. That should take about 5 years but, as you said, I can see a problem with people getting stuck on the E-jets.
A friend of mine was hired by an airline in the UK and the whole process took 4 weeks! I wish KQ could streamline their processes. I ran across a cadet at KCAA who finished his training a year ago and is only now doing his Embraer TR!
It :mad: me off because by all accounts, they are a great company to work for if only you could get in.

gear up job 21st Oct 2013 02:19

Pilot Breezy & typhoon01uk
Excellent conversation guys! No harm done with some positive criticisms! If only KQ could simplify their process.

PB, i assume Ethio have a similar program like KQ. By the sounds of what you are saying, it appears Ethio airline are way advanced than KQ and moving on the right direction.

I totally agree with you PB about training in USA. High quality training and plenty of flying hours and also the promotion to LHS. Totally makes sense to increase the hrs which = increased standards.

I am really starting to reconsider my application with KQ plus the whole conversion process. I think one is better off joining them as a Captain if you only need 3k hrs.

typhoon01uk is 3k total hrs experience or 3k on the type?

typhoon01uk 21st Oct 2013 13:42

Gear up job
My information is that KQ has different requirements for DECs compared to those promoted from within. A few months back, I got a response from their careers people when I enquired about requirements for DEPs and they said Captains need minimum 4000 hours with 2000 P1.
But as I said previously, internal promotion is at 3000hrs minimun. Don't understand why...

mkenya 22nd Oct 2013 06:58

Honestly speaking, I doubt anyone will be promoted to the LHS at 3.5 k hours. I know quite a number of guys who have been in kq for 6 years and they are yet to be promoted. I'd guess they are around 5k mark now...

I guess 3.5 k is just minimum, but not what actually happens on the ground. With seniority list and all that, it will take you perhaps 8 years, if lucky 6 years from joining to looking at your promotion.

Darthveda 13th Nov 2013 17:01

january intake
hey guys also waiting for the January 2014 intake. the Website says shortlisting will be in January.

gear up job 14th Nov 2013 04:43

All the best lad.

Lets us know if you receive an email from them and etc.....

Darthveda 14th Nov 2013 09:34

cool will let guys know. Al the best too

gear up job 15th Nov 2013 04:26

No worries lad. Check your Private Message (PM).


Elpheba 10th Dec 2013 07:01

Any new updates?

gear up job 11th Dec 2013 05:15

shortlisting will be in January 2014 so they say.

Elpheba 13th Dec 2013 11:21


All the best guys, I don't think I'll be done converting by the time that date rolls around!


gear up job 12th Jan 2014 08:12

Hi All,

Happy new year.

Any updates on the Direct Entry Program 2013/2014 selection?

Thanks in advance.

gear up job 15th Jan 2014 03:52

Thanks Lad.

Is it me or it's appears that there aren't many Direct Entry applicants. This thread is always very inactive compared to the AB-Initio thread.

Personally I think the Direct Entry Program has higher chances of landing a gig with K.A than the AB-Initio.

Happy to hear from past participants if this correct.

mkenya 16th Jan 2014 04:15

I happened to have seen an advert on one of the local dailies a week and a half ago for direct entry pilots, applications to be made through KQ website only

gear up job 17th Jan 2014 15:34

Thanks Mkenya

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