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Darthveda 23rd Jan 2014 12:31

Jan Interviews Direct Entry
Word has it guys got mail yesterday for Interviews. Can anyone confirm

gear up job 23rd Jan 2014 15:32

Confirmed. I did not receive any email from K.A

Congrats to all (if not a rumour) to those who did. Hope you wouldn't have to wait for long.

Darthveda 23rd Jan 2014 16:09

Feb 4th is the interview date

gear up job 24th Jan 2014 10:06

Did they call you for an interview Darthveda?

Darthveda 25th Jan 2014 02:08

Not yet but still hopeful

AMS 28th Jan 2014 14:46

4th February anyone?
Anyone have this email?

gear up job 28th Jan 2014 16:17

Hi Lad,

Yeah there are about 2 guys who have received emails for the interview on the 4th of Feb.

Check the AB Initio Pilot Recruitment thread.

AMS 28th Jan 2014 17:00

Ok I've seen that .....
Would anyone know what to expect interview or aptitude tests and if so - what are the profiles they use...

Verbal, numerical ?

Also do they Stop you from applying again if unsuccessful?

Darthveda 29th Jan 2014 18:01

If you have done the interviews and fail to meet the benchmark at any stage, you are only allowed to re apply after two years

AMS 29th Jan 2014 19:47

Cheers Darth....

Is this stated anywhere in their literature

gear up job 30th Jan 2014 04:37

Let's hope some of the guys who have interviews next week will tell is more about the aptitude test.

Just to clarify, the first stage is the interview then if you pass you sit for the aptitude test then medicals. Is this correct?

All the best to every having interviews next week. Keep away from Pprune and study hard.

Trackdiamond 30th Jan 2014 05:08

K.A. test batery and retake policy
The nature and sequence of the battery tests has been covered at length in the "kq ab initio" forum.

Retake policy after two attempts(even if reaching final) is 3 years from the date of LAST test..they are very fastidious about it..no matter the impending pilot shortage.Hopefully they will learn that policy and rules that govnern them cannot be adhered to rigidly in competitive business dynamics. K.A. has a huge fleet order rolling as we speak.Pilot shortage is real.Expats work permits renewal refused as Min of Labour is aware of growing unemployment issue of Kenyan pilots ..so Kenyan crew..remain optimistic from this windfall!

gear up job 30th Jan 2014 09:26

That's really awesome to hear Trackdiamond. I think it's just a matter of time before K.A management cave in and also start paying their pilots better salaries. Let's hope with the new management team coming in this year will have a better understanding.

Question for your Trackdiamond, do the DEC and AB intio all do the same aptitude test? Like to like?

Darthveda 30th Jan 2014 18:04

I'm not sure it's written somewhere just heard it from previously interviewed guys. Anyone doing the interviews please send us feedback on what to expect.

Trackdiamond 30th Jan 2014 21:18

DEC pilapt
The DEC pilapt primarily consists of Psychomotor and Flight test..which is the penultimate and final test in the ab initio and DEFO scheme too..same syllabus.For flight test the DEC sim screen might comprise of a slightly more demanding detail especially if they have flown jets and especially so if 73NG.
For DEFO with ATPL and 2500hrs they are exempt from the Airforce ("aptitude") test.All the test battery by dedfinition is pilot aptitude or pilapt and it is a misnomer to call certain tests aptitude nd others "psycho"..etc. So experienced DEFO with ATPL (minima being 2500hrs of experience no matter which aicraft type) will start with Psychometrics then Psychomotor and sim screen at the end.The medical is scheduled a late as possible to alo for the long lead before joining (if successful) so that it does not expire and has to be re-done(at K.A. expenses ofcourse). The delay couldbe a year or longer from last test to time you start groundschool!The medical is the common test ALL aplicants go through as well as Psychomotor. DEC candidates only perform Psychomotor and Sim screen.

There used to be an interview in ther pas at the end.A decade ago all candidates went through the interview before sitting the battery tets.Now the interview is just a formality to mark the end of the tests..am not sure if it even takes place.I had an interview in 2002 as a frst step and it was very technical..ATPL level Perf A, Gas turbines, IAP,Emergency procedures (Pressurization inflight abnormalities/emergencies, Radio comm failure after take off in IMC, common sense judgemental questions within the confines of Air Law when operating in aerodromes..PPL stuff..even got asked to interpret meaning of VFR symbols in Radio Nav charts (eg minimal Altitudes to fly over Safaro parks in Kenya...and what was the reason?to protect which life..human or wildlife!! As though KA flies to Safari parks with their fancy jets!).
Then there is positive referencing and investigation whether or not you are a genuine Kenyana...it was the reason I was rejected first time..by the then spiteful Chief..who has since got the sack!
DEC=Direct Entry Capt, DEFO=DE First Officer(should be Second officer! All start as SO except DEC! Some non rated Captains had to start as SFO fast track)

That's it in a nutshel.

gear up job 31st Jan 2014 20:09

Many thanks Trankdiamond. That's some very good and meaningful insight!

You are a bloody legend lad.

So if you apply DEFO with the minimum 250hrs one will go through the process like AB Initio guys? That seems abit unfair coz the DEFO already have a license and some even frozen ATPL.

AMS 1st Feb 2014 01:40

gear up -

Do you mean ATPL....

frozen ATPL is only recognised in the UK and to some extent Europe. There is noting like a fATPL - which is merely a CPL/MEIR

The general experience levels you will see on a fATPL holder is a CPL/MEIR + MCC & possibly JOC.

TyRod 2nd Feb 2014 09:53

Hi Guys,

I am a foreigner and I intend to convert my JAA CPL into a kenyan one since I will be in Kenya for a few weeks.
I have 2000 hours on JAR 25 and rated on B737NG, do you think my profit could interest Kenyan Airways after that?


gear up job 3rd Feb 2014 22:28

Hi Tyrod,

If you are Kenyan citizen, you can apply coz the program is for Kenyan citizens only. However if you are not, don't bother because for starters to get a work permit in Kenya it's not that easy these days for foreigners plus Kenya has alot of local pilots looking for work too.

All the best lad.

gear up job 4th Feb 2014 12:25

How was the test?
Hi All,

To those who did the test today how was it? Any need to know information you can share?

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